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22 September 2011


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You are so funny, you and French Husband! The French can cook, that is for sure! My mom, and my aunts, surely did show their French heritage! I was the "caboose"..born 10 and a half years after my older brother...when I needed to talk to Mom, It was as a helper in the Kitchen, I learned well. There was nothing they could not cook, instinctively...So I know what you mean. Just enjoy! Something tells me if he does pick up a hammer and start being Handy Husband, it won't be a bad thing!

Oh my goodness, Corey -- wish I were there! What a sweet man you have (and tres talented)! I love how you ended your little video, too (Corey: "hand.")!!! LOVE this!

Wow, what a man and what a kitchen. I have kitchen envy.
I hope your hand feels better. Enjoy your new cook, look what you've created.

How did you eat the mussels with one hand? Did French Husband open them for you? Love hearing your voices and love your kitchen.

( remember picking moules when i was a young girl.. soo yummy.. lucky you, he cooks. I would starve if i did something to my hand.. LOL xo marlis


your words
always taste so good
my morning tea...

HE COOKS..............how many years before you discovered that?!I hope he doesnot become the handy man either.Although, your photos from the sky might be worth it??!!

Cutest video ever, especially because of the cameo at the end. You darling!

(PS: Your voice sounds to me like mine!)

Oh that cast looks ginormous! How fortunate to find that Yann can cook. There was a Canadian Chinese cooking show years ago called Yan can Cook :-) My kitchen is very tiny, your kitchen looks so spacious and has so much counterspace.

My husband cooks as well, BUT there is never wine, or bread, actually he usually just picks up something to bring home......still, I'm spoiled.

Corey, that man of yours is a keeper! But you already knew that. LOL

Kudos to french husband! And who knows? You just might enjoy trick flying!! :)

I love the view of the cast and spoken "Hand!" at the very end!

I tongue-in-cheek (!) proposed marriage to any man I knew who could cook when single in my late 20's. Lo and behold, the wonderful man I married does indeed cook on a regular basis. Oh I am so lazy, fortunate, and blessed.

He is treating you well. Fun to see "Hand" too.

My husband cooks when asked but he's of the "open the cupboard and whatever's in there gets thrown in a pan/pot together" school of cooking. Sometimes I'm really surprised when he's in charge of dinner.

Ooooo, I want to be back in that warm, cozy kitchen....eating.

And he does it with a swagger. Lucky you.

Sure, I opened the mussels for Corey !

For the record, there's an actual term for a vegetarian who also eats fish and shell-fish:

"Pescatarian"! (Pescatarien/-ne en Français, bien sûr!)

I enjoyed the video. My wonderful husband cooks too...but alas, it would be oh so much better if he could cook in a cozy kitchen in France. After reading your blogs every day, I long to be back in France where I lived for a year as a child. I am the lady who emailed you about my French mom who was taken to the camps during WWII. Somehow, I am wondering if I could convince my husband to move to France?
Hoping you will be better soon.

Just jumped here from my shop stats... so good to see your blog again. Great video!

Oh those fingers look Dandy! Hope the healing of the wrist is coming along! What an adventure in the kitchen. So sweet!

Nice butt, too.

so funny, Corey, you words are the best! Hooray for Yann, he sure is a handyman too, he just doesn't know it yet :)

With all the good bakeries in France (including right in your village!), why would Yann need to bake?

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