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23 September 2011


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Go with the brocante every time:)


How about a brocante IN Saint Tropez?

Brenda, Walker, LA, USA

Brocante Drool!

(Can so imagine the "I Love A Crazy Woman" Look!)

There is a spot in my Dining room that would love the gray-white patina and shape of that window!


Saint Tropez will wait....things
don't wait for you at the brocante.
You must be ready to swoop in for
the jewels or faceted windows...
whichever!! ;)
missy from the bayou

Paula S In New Mexico

Funny, I've been looking at old windows as well. I was thinking about square ones all hooked together and hung from the ceiling to make a room divider.

Jeez, it would be a tough call for me, Saint Tropez or Brocante? How about both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I've always gone there for the beach but now that I know what I've been missing...

veronique savoye

Well, since I live so far away from my beloved Southern France now, I would vote for St Tropez (particularly now, when the big tourist crowds have left). Better yet, I would choose to visit a brocante IN St. Tropez. See? Problem solved. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


What a wonderful find! My ideas right away - mirrored; frame for old photos.

Rhonda P.

Ah, the shabby window called your name, did it? It's gorgeous and you will upcycle it in a beautiful way.

I received a parcel from your shop yesterday. Let's just say I was squealing with delight!

Amy Kortuem

Have I ever told you about the time I was coming home from playing my harp at a wedding in a neighboring town and was going to meet a friend for dinner but saw a yard sale instead? Yep, I was in my black dress, high heels and jewelry with the concert harp lying in the truck and late for dinner, but I screeched to a stop anyway. The man was selling the most beautiful old oak dining table, round, warm wood. I bought it, 100 bucks. He took it apart and together we grunted and heaved the thing into my truck and wedged it in beside the harp (which is not small...). I drove very carefully on the way home. My nice friend even came over to help me unload it and put it together instead of going out for dinner.

Oh, the sacrifices we make for old stuff...


Brocante. Decorative. It was calling you... j

Brenda L. from TN.

What a sweet guy FH is! He KNEW if he gave you the choice what you would pick...the brocante! But I'm with others on here ...Saint Tropez's brocante!

The window is lovely tho...would look nice in front of a fireplace in the winter...


As I read the post I thought that FH was taking you to a brocante in St Tropez. Well - San Tropez will always be there but those brocante gems aren't! I can't wait to see what you do with that window.


That window! Oh perfect for decorative purposes, for sure. How lovely to have a drive to the brocantes in Saint Tropez!

Victoria Ramos

totally agree with you......brocante and window = happy!

Kathie B

If I lived in Provence and loved going to the brocante (like someone we all know!), that would be my higher priority since, as others have noted, St. Tropez will likely still be there for next time.

But as a foreign tourist -- especially one not in a position to shlep an old window home (LOL!) -- my choice would definitely be St. Tropez.


Excellent find!!!!


I think I'd go with you too.... And you DO have the bestest FH!!! With all the love and understanding I have from my Hero Husband, he would NOT have gone along with that window. But of course, I too would have loved to have it - JUST for decoration purposes!!!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Same question as Zosia...is there a brocante(s) in or on the way to St. Tropez?? I would have snapped up that window too! I love old windows on a wall in a grouping with framed pictures/paintings. Tres chic!!!!! And especially in a chippy white.

Tamara Komuniecki

Ohh I am not even thinking about this one - the brocante! I do love me some Saint Tropez but I am so not glam right now and I think I'd feel dumpy there. And, window as a decorative piece without a doubt!! As a matter of fact, I have two or three old windows somewhere around here too, taken from my parents' collection when they sold our family farm a few years ago. They've moved with me and not been put to use yet but as I say, "one of these days..."!

Corey, tomorrow is the Fieldstone Vintage Market an hour from me, and my boys are coming with me! If you were visiting, we'd make it a girls' trip!
I'll be blogging about it later so you can see what you're missing...


Chris Wittmann

That chippy old window would've come home with me too!

French la Vie

Hello C and Zosia and all those of you who would go to the brocante in St Tropez.....
If I had gone to St Tropez I would have missed the window. And if one is going to go brocanting then it pays to know where to go.



le petit cabinet de curiosites

You are always so surprising

joy graham

Hello, I am Joy and I am so happy that I some how came across your blog today. I so enjoyed your sense of humor and the photos. I have not been to your area and find it so interesting. Have a happy day. -Joy


Wonderful window! I had to translate brocante and found it was flea market, and I would choose flea market anyday! Your husband is a gem! Patsy from HeARTworks

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

You know what's lovely to me? Is that angel husband of yours knew what you REALLY wanted and granted your wish! And most of all, he let you bring home that precious prize with no lip even though it has no practical purpose whatsoever...that's love girl. xxoo, Dawn


I would have chosen St Tropez !!!
Anyhow, the only choice left, after your taking the window !!!


Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick with the brocante bug!! Nice score. Florida has a real old window difficiency.


You my dear are my kinda of GAL!I would have picked BROCANTE over Saint Tropez too!French Husband should be happy I bet the day /window was cheaper then a lunch in ST.Tropez!!!!!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I'm struck by the casualness with with FH can offer San Tropez -- close enough to you for a day trip!

I love the window. I bought several old windows at an estate sale -- my husband put one (large rectangle, not arched) into the lovely garden shed he built, and the other one which had broken glass now hangs outside the shed on the opposite side. The appearance of window while maintaining lots of shovel-hanging wall space inside still.

I hope you show us some time what you do with the window!

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