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09 May 2011


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Soft morning light coming through the sheers - love it on a summer morning. Hope Yan's finger heals quickly and you can kiss the remaining 9 fingers - the magic of love will spread to the injured finger too :-).

Remember the scene in the movie, when Mary hits E.T. with the refrigerator door? Greg asks if they could beam him up and Eliott reminds him, "This is reality, Greg!"? Poor Yann, cannot be beamed up either. ;-)

E. M. Forster did not mention any chickens in the courtyard of the room without a view in his novel "Room with a View" - I wonder if that was a tactic decision, "in order to avoid being sued by the owners of Pension Bertolini?

Those pillows in front of the window should keep stinky cat out anyway. I love that husbands are like little boys, they need us when something goes wrong.

His finger and your foot, you always managed to make the perfect pair.

What a beautiful scene you paint for us, yes there is nothing better! :) Looks like you're ready for a great big pillow fight too!!! Enjoy being home.

Although I wasn't away as long as you were, I did go away for the week-end to a fiber festival. It was wonderful to come home to my sweet husband but not to have to go back to work. Hope Yann feels better.

You two have the best sense of humor. It keeps you laughing and close.

TOTALLY, know what you mean. I came back from my Paris trip to a mess of a dog. Matted fur, dirty, my sweet little lap dog had been playing in the back yard. She was a mess.

Oh the sweet messes we must clean up.

what a lovely pair you are!
welcome back; I've yet to read about your second trip... but that's like 'dessert' - you can 'eat' it when you can't stand life anymore without having it.... and I will have to wait for yet another day before indulging!
Happy washing! I've got piles too and haven't been away for a whole week.... :)

And I'll be ET finger, chickens serenading, and loads of laundry sounds like heaven to you!!! Love the photo! Our pillows either get stacked at the foot of our bed on nightstands/a bench or on the old boudoir chair in the corner! As for me, I can't wait for that girl of mine to come home from Paris :) She sent me an adorable mini video from her phone, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, taken in her hotel room. Thank you again, Corey - she LOVES it!!!!... Donna

You and Yann make a lovely pair : he with his finger and you with your foot !!!

ah, go ahead. i can stand it,i've seen worse. i won't puke. Bestest,Denise :) :) :)

How sweet, to quote my fave author Jane Austen: "Ah, there is nothing like staying home for real comfort!" As,to the finger I could take it but last year my hubby nearly had his toe torn off by falling farm machinery...and well I also refrained from sharing the mangled discolored results for my more sensitive readers...it is nicest. Happy healing to you both.

Sounds like motherhood/wifedom to me!

Corey, I so hope the chickens are going to be as delightful when the rooster starts doing his early morning bit...........?!

I had a wonderful visit with Sasha, your Mom, Mark and George at the little league game the other day. Sasha's Ralph had just passed away but we got to meet Lauren. Sooooo sweet and Sasha was so gentle with it! I'm so happy that you went back to China to be with Chelsea. I tried to write to you to tell you to go, from one who knows that you must, but I couldn't get the phone to work with the blog. I was still in my nice electric recliner chair, that Siegfried rented for me, recovering from my hip replacement surgery and couldn't sit in the computer chair. Now I am on a cane and sitting in all chairs so back to the computer. I love all your photos!!!

I live in a typical residental neighborhood in a small west coast Florida town. 'Farm' animals are not permitted within any city limits. But there is a 2 acre rental property that borders my back yard that is still zoned county for some reason. One day last year, new tenants moved in. Then horses (two standard, 2 miniature). Then chickens, then goats, then came baby goats. I LOVE it and now I have my piece of country without the work.

Tell him you will kiss his finger if he kisses your foot! winks! I am sure he is so happy to have his sweety home!

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