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01 September 2011


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Just this morning I was appreciating my espresso maker. Does that count as a prize possession? Well, if not, then I'd say the rounded front china cabinet from my mother-in-law and the green glass bowl from my grandmother. Oh, and a key from the French brocante that hangs by a ribbon in my kitchen. Thanks Corey!

Ellen at American Homestead

It would be impossible to narrow a choice to one thing but what is strange is I can remember with each piece, the garage sale of flea market or antique shop where I purchased the item and the interactions with the people that I have had. Perhaps that is what is most prized ~ the fun I've had collecting all my stuff.

Rhonda P.

Oh that's easy to answer, all my French lace. It is safely kept in a special box, taken out to admire and hold. I plan on photographing all of it close up, to share the detail of it all.

That, next to my box of Paris finds from this past Spring trip.


Those thread spools are awesome! A prized possession? Obviously, my children.. ;) My glassware. I have a couple pieces of Heisey glass that came from my aunt's collection. They are especially precious because she lost her battle against cancer several years ago. I also have some Candlewick pieces. I love clear glass. So beautiful!

Account Deleted

my most
prized possession
is ~My Time~
unfortunately these days,
it owns me....

my second most prized
is the quite worn, wooden darning egg
my grandmother used
to mend my grandfather's socks...

i would sell it for only $500,000.
or there about...


{{ ahhhh...to watch
you in acquisition*mode
must certainly
be a wonder! }}

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

My "prized" French treasure is my collection of cast iron Our Lady of Fatima door knockers; they were recently featured in an article in Romantic Homes magazine ;-) Of course, my collection of French enamelware is a close second!!


A French antique poodle pin, vintage Paris postcard and poodle estampes from a dear friend. My Dad's mandolin, heirlooms from grandparents. The things I've found mean nothing compared to items received from friends and family.


I treasure my grandfathers set of china. It is Haviland and has the sweetest violets and daisies sprinkled around on the each piece. I was the only one to ask for it, though many family members wanted it. I just love it.


A Canadian antique! A copy of the first newspaper published in Canada by fledgling journalist Fleury Mesplet and his friend Benjamin Franklin.

One Christmas, my Mom brought me the usual box of goodies: tourtière, cretons, tomato ketchup, sugar pie and some old things that were left after cleaning up her mother's things years ago. Among them was this national treasure! The only other copies to be found are in Québec's national library...


I have a water color painting of my grandmother tending her roses- it was found rolled up on top of a pile of things in my great aunt's house. Since I am her name sake - the aunt gifted it to me and my sister had it framed.


my most prize possession...is my baby blanket-no longer the color it was,nor the size nor in one piece...but it time i see it touch it smell it i smile long and hard...it isn't worth a cent to anyone but me-and no money in the world would i exchange for it


Oh you wicked woman, putting all these sweet temptations our way! (Can't wait :))

Franca Bollo

My navel. I think it's by far my best feature. I should really have its portrait painted for posterity (I love me some alliteration!). Truth be told, Sheba's is even more exquisite than mine. I am sorry I was not able to personally thank Dr Fleming.


My Grandmother's cameo ring. It started life as a brooch. My Great Grandmother found it after a ball at Warwickshire castle. She was "in service" there. No one claimed it, so it was given to her. She wore it until her death, then Gram made it into a ring and wore it every day. I received it after Gram passed and now I wear it everyday. It brings me closer to two women whom I adored and cherished. (Oh, and my husband. Life wouldn't be half as good without him.;D)

Chris Wittmann

Hi Corey...haven't commented much as it's been a crazy summer and I'm up to my eye balls in tomatoes, peaches, apples, peppers and other sundry goodies. My most treasured possesion is a huge turquoise ring my dad bought himself while out in Mexico and Calif. in 1969. He had gone for cancer treatment that he couldn't get back home. His fingers were big and the ring is too big even for my husband but I keep it in a safe place.
Please...while you are at the brocantes...keep a look out for those fabulous antique green glass French canning jars....I've become smitten with them and am trying to collect a few. I'll bet you've got some in your pantry :)


My beautiful, almost hairless teddy bear that is almost as old as I am, would be number one. Number two would be my garden. It has taken awhile and I never imagined what it would look like. It's not grand, but it is oh so comforting, just like my bear.


One of my most prized possession is a little dark peach colored foutain pen that is 90yrs old. It belonged to my Gram. It was given to her by her father on her first day of school with a long ribbon to wear around her neck so that she wouldn't lose it. I keep it in my jewelry box for safe keeping.

Kathie B

Oil paintings by Farmboy Husband's self-taught paternal grandfather, one of the sweetest and most loving people we've ever known -- and a true father substitute after FH's father was killed young.


My friendship with Franca Bollo.

Jane Ann

The things I value are the things that my relatives from a simple background cherished; a ring from my grandmother, quilts, Bible, and a ladies fan from my great grandmothers. Books are also precious to me and I have quite a few old ones that I love by Gene Stratton Porter and Elizabeth Wetherell. My family is beyond precious to me.


What is most precious to me is my family and love
and my wedding rings and my cross and photographs.
Love you

Brenda L. from TN.

My most prized possession is a glass table that my father made. It's the only thing I have that cannot be replaced. He was in the glass business. He took an old gasoline glass cylender and made a black round glass base for it with a larger glass top with mirrored flowers and a ring on top. Inside the gas cylender he soldered two victorian figureines to the black base. One has on a pink dress the other yellow. My mother kept it for years even tho they divorced in 1948.

Brenda, Walker, LA, USA

Looking forward to seeing the online brocante! My last purchase from you was the crinkly paged little history publications. I kept a few and have placed them in sweet little places! A few I let go!

cynthia Wolff

your gonna kick ass. Dearest Corey...you started it all for me...without you I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. I wish I could be half as, no make that 1/10 as
successful as you...I try and will keep trying. your photos are my inspiration. I copy you or try to... doesn’t quite work out but we all need a role model and you are mine. I love you Corey.

Barbara Rombold-Gillies

how do you pick one thing, family and friend are of course at the top of the list. but possession umm i love my little shoe collection and also my little chair collection. i have some jewelry from my grandmothers which i do treasure but oh to pick just one. i wish i could. love your blog and your treasures.

Franca Bollo

I always knew you were crazy.

xoxooxoxoooxxxxo, Franca

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