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08 June 2011


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Ah, it is so nice to see 2 people still so very much in love. The video is great Corey, really enjoying these extra post since you now have your wonderful new iPhone. There is an App on there called "Whats app". If you download it you will be able to tx, call and send pics free to various parts of the world. I use it to connect with my son in Canada.

He's hot! Reading you blog I always thought he was older, but now I see that he is young.

As I understand French, I cut the sound off and tried to read on lips (and in eyes)... All I gathered is LOVE !!!
I like you two !!!

So cute, both of you! I can even hear your American accent but your French sounds fabulous to me! The last time I attempted to speak French was 1995, so you're a pro at it in my eyes. How much was his heart? was it $30? lol, I couldn't figure it out, hahaha!


I believe the cost of his heart was "inestimable" (to valuable to calculate) and that if you gave him chocolate you could have it, afterwhich you said it (or perhaps he:) was easy...yes? no? I need everyone in France to speak like the French tapes I study (slow, loud and haltingly.)
You're French is wonderful, so fluid, I think you must underestimate your ability m'dear...

Yann, you can't hide! :-)

Oooh la la
So handsome and tres chic
Lucky indeed both of you
Anything said in French sounds superb♥♥

He one cool daddy!

I think your French is fabulous - but I can't speak or understand a word - so what do I know =D I met you and FH at Marburger last fall. I was surprised by his lack of accent; I had no trouble understanding him at all. I think the sexiest thing about FH is his love and adoration of you (very much evident in person =). Monogamy and devotion are so very hawt.

The look on his face is priceless---pure love for you. Adorable!

You two are a match made in heaven!

I took one year of French in college because my Japanese class was canceled, my best friend was in France for the year and I missed her terribly, and because I love languages. But, alas, about all I got from that conversation was something about chocolate. Now I'm craving some!

You both sound wonderful.

Lovely way to start my day! I wish all brocante dealers were so accommodating!

Chocolate was the only thing I understood.

Corey, You can see his love for you in his eyes and smile ;-) So sweet!!!


I don't speak French, but I feel there is genuine true love coming from this video. It is seen in FH's eyes and smile. He adores you, Corey. I'm sure you know this everyday.

These are making your blog come to life even more! Thanks for sharing this little slice of your world. What a cutie pie! I could follow most of the French from both of you. Who knew I'd remember high school French from 40 years ago!!!

Girl! Your husband is handsome! and BEAUTIFUL to see you guys in love.

Mon couer...I have to sit. Corey, he is divine!

He should hire himself out to brocantes - just to add scenery and style! What an adorable tidbit you shared!

Oh la la. Alright, you have the corner on utter fabulousness. Now post something tragically average so I can stop being green with envy. Lets see a video of you cleaning the bathroom....oh, but you would probably make even that fantastically foreign and mysterious. There must be something mundane in your life...fess up:)

This brocante turn out real treasures :-). I had to wait for my daughter to come back from school to translate French for me. On my own I could understand "heart" and "chocolate". According to my daughter, the price was two boxes of chocolate, but I bet this was only for you. I am sure that otherwise the heart is not for sale.

Folks, be not deceived here! Corey is being falsely modest about her Francophone skills.

When Farmboy Husband and I met her and Yann last month during our side-trip to Provence, we were struck not only by how well Yann speaks English but also by how fluently Corey speaks French. At each business she took us to in their village -- especially the "good bakery" because, well, you know, priorities (LOL!) -- Corey spoke flawlessly with the merchants in transacting her business with them.

:) brilliant; two boxes of chocs for his ♥.... that's a special you shouldn't miss!
I usually don't like the vids in a blog but for you a make an exception. When lovely stuff like this pops up I am at peace with the world.... (sighing, as my Hero Husband is abroad for two days)
Thanks Corey, for sharing your Provence with us

I didn't understand a word except chocolate but wow it sounded so cool. Now i see why you married him and are so happy. It's wonderful to see people that are still in love.

C'est merveilleux! So nice to see Yann and hear you two cooo in such a sweet way! Happy for you both.

I love it when you post videos -- particularly when I can hear you speak French. I'm really enjoying your new iphone! :)

I love these! What a treat to hear the two of you chat :) I feel like I'm getting to know you a bit better through your spontaneous posts of pictures and videos.

Quel panache avec le panama!

The love in his eyes spoke all the words I needed to hear! You are indeed blessed...

SWOOOOOON!! FH is SOOOO handsome and he ADORES you, Corey...It's all over his face and in his smile...You both are so lucky....happiness always!!

But I do want to hear him speak English...

you have made the day of women across the world!

2 boxes of chocs. Yann is no fool x


Can I use this as a training film for my husband? Just kidding......of course !

Such fun, that new iphone of yours!

Oh my, the way he looked at you! Definitely the look of love.

I so enjoy watching this video.

Steve Jobs here.

I'm glad that you're using the iPhone to talk in French.

My iPhone is magical.

iPhone 5 coming in December. And there is a white iPhone. I will have Jonathan Ives look into the Pink design. Be in touch soon.

Cupertino, California

What a sweet video! Other than "Hello Sir" I understood nothing and yet I still loved every bit of it!


I think you speak French rather well. I'm impressed.
How sweet your video is of French Husband, he is adorable, as are you. You two are the "it" couple - married all this time and STILL IN LOVE. Amour.

What a beautiful voice you have, Corey. It transmits things that are so much more meaningful than perfect pronounciation. English is the lingua franca between my husband and me, too, so I can empathise, but I have to say you do a far superior job with French than I do with Polish!


Aww Corey that was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the way you can see and feel French Husbands love for you...it's in his eyes...his voice and his body language. It's so refreshing to see a couple who has been married as long as you two have been... so much in love. Thank you for sharing this little bit of 'love' with us. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.
Maura :)

How sweet! I agree with everyone. The love between you two is so evident between you too, the lilt of your voice and the twinkle in his eyes...perfect!

To add to the comments...What a hunk! Looking a bit embarassed to be on the video cam but doing it for you shows that he loves you. Loved hearing you speak french to him and such a sweet voice you have!May I just say that you BOTH are very lucky! Loved it.

deux boites de chocolates, c'est tout! adorable. Loved seeing this. many blessings! marlis

A keepsake for years to come!

A keepsake for years to come!

Merci beaucoup Madame...Monsieur....Inestimable indeed!
P.S. J'aime votre chapeau :)!

The portrait of the little girl in the frame made me cry and this makes me smile! How sweet and all I could understand (which shows what I love) is chocolate!

For anyone who wants to try their hand at making Dark or White Chocolates Truffles for a loved one, I humbly offer easy recipes in both English and Portuguese, using both English and metric ingredient measures:

(Sorry about the glitch with the ingredient formatting -- it didn't start looking like this till recently, so I assume something got changed in the updated software! Will fix as soon as I get the chance, although it doesn't affect the legibility of the actual recipes)

Bon appétit!

Kathie B, reading the ingredients for the dark chocolate truffles made me go to the fridge and cut myself a slice of tiramisu... I am saving your mouth-watering recipe to use it for a party later this summer, so thank you :-)

Awwww, he seems like such a sweetie. I was impressed by your French, then again, I don't speak a word of it. I have no idea what either of you said.


For you own convenience, Danielle, you might want to make them a day ahead, then refrigerate in an air-tight container lined with waxed paper. I wouldn't make them any sooner, though, because there's liable not to be enough left for the party ;-)))

I agree, uh lala! Your husband looks at you the same way my husband looks at me. When we're in a crowded room, I look for him and he's always gives me that "I love you so much look". I love it!

I too love your voice, it's not what I expected, but I love the soft tones. It's very sweet!

Thanks for posting those videos!

So true - will do!

Awww! You two are lovely

..."He gave his heart to me openly, with a ticket to France"...This pretty much says it all, and how awesomely has God blessed you!

Oh, hello Yann. Nice to hear your voice again.

For all who read Corey's blog and have not met them, they are just like this video for real. The whole day we shopped he was so polite to us, but esp. to Corey. It was a joy to be around them.

So happy for you and the life you have.

So sweet & dear.

Oh my goodness, he is adorable. I'm 31, is it okay to have a crush on him? ^_^

This was such an adorable exchange! It really made me smile to see how in love the two of you are. How sweet of you to ask to "buy his heart"!

All my years in stuffy French school made hearing this exchange worth it :)

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