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10 June 2011


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Beautiful, beautiful children. Please post pictures of what they look like now. But I'm sure the most beautiful of all will be your tall, dark & handsome Sasha.


Pink and sweet for all-macarons, but of all colours. Lightweight, quickly purchased and age appropriate for every generation. bon voyage!

beate t

haha, that cracked me up - your daughter is very smart! Really enjoy your writing, thanks Corey!


How exciting to have your sone back home but first a visit to your home. Those children are gorgeous! Thanks for making me smile.


First you bring them up, then they, finally, start teaching you the ways of the world.
Isn't it a magical cycle?

I can't believe George is four! How time flies!

Bon voyage, Corey, safe travels,
much love,
M. xxx


Happy landings, Corey!

How sweet to be going home to spend time with your beautiful family and then bringing Sacha back with you.

I look forward to reading about your California adventures with all of your darling nieces and nephews.


How is Sacha going to take parting with his American girlfriend? It will be hard :-(.
Safe journey to and from Willows.


Safe Travels!


Have a great trip. Gorgeous family. Those piercing eyes.


Have a great time Corey!!! Please give everyone my love♥

everton terrace

As much as I swoon at getting to visit France every day here with you, your Willows posts are also a favorite. Can't wait. Seashells and Jesus, throw some chocolate in there and that's really all a girl needs :)


Those kids are gorgeous...the blue eyes are piercing...
How exciting bringing Sacha home. You must have loads of frequent flyer miles!


Have a wonderful trip. Would love to see what those beautiful children look like 5 years later.


Safe travels and travel mercies... Is he ready to come home? Have fun!!! You'll have to share those sweet angelic faces with again... in a 5 yrs old photo.

Cheryl~ Casual Cottage Chic

I'm sure your CA family is looking forward to seeing you again! You've been quite the traveler this year ;-)I'm sure that your son will have very mixed feelings as he leaves CA and heads back home to France. Sound familiar?
Cheers and happy journeys!


The lovely thoughts and images of these kids are priceless. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the world.
Have a sweet trip.


Have a safe and fun trip! I know you're missing Sasha so much!! Isn't it so lovely when our children have become our friends?


I was beginning to wonder if he was
ever going home!
Best wishes for a wonderful visit with
family and friends.


Safe travels, Corey!

Vicki Bonne Amie

Have a wonderful trip and bring that boy home!!! Safe travels!!!


Update us on these beautiful children. Love the pictures!


Wishing you safe travels, Corey!

elizabeth kirkpatrick

I would love to drive to WILLOWS and say HELLO,just catch a glimpse of YOU!Have a wonderful trip.......elizabeth

Kathie B

Boa viagem!!!

You're going to Sacha's high school graduation? Awesome! Will you stay long enough afterwards for this year's Holy Ghost festa (and its sopas) too? If so, please post more photos of it. Obrigada!


They are beautiful enjoy them, and your not so little one as well. Have a safe flight, Corey.

Wanted to let you know that the thing we've been wanting happened. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. There is light in this world and you are one of the good people in it.



Rhonda P.

You'd better go get him before he becomes an American, LOL I bet he has plenty of memories - now it's time to study, no?


I remember this post and Molly's sweet request. Has it really been four years? I hope you have a wonderful time in California with your family. I'd love to know how this year living as an American teen has changed Sasha, and what "Americanisms" he will incorporate into his life once he's back home in France.


I love the heart on the fence photo. What an amazing year for your family.

Amy Kortuem

Those eyes! That HAIR! If I had little ones that gorgeous begging horses and seashells and Jesus of me, I would deliver too! Have a lovely trip.


Have a wonderful trip with lots of hugs! Oh I am so happy you are bringing your boy home.

cynthia Wolff

We’re gonna be breathin the same air California style! Have a save trip...man you
must have some frequent flyer miles racked up.

Brenda L. in TN.

Have a safe trip, Corey...I must say your neices are simply beautiful! Take their pictures and post them for us to see how much they've grown in 4 years...

I know you'll be happy to have all your chicks under the same roof at home...I still want to hear them say something on your blog.


Have a great time!

Lauren Slavin

I haven't been able to read your blog for a week or two; right about when you started to use your iphone. I LOVE THE NEW VIDEOS! It makes me feel like I can really understand the "feel" of Provence. Thank you so much! I love your blog :) Safe travels. Your family is ADORABLE!!


An early welcome back to California. My daughter just returned after 3 years in NY and I am a happy mother. There is nothing like having both of your children in the same place with you. Enjoy your trip. We went from rainy to very hot.
How long do you plan to stay?

Patt from Yuba City, CA.

patty g

Wishing you safe travels and a beautiful reunion with your family and son!
I am 10 minutes from SFO, if you need a lift somewhere this weekend let me know!
Thank you for your wonderful blog, I have been visiting family the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed all the new posts.


well I for one am going to sit back and enjoy this! and oh yeah, welcome back to Pacific Time!


Safe travels!! I bet you cannot wait to see that boy!


Have a good time with your mum and family !

1- Feeling like Mary (1st comment) : show us what the 5 of them look like now !
2- Could you tell me or remind me of what you presented to Molly as "Jesus" ?
3- Are you taking a big trunk to tuck your boy in and bring him back ???


Feeling the same about all those lovely faces ... !

ellen cassilly

Go get that boy! I want to hear all about his adventures.


Gina's did a good job giving you ideas four years ago!


What a sweet Aunt you are Corey. Have a safe trip home with your handsome son.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

You must have some serious frequent flyer miles racked up this year! Excuse me, would you all please upgrade this woman to first class please? Lookit all those miles!

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