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01 June 2011


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Really cool surprise! :-)
(I once mentioned - to my i-Phone toting children - that there is an app to calculate focal distance on the iPhone. Mom, you won't be able to use it, they shot back unisono, an iPhone is way beyond your capabilities!)

I remember getting up early on Mother's Day (my dad had strict orders of keeping mom in bed) and sneaking out the door into the meadows and collect a bouquet of wildflowers. My brothers would prepare something that resembled coffee and made burnt toast.

The image of Yann and the pale pink poppy is exquisite!

Lucky you, having two Mother's Days to celebrate! Look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos and videos.

We used to celebrate Mother's Day at school every spring. We had a programme, singing and play acting included, and all the mothers were invited. One year I was Sunbeam at the play. Sunbeam was supposed to wear a short fairy skirt like "tutu" but I was shy and insisted on keeping my own skirt under the "tutu". That must have seemed a bit funny but I wish that Mom only remembers me singing and caressing the willow catkins and glowing warmly so that the "old lady" would have to take her coat off. (I won the storm wind, that was great!)

Later I've cherished all the paper flowers and cards made by my two sons years ago...

I love my Iphone, you're going to have a blast, promise.

Thank you for this post...it reminded me of how more I need to be thankful for my own mother. I will celebrate her always...
About your gift, it will be interesting to see, now that you can carry that little light weight contraption around with you, record videos and take pictures of, things we wouldn't otherwise get too. This should be fun and interesting...
And, can we all not say it enough,"Corey you are one blessed woman". Amen

Motherhood and love we are truly blessed.
What I gave my Mother is my love.........and kindness and help when ever she needed it.
I miss her more and more each day.

I love you
I have a cell phone and never use it.
I am NOT a phone person.
I love you

My poem of the year chosen by the kindergarten teacher:
J'ai des mains pour te toucher
J'ai des bras pour te serrer
Des pieds pour courir vers toi
Pour t'appeler j'ai mon voix
Et puis, j'ai mon coeur bien grand
Pour t'aimer bien fort.
Nothing like such a poem glued in a crooked card with handdrawn Eiffel Tower with airplane stickers.

The IPhone will be the easiest phone you will ever learn how to use, trust me, you will love it!
I remember my mom keeping a construction paper card with a bird on it, that I made in 1st grade. She kept it in her first dresser drawer along with her other treasures. I think she kept it until I grew older and disappointed her in some way! (ha) ...God Bless Her Soul!

Welcome home Sacha?!

I joking say now that my kids are grown the presents are definitely nicer - like last year's tickets to Paris! But somewhow the dandelion necklaces and ceramic plaque with a wobbly handprint are still the best!

c, Happy Mother's Day! I just got an Iphone too! In fact, my bday, Mother's Day & our anniversary is all in the same week . . .that week haunts my husband! ha
In answer to your question: I do remember way back giving my mom a cordless phone and oh how she loved it!
ps. the image of Yan above is striking . . .are you framing any of these shots? You should be represented . . .they are lovely . . you have quite an eye!

This is my first mother's day without my mother. It was a bit sad but I have such great memories of her. I found a FABULOUS images of my mother when we were cleaning out her house. I will send it to you soon. E

My brother in law has one of those phones and found out it has voice recognition. You can talk to it and it will type your text message for you. Good luck with your new gadget.

Looking forward to even more great photos now that you've got a handy-dandy little camera phone!

What a fantastic gift, and your hubby to share your meal with. Who could ask for more?

I do remember what I got my mother; mostly scarves, a purse or perfume. Sometimes we'd all chip in with my father, who tossed in the lion's share, for some jewelry.

He is HOME!Fabulous!
I have that phone...still learning how to use it!I too donot want a cell phone.......you were better off without it but I can see how you will use to your advantage!Enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day!!

What a great gift...you will do wonders with it..

Debra is right...you should frame some of your picrures..they REALLY are wonderful!!

My Mother always just wanted..."a nice card and go to a nice restaurant for a nice family meal"...that's what she always said with emphisis on "nice"....I still LOL when I think about it!

c-i should have read the post before commenting on the add-on post regarding the iphone...this is exactly how i feel about my phone...half the time i do not even know where it is and the other half the battery is DEAD...i can so relate to all that you said...good luck with the new thingy...

I must say that is an inspired gift for you! Bravo!

A perfect gift for you! I gave Mom a prepaid cell phone a few years ago.She couldn't figure out how to use it, despite many instructions from myself and the service provider. She ended up throwing the phone away. She used to get toast and coffee for breakfast in bed on Mother's Day when I was a kid.

Still trying to decide between I-Phone and Droid. It will take me weeks to figure either one out.

Happy learning. Great pic of Yann and flower.

I gave my Mother perfume and a beautiful card. I miss her...

You are a brave woman with that iPhone! Love the pic of FH. He is a confident man in touch with his feminine side! That pink sweater and that raised pinkie. Love it!

This year I gave my mom a vintge iron doorstop in the shape if irises, handpainted. She loves it. "Dad" (via me) gave her a sexy new coffee maker from Williams Sonoma. She loves that, too.

I'm not used to celebrating a Mother's Day, as where I grew up we only had a Women's Day and no special Mother's Day.
I came up with a really smart idea this year - I gave my Mom a gift certificate for a hot-stone massage, and I joined her for that treat as well! Both of us were really happy :)

I'm with you, I'm sure I don't use my blackberry phone to it's full extent.

I gave my Mother a framed photo of me in Paris. She's probably hoping this will be the end of me talking about going...LOL

happy mother's day - two ways! My mother passed away when I was in my early 20s.....but she loved it when we cooked for her, so making special breakfasts with a group photo of myself and my 4 sisters was always a hit!

My Mother got bupkis. Never liked her. You wouldn't like her either.

Which is why I do hate the phone ringing with a passion. I have to fight to my last nerve not to throw it out the window every time it rings!

This is brilliant! "Hi, you have reached the person who doesn't want a phone, so chances are the phone is off, lost, or I didn't hear it ringing. Don't leave a message because I do not know how to retrieve it, call back please."

If I had a message machine, I'd steal that one!

I bet you will LOVE it. I tried to not get one forever, then Kory forced one on me for my last birthday... I can't BE WITHOUT it! Easy peasy, too.


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