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02 June 2011


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LOL, I am so glad to hear it, have fun, can't wait to see what you bought.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for the video link!


Brocante Bombardment. Oh joy.

Hmmm YouTube is one option.

Hi C
Sorry I don't know the answer to your video question. In fact, I have a question of my own! Friends who come visit me in St. Remy always want to hit some brocantes. What's the best way to find good ones during any given week? Do you have a list you care to share or a great website that lists them? Thanks!

I think your Mother's Day gift has created a monster. I love waking up and checking your blog daily, but now I will be tempted to check during the day just to see if anything new has been uploaded. Monster you, monster me.

I would drink coffee ALL DAY LONG if I had sweet little cafe au lait bowls that colorful and cute.

YouTube!! Now I have to get a Twitter account so I can see your brocante journey real time!!

Mr Dropsy?

Did you buy that red polka dot cafe au lait bowl?

Yep, Corey wants our full attention all day long now.
We'll all have to get our own iPhone.

Does this mean we can look forward to a re-opening of TICAntiques really soon? :)))

Hi Merisi,

Oops! I didn't. Sorry.


Hi Karen,

I hope to in July.
Thanks for asking,


Those are cafe au lait bowls?!! I was wondering why there were Japanese rice bowls at the brocante! They really do look like our rice bowls. Pardon my ignorance! :o)

And here I was hoping they were maybe for hot chocolate :-) (Actually, I suspect we could use them for any food/beverage we wish, without punishment.)

Video link to you tube won't use any site memory. Otherwise I think just download from phone to iTunes then back up to your site. - Gail

Steve Jobs here again.

Glad to see you all corrected on the name of our product, the iPhone. Our team of lawyers cannot be bombarded with companies suing us for intellectual property infringement.

We can now focus on our lawsuits against, Facebook, Research in Motion, Google, and Microsoft.

Happy brocanting. Incidentally we would like Jonathan Ive to look into some of the design elements associated with the Pink Shoes. Will be in touch soon.

Tim Cook
for Steve Jobs (on medical leave)
Cupertino California
Appe Inc.

LOVE the shoes Corey! Funny how you could wear them today and they would be quite current. Your grandmother had taste!

I think you have to save your video in iphotos (that's what Vlad does) or even on your desktop, then you post it like you do a picture although I'm not familiar with Typepad but that was the case with Blogger.

You should be able to drag your video from iphotos to your desktop...

Good luck! Would love to see the videos. Does Gardannes Brocante happen in July?

cafe au lait bowls were on my list when I was in France, but didn't end up with any. What fun you have at the brocante. Did you wear the pink shoes?

Had I been at that brocante, I could not have left without several of the café au lait bowls. What a great photo!

Brocante Report on CNN by Corey!
Love it!

Wa Wa Wa, it doesn't work. Though Blogger and Typepad are different in that way.
I guess I will have to download them to YOU TUBE first.
Look forward to seeing you.


I am glad you helped me out!

Hmmm to die for shoes one day and this morning I see spots in beautiful Aix. Your on a roll Coco ! P.S K is on and on at me to get an I phone but I am welded to my blackberry - what to do ?! Jx

I love the shoes but those latte bowls make me drool! What is is about kitchen items that I adore so much? I know you're loving your new Iphone with bikes or brocantes~have fun!

Videos, and numerous posts, please.

When you sync it to the laptop, you can go from there to download anywhere....have fun!

I am green! So many cafe au lait bowls! Please tell me they were priced crazy high and the dealer was unwilling to bargain!

Oh no I didn't wear them, they are too fragile for the wear and tear of the brocante.

I Love the decorative garden pots...or whatever they are. Yes I am thinking of getting an iphone because of you!!!

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