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11 May 2011


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Love how no matter how much you keep trying to add colors to your Chinese scrapbook, shades of red keep shouting and whispering. Thanks for sharing.

Chelsea, Your travels, and your mom's travels, have made me consider China. Something I probably wouldn't have done before. Thanks for opening up the world.

Chelsea, this an incredibly beautiful collage of pictures from a country so different from what we are familiar with in the West! Thank you for taking the time to put it together and hello to your mom!

Thank you, Chelsea! I love how you put these shots together. I hope those girls are having fun!

I love your photos and thoughts of China -- thanks for sharing!

Fabulous photos, Chelsea - they reflect how you embraced China wholeheartedly. Thanks for the post and for sharing your experiences on your great blog!

Lovely post and great photos, Chelsea! I hate being asked, "So how was it?" when I get home from a life-changing trip. I usually just say, "Great, wonderful, etc. etc." and leave it at that because really, how DO you sum it all up for others when it's still percolating in your own head and heart? Welcome home to Provence!

What gorgeous pictures, you must have had the time of your life. Hope you're enjoying being back home, even though you must miss your new friends. I love your ring, so simple and unique, is it a pearl?

Chelsea, I really enjoyed reading your blog (even the story/photos about the pig). Today's guest post looks worthy of a travel magazine and was beautiful. What a learning experience it must have been to live in China for a year, something that you will never forget.

China is so big and there are so many people there that I can imagine it's impossible to tell your story of discovering it in just a few words. Love the grey and red collage (little boys playing around a circle and the shots of red).

Thanks for sharing your photos. Memories to last a life time - I am sure. And more adventures to come I hope, in the future for you. Enjoy this time in your life!

It's wonderful seeing your photos and hearing bits about your experience, Chelsea. Thanks for taking over TIC for the day!


Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and stories of China. What a wonderful experience!

Hi Chelsea, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos of China, just amazing. I bet you miss it so much but on the other hand happy to be back home.

good job,but then you are your mother's daughter.:) it truly has been a pleasure to learn and see so much of a country that i most likely will never visit. can't tell you how much i have gained from it. love the shots of the children. Bestest,Denise

Bonjour Chelsea, I so enjoyed your China post! I know exactly how you feel, sometimes words cannot describe how you feel when you are absorbing another culture.

Hope you guest post again. Shhhhh don't tell your Mom.

You seem like a very interesting woman, Chelsea. I've been following your life for -- oh -- about three or four years! I'm utterly addicted to Corey... and Mr. Corey... and the younger Coreys. Thanks for sharing with us and I look forward to your next adventure.



Gorgeous photos! I always wonder at how when I was young I couldn't really differentiate between Chinese and Japanese, but now that I have lived in Japan for many years the differences are so obvious - yet, there are similarities as well. In China there is definitely more red! ;o) Thanks for sharing with us Chelsea!

Well-said, Amy.

Chelsea,thank you for the beautiful post and pictures.

You are as generous and insightful as your Mom. Thanks for the privelege of joining you on your journey. Best of luck with the next step and your future!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos. i have enjoyed the China postings and hearing of your experiences.

Thank you Chelsea ! You "say" a lot through a few sets of fantastic and colourful pictures...
I can see, feel, breathe and taste China through your post...
Enjoy your adjusting time in Provence ... (and we all know it is not just a matter of jetlag...!!!)

You are just a doll! It takes a very special type of person to embrace the world with so much wonder and with such an open heart and your pictures let us see that through your eyes. It's so funny that I can't tell the difference between yours and your mom's pictures!!!! Lots and lots of love to you :)

Allison in SF

Chelsea, so glad to hear from you! Your post is personable and has your touch! We know you through your mom's loving posts, now through your own...Godspeed!
Brenda, www.KindredHeartsAntiques.com

it's so lovely to 'meet' Corey's daughter and you made such a delightful post here Chelsea! Congratulations
This experience has opened your eyes for the world in a better way than any education could give you. You will be an equally wonderful person to know thanks to your family and your experiences abroad. You're a very lucky girl and I would like to thank you for sharing this with us.

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