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19 September 2011


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Since I'd never heard of the town, I had to look it up:
(incl. map and lovely photo)

It appears to be north of Marseille.

Oh, I looooove that little pink teapot. The flowers are really wonderful too.....

A tip-top thru the shoppe...relection in Glass faded granduer and soft whisper of Goods that tuck into the heart...and the things not seen...brings the day to me ... each one like a pearl slipping on a string...this is the best...love your pics and prose... hugs k

What lovely descriptions and pictures! Once again you astound me with your depictions/impressions.

What a sweet shop! How I wish I could come see it!

You are so lucky to live in France! Pure Heaven from an antiquers standpoint!


We were there in August ! love, love, love this shop

I know it well and I have taken pictures at La Petite Curieuse (funnily on my screen the name in the address at the bottom of your post is in Cyrillic...)..... isn't life just so unpredictable.
And you got her just RIGHT; I too remember having been totally charmed by this little shop and the way things were displayed. I too liked the fact that she wasn't with the big crowd but tucked away for those with a bit more patience, more leisure and maybe more interest too.
Your description should and will really make a difference to Odile Bouscarat - you did her proud and she will love seing and meeting the people YOU send to her place with this post.
I did my stall yesterday and it was a 'rotten' day for 'brocante'.... cold, windy, and in the middle of the afternoon a very heavy and sudden rain that literally washed away stalls, stall-holders (all private individuals, no dealers) and the stuff on sale. I think in the future I'll prefer to VISIT and no longer to sell.... Also a lesson to learn. So maybe it had to be!
How's your wrist getting along? Haven't been around lately.

Lovely! Oh how I would love to visit here. Love that little pink teapot too, even without a lid.

Oh I wish I had the artist's eye. - How to see the unseen. I know when I see something that makes me say, "OH!" But I don't know how to put things together to make a little symphony of design. Therefore, I have a collection of things that I like looking at but can't quite get it to "fit" together. What can you do but just keep trying?

Perhaps Odile sent you the vibes to pick up that broken ink well from yesterday's post.

I visited Isle sur la Sorgue in November on a cold, pouring-wet day.My poor husband followed me ina nd out of shops, holding the umbrella (that's love). What a lovely place, rain and all. I highly recommend that one takes a truck or large car with them when visiting:)

Oh, I wish I could go there today! Your friend definitely has the gift of display and combination.

A Place I'd love to visit with you, and makes me mindful of the friends and customers that come to my shop for various reasons!

Your description of Odile's shop makes me think of your mom's garden... as you say, "It is as if she gives your imagination a safe place to bloom."
Corey, you have a lovely way of writing.

Corey, it's so good to see you are out and about! What a wonderful place and scrumptious photos. Sending your wrist more healing thoughts.

"La Petite Curieuse" looks like a treasure trunk for antique lovers.
Wonderful pictures !!!
Every shop should be advertised through your eye ... and lens !

I could go there today! Your friend definitely has the gift of display and combination...

My husband used to tell me I saw things other people didn't see. I always thought that was a curious thing to say. How could other people NOT see what I saw. But as time went by and I've grown older and more appreciative, I've realized it's perspective. We all have a unique perception on life. Your friend has it and you do too most certainly. Your post was lovely.
I enjoyed reading it.

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