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03 September 2011


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You might find you like going bra-less! I hope that the coming weeks go by as quickly as possible. Take care!


Like the idea of wallpapering the cast - look forward to the end result.


Pins and needles, the cast and crew. The pins are in your wrist, they probably gave you at least one needle in the hospital for the pain, the cast is on your arm and you are the intrepid crew keeping your cool and your sense of humour even in the face of one-arm blogging.


Get well soon Corey :)


Damn that old ladder ... but, your cast wallpapered with an antique wallpaper will be unique and one in the whole world :)


I imagine you're going to have the most glamorous cast ever!

It's good to know that you're all "set" for a well mended wrist ;)

Hope you can go home soon, but meanwhile toast and hot chocolate sound very good.


Oh my dear! You are such a special soul. I really think that you need to think about your "tasks" and then hire someone to do them for you!! Seriously. As I hit 61 this year, I recalled my neighbor of 30+ years ago, who at the age of 80 drove from Chicago to Indiana to put the storm windows on his sister's house (on the second floor) and fell off breaking his hip! Homer was such a sweet soul, but he never recovered from his injuries. Please be careful for you are loved!!


Yes Corey, getting comfortable to sleep is a real pain, I came to dread going to bed. After just one bra-less day I had had enough. I found that if you did the bra up and put it on like a top, cast arm in first of course, I was able to pull it down and around with the other hand. Help may be required in the undressing though! Note, get the cast changed in 2 weeks. 3 weeks was too long to go for me, they squished the hand and opening result was very grim.
All the very best for a swift recovery.


Oh Corey I do feel for you. It sucks that you are in a cast which prevents you from doing so many things, I hope you are not in a lot of pain also. I had a frozen shoulder for 3 years and my left arm became worthless, could ot move it all, so I understand how awful it can be not being able to dress yourself etc. Take very good care, my thoughts are with you.


A lesson to us all to be sooooooooo much more careful!Broken bones suck,hope you get well soon,in the meantime enjoy your enforced rest and hire a handyman/woman for the papering jobs!


Happy healing, Corey!!!

Linda P.

I was so sorry to hear about your accident, and am sending you good healing vibes!


For blog writing I was thinking there are several dictation programs around that could be useful. You speak and it translates your words into text (more accurately than programs like that in the past were capable of) Anyhoo, just a thought.
Also video blogging, or just photos, or audio. Lots of options.
Hope you heal fast.


Do you think that maybe this will make you slow down some? Probably not! Broken bones are not fun. Washing your hair can be such a challenge with one hand. Maybe it's time to burn your bra. :-)

Cynthia Rieth

Corey, get well soon dear friend and I'm sure you can do a lovely decoupage look on your cast!


I am so sorry Corey!!! But grateful you weren't hurt worse.

Wish I could just pop over and help you clean, cook, and all the other millions of things you need to do each day.

Take care, rest and heal. XOXOXO Shea

Mary Lou/Texas

Cory, I am soooo sorry about your accident, the broken bones and the pain you suffered. I pray for the pain and discomfort to go away soon...and fast healing.

Can we vote on the cast adornment? If so, my vote goes for pasting on bits and pieces of lovely lace... embellished with pearls and jewels.

We haven't heard from French husband. Isn't an entry from him long past due? ;) Perhaps he could become you temporary secretary?

God's speed for a quick recovery.



Corey, I am so sorry! You poor dear creative woman. There must be some good fun and sweetness to come from this for you. I do wish among all of us who love and follow along with your blog were closer. We sure could be of some great assistance to you while you heal. What a way to learn how to slow down. Know my prayers for a perfect healing are with you. Something fantastic will come of this I know, you have a way of making that happen. Along with a few calamities I must admit. Day by day you will feel better. Please listen to your body and rest. I am sorry for your pain. My love. Jody xoxoxo


You have the best attitude in the world, Corey! I wish I could help you. At least one good thing came out of this fall.....no bra!


Get better soon!


my oh my....sorry to hear your news!




And ask FH to help wash the hair!


Oh Corey, I know you like to look on the bright side, but I give you permission to, just this once, complain and feel sorry for yourself! You need to feel that's OK too.

But if you do find yourself getting stuck in the frustrations and being melancholy (impossible I know!) I can tell you some grimmer stories if you like? Apparently it cheers up a melancholy mood no end ;)


Wall papered casts! What a great new enterprise. I know you are hurting and hospitals are no fun and the next weeks will be challenging (at least you won't have to put on panty hose), but, my-oh-my, your sense of humor and spirit are so commendable. Here's to a fast healing and recovery, Corey, and get well wishes from across the sea.


Dear Corey, get a new ladder!! Let someone else do the papering, painting, window washing, and the rest of the endless jobs around a home! It's time to SLOW DOWN or at least have safety in mind. Love to you and a speedy healing...


Prayers going out to you from across the ocean! Take care, slow down, and have the french husband send us a photo of your wallpapered cast! I am sure it will be as lovely and whimsical as you!


Awful news. Hoping for speedy healing! Thinking of you.



Take care, Corey. Sending healing thoughts your way...and lots of patience... You'll have time to think up all sorts of new stories to share!


I'm so sorry about your wrist but PLEASE wallpaper your cast. Way to go for beautifying the ordinary things!!


Well I can say when you decide to do something you go all out. Wow, pins in your wrist, that a pretty nasty break. Hope you're feeling better soon. Try to stay ahead of your pain. It's hard to catch with the pain if you wait too late to take your pain medication. Can't wait to see your decorated cast. Hoping too that you're right handed! Take care!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Well, it could have been worse :-) At least it is only your wrist and not your leg, ankle or back!! And look at the bright side...you can sit on the sofa all day, with French Husband bringing you lemonade (no wine with meds), meals, fluff your pillow and fetch your cheese/bread. LOL!! Sounds like a good gig!
But do take care of yourself ;-)

patty g

Ouch! Pins and a plate. Hope everything knits back together without too much more pain.
Elevate the arm and hope you get some good therapy to restore the motion in your hand.


Had never heard of such spas in the south of France !!!
Incredible Provence !!!
(You always surprise me with your new finds....)


Another "thing to do" : learn patience !
Thinking of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL.....I can't believe you are still managing to blog.....you are one "staunch" woman!!!

Kathie B

1. Four star hotel - Hospital / Four star restaurant - Toast with hot chocolate:
'Tis a pity that patients receiving such pampering are generally feeling so awful that most of them can't fully enjoy it. I'd rather be well and safe, and staying at the B&B in your village, enjoying the proprietress' continental breakfast (including hot chocolate) on the back porch!

2. Manicure - Replaced by a lovely white cast:
At a dinner party last night I asked our host (a fractured-shoulder survivor) if he had any advice for you, including how to deal with typing. He mentioned that since his cast didn't come all the way down to his fingers, one of the physical therapist's exercises was for him to wiggle his fingers in order to minimize swelling and atrophy. Obviously you wouldn't want to do this without clearance first from your doctor or therapist, lest you do damage to your newly-repaired wrist. Or does your present cast comes down so far that it's physically impossible to move your fingers?

3. Buy a new ladder, learn how to do things with one hand, get used to no bra...:
Yann can buy the new ladder (to your specifications, of course); some things you can do with one hand (zut alors, that sounds like a double entendre!); bra-less is fine, just wear two layers of light clothing. Do you have a TV in your hospital room, and more importantly, can you work the remote control with your good hand?

4. Count lucky stars / Six pins and a metal brace/patch on my bone:
Yowza, I don't even want to imagine how bad that must feel; am only glad it's not even worse.

When do you get to go home? I hope you'll be assigned visiting home health care workers to come assist you with tasks you temporarily can't do. Meanwhile, just try to sleep as much as the pain permits.

Abraços, Kathie B.

Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate)

Oh no, Corey!
Well, thank goodness it wasn't worse.
I'm glad you're okay.

Angela Vular

Pins and a plate...Oh my!! Hope you
are feeling better soon and heal
quickly. It's a bummer trying to get
dressed with one hand. I had surgery
last year (my right hand...I am right
handed) and the bra thing was
unattainable. I did find bras that
were made of soft stretchy material
and I could easily slip them on...not
much support but comfortable.
Take care and let French husband
wait on you for a while!

Babs Millward

I saw a picture of Elizabeth Taylor with a cast years ago and she had it covered in lace. I'm sure you can be even more creative with ribbons and lace and vintage fabric or something. Sending happy thoughts for quick healing.


Oh Corey, I am so sorry about your wrist. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I think a few serfs to take you to the brocante and carry purchases are in order. Well, they can at least wipe your furrowed brow and feed you grapes! Take care and stay off the ladder!!!


I had no idea that you were in the hospital! I'm glad to know that it is a four stars hospital though, and that you can get some rest before you go home. You seem to be in good spirits today. I hope that is because you are out of pain. Trying to figure out how to do everything one-handed will be tricky, but somehow in my mind I can see you doing just about anything you want to do using one hand (I'm thinking Lucy Riccardo). I think your photography will be very interesting as well. Your blog is such a joy to so many and I'm sure it is because you are a joyful person, so I'm sure you will be looking on the bright side of this inconvienience while your bone minds as well. Sending prayers and love your way.


This must have been some break. My thoughts are sent to you today to warm your heart and a wish to heal quickly so you can continue the wallpapering.

Franca Bollo

Regarding the bra, if Yann can unhook it, he can hook it for you. Franca can't work without her girls strapped in.

Amy Kortuem

Wallpapered casts...you could start up a side business at the hospital when your own wrist has healed!

Hope you're taking care of yourself, that Yann is taking care of you and that your "girls" are loving the freedom from restraints!

Brenda L. from TN.

Ooooh! Corey! I am so sorry about your fall...

I broke my right wrist when I fell backwards trying to put an election sign in my front yard about 5 yrs ago!!...and the guy lost that time but won the next and now he's raising my taxes!! Should have known that fall was a bad omen!! LOL!

Get well soon! ...and get FH to help with that bra!


I am sorry to hear of the dramatic fall that led to your broken wrist. Thank goodness no further damage. I believe you will be well taken care of, so relax and be spoiled.


Oh my...sending wishes for a pain-free recovery. When this right-handed gal had right shoulder surgery a few hrs ago DH offered to 'do' hair & makeup for me. No way! It was no fun but looking back I am proud of all the things I learned to do with the other hand. Where there's a will.... Except for the bra. :(. For 10 weeks I had to get up and shower at 5:30 before DH left for work so the girls weren't 'running wild' all day!


The girls are on vacation. Now your imagination can work overtime. If you are like me, your mind will conjure up many more things for you to get into. And I only want to rest when I want to rest. I hope you feel better soon.


6 pins? Wow, When you do something you do it really good! I can't wait to see the wallpaper cast, lol...I smell a new trend:)

Karen C

Well, look at you typing one handed. Did we ever doubt it?
And, . . . just secretly
What a wonderful excuse not to have to wear a bra but now I've said too much.


Sending you healing thought from across the Atlantic! You ROCK! Blogging even from the hospital bed! You inspire m e and give me courage to deal with my laughable upsets!


Hope you get better soon. Sorry you broke your wrist. Hugs from Georgia.

Michelle M  in KY

Dear Corey...
I hope this note finds you resting comfortably. So sorry to hear that it is broken. Rest while you can. Hope the break mends quickly!

Jane Ann Abraham

Can't believe you needed both a plate and pins! I hope the pain is lessening each day. I love the idea of papering your cast. It could be a kind of fiesta piñata or something quite regal. Be sure to exercise your arm by squeezing a ball if the doc says it's okay. I didn't do this when I broke my wrist, and ended up with a skinny monkey arm when the cast was removed. It was pretty funny, a skimmy arm with long darker than normal hair. Luckily, I got it off in the winter. Hope it won't drive you too crazy typing with one hand.


Bless your heart! I am sorry about your accident, but I agree with the others: you have such a positive outlook and attitude! Your blog is where I come when I need a reality check. Thank you for spreading such beauty and kindness in all of your posts.

Lots of people are sending you prayers and positive thoughts!


Sue Morris

Oh dear me Corey.....ouch, ouch.....sending you lots of healing thoughts and pink light......you WILL find ways around the bra, showering etc......thinking of you.

Alison Murray Whittington

You always amaze me with your ability to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what!!


OH, Corey! Blessings to you and your family for the pain and the scare! When you wrote broken wrist earlier in the week, I did not realize it involved surgery. Do you know that the wrist is one of the most highly fractured areas of the body because we all put our hands out when we are about to fall? And why am I telling you that since you could now write a book about it! At least when you get out of the cast....


...so I will just add my condolence along with the other empathetic and sympathetic souls. Just getting over carpal tunnel surgery of my right hand which is nothing as dramatic as your awful spill but it is entirely frustrating to be without your doing hand and arm.
We will all hang in there with you and wish you a speedy, speedy recovery.


I miss a day and look what happens! Oh my goodness I hope you are feeling abit more comfortable today! And that the pain meds are doing their job...well! There will just have to be some "readjustments" and I think you will have to ask for some H-E-L-P! Yes, Corey it is allowed and not a mortal sin, we are ALL human! Feel better dear girl and enjoy the "pampering" (no, I didn't say papering...!)

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Oh, dear...!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

P.S. Will you be triggering the airport security alarm from now on...?!!

Brenda, Walker, LA, USA

I think a french white wall papered cast is a lovely idea, I mean, who else would ever have one?? ;o)
Make a list and delegate, sweety! I pray that you have a record speed recovery!


Tip: Ask your doctor to prescribe a " loud howler" or huge bell to ring( with the working hand of course....). By week two people suddenly become quite deaf....they start sneaking past you very quiet before they can be ordered to do something....I'm counting my days now... Tomorrow it will be 7 days left and I shall be sans cast!!!!
Good luck.....my "break" forced me to be still and take stock of my life....and to be PATIENT!..xo Col

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Blessings to you and your family for the pain and the scare! When you wrote broken wrist earlier in the week, I did not realize it involved surgery. Do you know that the wrist is one of the most highly fractured areas of the body because we all put our hands out when we are about to fall? And why am I telling you that since you could now write a book about it!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I got busy with events in my own family and life and just came back to find you in the hospital, tapping away with one hand. Still posting, you committed blogger you. Get better!

Re: 4 star hotel:
Some friends spent their 31st anniversary back in the hospital after his sudden surgery a few weeks before (semi-minor issue of replacing a tube). I suggested that there are other, nicer, equally expensive 5-star hotels available where they could have celebrated the anniversary instead. My friend Bonnie moaned that they didn't even serve champagne! Some of us threw a lowkey, loving Shakespeare Festival for them -- at their home rather than in Oregon which was the pre-surgery plan -- and you can bet there was champagne there for the Mrs!


oh no bra is probably the least of your problems!
but all those pins and stuff - you will go off like a fire cracker when walking through the screening frame next time at an airport!!
My son had all his friend sign and draw on his cast - it looked a treat! I probably would stick French laces on it if I were you!!!! You can do that with one hand :)
Happy and speedy healing, love!

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