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11 June 2011


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He looks so incredibly happy! So glad to see that American high school lived up to his dream. I love that shot of the two of you!

Congratulations Sacha, and mom & FH as well, you must all be so proud! Family is a wonderful thing, so many of you are beaming at the camera with the same smiles, I love it.

Congratulations. It's wonderful that you could make his dream come true and that he is entering the grown up life happy.

Congrats to Sacha, the pic of you together is wonderful...

Congratulations, Sacha!

Sacha has great form in his jumping shots. Looks like a born dancer. Congratulations Corey, must be a fun time for you!

Congratulations to Sacha,
best wishes to everybody!

i don't know why but this post touched me very much(i cried) i guess youth a dream come true and ALL THE POSSIBILITIES ahead.happy for all!!

Congrats to Sacha. So many happy smiles! High School graduation is a passage to adulthood and should be celebrated with full pomp and circumstance. Glad Sacha was able to fulfill his dream and had so much fun! Other countries may not be aware but High School in the US is so much fun with lots of good fiendships and memories. Go Sacha!

Pleased you were on time to share in !
"Mes félicitations" à Sacha !

What is he going to study ???

oh, wow . . . wonderful! I am so happy for him, and for you . . .to be able to give him such a gift!


When you can bring this look of joy to your son's face it is a gift to you as well as to him. He has memories that no amount of money could buy and and time spent with family that he will treasure forever.

Congratulations to Sacha!!!!!

Congratulations, Sacha!

That is so cool - I had no idea a student could do that.

Congratulations Sacha - way to go!

When I look at Sacha - I see you and FH equally, how did you do that?

I love this post. As a mom to two half American girls growing up here in France, I hope that at least one of them will have a dream like Sacha's...to go to high school in the USA at least for one year!

Congratulations Sacha (and Sam). Everyone looks so happy and joyful. It is going to be awfully quiet at your Mother's home when Sacha returns to France!

Congrats! SAM AND SACHA!!! I put both! :)) Some people in the comments are forgetting Sam! :P

this is such an inspiring story of living one's dreams, and it is a wonderful complement to the adventures that chelsea has been living. you and FH provided your children with wonderful role models, and you have done a lovely job of raising them. i look forward to following them on their adventures yet to come!

Congratulations to the grads! Graduation is always exciting and fun. They looked like they had a ball. Good for them! Great job parents!

Brings tears to my eyes.
Great to see everyone filled with joy on this amazing occasion!
So glad you were there Corey and congrats to Sacha and all the graduates.

Congrats Sacha. What happiness you bring.
Many blessing for the next passage.

Aw! Congratulations Sacha! Graduation is one thing the U.S. does well.

Congratulations to you as well Sam1 Nice name. You look like a blond version of your father in that picture where you have your arm around him.

Corey - You look so beautiful! We don't get to see you much. Such a lovely picture of you and Sasha!

A special shout-out to your Mom, who I'm sure enjoyed having Sacha living there, although it was still a huge responsibility! I imagine she and Sacha will miss one another terribly. Happy Birthday to your boy, and hope you get to stay for the festa!

BTW, Farmboy Husband worked for Collegiate Cap and Gown in Champaign, Illinois, during their graduation rush seasons for a couple years (since his own HS school-year ended earlier than most), and he assures me that even that long ago there were caps and gowns in the most amazing array of colors -- over 100 shades, as he recalls! So he wasn't the least bit surprised that WHS would have purple and gold regalia.

How wonderful to have dreams come true! May Sacha have many dreams come true throughout his life. Your mom will miss him when he travels back to France. But won't you just love having him nearby? What an experience he had this year.

Oh, congratulations Sacha. That last photo of him running down the sidewalk in his gown bought tears to my eyes. Run, Sacha. Run into your bright future.

I feel the world declaration from these bright young adults. Congratulations for the achievements.

Congratulations to Sacha!

In the 6th photo, is the hand configuration supposed to represent honker feet? I assume the origin of the mascot has to do with migratory avians who stop off to glean the rice fields following harvest, right?

I want a Sharpie so I can connect the freckles on Sacha's face.

Congratulations Sacha! Wishing you a happy and successful future!

Nice pictures Corey!

How lucky that Willows High School let your son attend and graduate with his cousin. I'm sure he had a year that will remain in his heart forever!

Very nice for him and how proud you must be. He has much joy living his dream. Hope he can continue to live with joy!


Congratulations Sacha, Sam, and all of your friends. May you all follow the path to your dreams and live life fully & loudy. Corey, you and French Husband are to be applauded for helping Sacha realize his dream. ......and they all lived happily ever after.

ConGRADulations Sasha and congratulations to you Corey and your French husband for raising such hard working ambitious children!

What a wonderful post, full of happiness and dreams come true, with more on the way, and what parents Sacha has who gave him the wings to fly (and jump off of porches and who knows what else), no matter how much it tugged at their hearts. What a heartwarming post this was. You make me want to sing.

You and your special family are just the cutest! So happy for you!

Congrats to Sasha!!! Well done!!!

Congratulations Sacha!...you look VERY happy!

I know he had a wonderful time with his cousins this year...something he will never forget...(AND he looks like his Dad.) :)

I love the photos...AHHHHHH! To be young again...

safe trip home!!

Great pictures - everyone having FUN!

This is the sweetest post I've ever read. What a wonderful family and marvelous ties across countries and oceans. We lived in California and Memphis for almost ten years and every summer vacation was a just a two week sleepover for all 8 of the cousins. My kids and my sisters' kids are as close as siblings and what could be better than that!

Your children are so fortunate to have you two as parents. You really support their dreams and they are becoming such cool people.


Congratulations to Sacha and Sam! I can see how proud you are and with reasons! May he can live his dreams every day of his life.

I love teh joy leaping off the page! Where was Chad?:)

Graduations always make me cry....so full of excitement/dreams/future/saying goodbye to high school friendships. Great photos. Congrats to Sasha and Sam - may their dreams come true!

Congratulations to Sacha for a beautiful year and living his dreams!

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