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02 June 2011


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Pretty shoes, they could be used as decoration!
I didn't know that photos taken with "a phone" could be this good. Now I know what to wish for my birthday in August.


Very nice shoes. Who said you cannot look classy and elegant while running to save a friend?
Looking forward to the brocanting adventures - iPhone style.

Mélanie Aussandon

You actually wore these pink shoes for the pink party . I loved them and I still do

Mmd. Tortoise

Love, love, love the shoes....the detail looks great as do the pants worn with the shoes. But how does your ankle fit into the picture right now. I hope it is feeling much better.


Merisi in Vienna

I would not have been surprised if you took the picture on top of the dresser. ;-)

Gorgeous shoes! Those leather curlicues make them art.

I own three pairs of pale pink shoes. They can be worn with an incredible variety of colors.

Lots of fun at the brocante!


Love the shoes!


The shoes are fantastic and certainly worthy of table-top display!
Good luck today- hope the rain holds off and the treasures find you.


I like them, they'd be cute with a pair of jeans and a pretty flair skirt. Good luck at the brocante. FH has good taste, as does your godmother, it seems to be the perfect gift for you.


I meant to say or, lol, perhaps just the skirt or jeans, not both at once.


Love the pink shoes... I can just imagine Louie with his ruffles and those pointy pink pumps with the beautiful lacework. Of course, Louie was a fabu dresser back when men paid attention to how they looked! Now, it's the ladies turn.. and you have amazing shoes!

Cindy Rieth

And what is wrong with displaying shoes on a dresser? I have a gorgeous pair that are too pretty to keep in a box so they sit proudly on my bureau!


This is going to be fun. I want an iphone!!!!!!!


C, the shoes are too cool! Oh, gosh, you reminded me that I owe my husband a big thank you for my Iphone! oops!! Can't wait for the brocante video . . .it will make my day! no pressure there or anything. xo


I love these shoes, I would also recommend my favorite Jimmy Choo outlet shoes.

Pinkie D

I recognize those shoes...seen them some where before? Don't you just live you iphone ...does take a little bit of getting use to but well worth it hugs Pinkie


I can't wear dress shoes like that due to foot problems. You are so fortunate to have such lovely shoes and be able to wear them.

Sue Schlabach

Could I do a painting of your pink shoes? They are sublime. I can see how they would emit plenty of good luck and even share good luck with anyone you pass by!


I love these shoes.


Corey, very pretty shoes indeed but since I am in the renovation business I could not help noticing the beautiful floors. Blessings, Kimberly

Brenda L. in TN.

Love the shoes...especially the Minnie Mouse heels...


Are these the shoes you wore at your wedding? For some reason they look familar.

French la Vie

Hi Tracy,
No, but my Godmother gave them to me and I have worn them...out.
Still I love them.


Amy Kortuem

LOVE the shoes! They remind me of the hat Princess Bea wore to the royal wedding!


Hi Corey,
Love the shoes - my size too! Best of all, Annie is OK.
God Bless both of you.


love them. really love them, Jx

Brenda, Walker, LA

Great story of shoes and Annie...I would proudly display my Grandmothers shoes! I share my pink high heel shoe story too....


Have fun with this Iphone, it will soon be your eye and you will be zooming in on all that you see!

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