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02 September 2011


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Shelley Noble

Oh you poor baby! Please be more careful. We need you.

Ellen at American Homestead


veronique savoye

Ouch, or as the French say: "Aïe!"
Sorry to hear the news Corey. Bon courage. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Karen C

Oh, Corey, That is such bad news and I am sorry for the pain and difficulties you are going to go through,
Don't you know?
The most ED accidents are caused from ladder falls and studies have recommended that NO-ONE over 40(!) should ever climb a ladder!
I'm so sorry you had to find out the hard way.
I would love to come over and help you with your on-line shop. Or anything else for that matter.


So sorry to hear this. I'm sure your family will step in and help. Right hand or left? BE careful there, girl.

sharon - my french country home

So sorry to hear about the accident Corey, I've been there myself, I know about the inconvenience. Take care and be sure to recover properly


Yikes, that sounds so horrible! Hope it heals well and fast. Maybe you need a Brocante intern in the meanwhile. :D


I am so sorry - I hope your pain becomes manageable soon. Take care and I pray that you mend quickly.

giftsofthejourney (Elizabeth Harper)


I'm so sorry to hear of your fall and glad it was not worse. I have a tree I climb whenever I am home in the US so that I can get on the roof of my house there to brush off the leaves. My husband is not happy that I don't use a ladder, but with the tree so close to the roof, I feel safer just stepping across. Going down is a bit trickier. Here's a picture of me doing it.


I hope they'll give you a smaller cast as the weeks go by. Is it the hand you use the most or were you spared that added inconvenience?

I hope you heal quickly.

French la Vie

Hi T
I do!!!



Oh, that is so sad. Sounds like something I would do. Heal quickly, and NO MORE ladders!


Oh, no! Corey I wish I could help you in some way. I am sorry you are in pain and not sleeping. Use the iphone for the blog and maybe a tripod at the wedding? Can Chelsea or Sacha be your "grip" and carry the tripod around?

Sending well wishes...


Oh, Corey, you poor dear!

I've broken my elbow and ankle before and know how much pain you're in. Don't be afraid to take a pain pill to get some sleep, if they've been ordered for you.

I'm so glad your ankle didn't suffer any further damage and will definitely be sending thoughts and prayers your way in the coming days.


Oh Corey what a pain. Sacha can unpack, so don't worry about that ( Tim will be moving into his apartment in Grenoble next week, and I'm strictly forbidden from any form of "help" other than driving the van back home afterwards). But the rest....I did the same thing on ice in London last year, and my biggest achievement was putting on my mascara with my left hand. Artistic effects some mornings, but eventually got quite good at it ( I'm pretty scary without mascara ).Take it easy for a few days though as the shock will kick in. Thinking of you, Love, Christine


Poor darling Corey..
I am sorry to read of your accident!
No more climbing on ladders. I avoid them like the plague, and if I have to climb, I only go up to the second or third step.
Keeping positive thoughts for your bones to heal swiftly.
All the best xoxo


Ouch, so sorry to hear that. You've had enough injuries for one year. Hope the bone heals quickly and in, the meantime, that you will find a way to sleep. Wishing you a restful weekend.


Good Lord!! NOOOOOOOO. So sorry to hear this. This is why I don't do too mucy DIY... can be bad for your health.


Oh my dear! Having fractured an ankle in 4 places about 14 years ago, I feel for you! I was plagued by recurring pain for ten years till I found a "chiropractor" here in LA that actually has studied European work. He works with energy and blockages. When I first saw him, I mentioned my recurring ankle pain and he said that often "breaks/fractures" involve a sprain that is never treated. Since that day, my ankle is pain-free!! Anyhow, hope you feel well soon!!! xox


Oh dear..poor Corey! Enough injuries for a while! Slow down...things will get done whether you do them or somebody else. I found that out the hard way too. Please be more careful! Speedy recovery!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

There comes an age, ahem, when one does not climb a ladder to stretch and hang wallpaper. I believe that is over 50!?
So sorry about your wrist. Pain and agony for a few days and then just plain inconvenience!! Be sure and wrap your cast in lace and linen for the wedding. Or beautiful batiste with a few bling pieces here and there.

Hugs Corey. I am trying to make light of a painful inconvenience.


Poor Corey. I wish you a quick recovery. No doubt, you'll turn this into a positive somehow. You always do.

Vicki Bonne Amie

Corey...so sorry to hear about your injury!!! Wishing you fast healing...wish I was there to help you!!! Take care of yourself!!!

Jenny McH

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Note to Corey: Up on ladder, spotter(person holding ladder), down below.
Girrrlll, you have got to be more careful. As one of the others said, "you will make something positive of this". Can't wait to see what is coming in the next 8 weeks. Looking forward to your inspiration.

Georgie Steeds

ohhh oww
But more to the point how frustrating!! but we all know how creative you are so where there's a will there's a way!
Hope you heal quickly, please consider my friday flowers just for you.
Georgie xx


I thought "The Fall" was going to be about this season that precedes our nasty winters, but no, about an actual fall-down-go-boom! so sorry - bad timing, too, although it's never a good time to be incapacitated.

No more ladders, but maybe chew on some more calcium and have a bone density check? (nothing like unsolicited advise!). take care and heal quickly!


Oh no, Corey! I am praying for you! Do take time for yourself and get the rest you need... you are such a giving and loving person, and now it's your time to have some of that in return (and I KNOW your family and friends will give that to you)! xo


Corey, life has a way of slowing things down whether we want to or not. A little R & R while you heal may not be so bad.


Sending healing thoughts your way...


oh no.....i too thought you were going to talk about the season of fall. wish it had been so. Time to read good books, contemplate, visit friends, slow down. you have been traveling so much.....rest. best healing prayers and wishes from st. johns, michigan.


The ladder did the splits! What a shock that must have been. Hope you can find a way to sleep. Darned inconvenient cast! If I lived closer I'd love to come help you out with your shop etc. Here's to a speedy recovery!


Oh, so so sorry! How quickly life changes our plans sometimes. Take care and heal quickly!


Oh No! I'm so sorry that happened to you! I wish I lived in France so I could help out with your shop ... I would love that! But since I can't be there, you must ask for help!


I am so sorry Corey.. I hope you figure it all out.. Maybe this is God's way of saying take care of yourself.. should I hop a plane and come finish the wallpapering.. I can cook too.. ;-) hugs marlis

Leslie Garcia

Dear Corey, Sending you~
Healing thoughts and prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery. It makes me really sad to think of you in any pain at all. A broken wrist is going to be difficult for some time. Rest and get as much help as possible. I read your blog everyday and today I was sharing it with my 20 year old son. He also feels really sorry about your fall. I think people from all over the globe will be thinking of you today! I know that will help.


I'm so sorry. I'll pray for healing and not too much swelling!


get well soon Corey.. eight weeks.. this must be a complicated fracture..
you could sleep better if you elevate your arm.. you might place some pillows.. it decreases the oedema be more comfortable..
I wish you the best ..


Oh la la, ce n'est pas possible !!!

Were you closer, I would have jumped into my car and driven to you to help with everything !!!
I haven't got the brocante bug but I would have done my best to help there too !!! (I mean carrying, packing, weighing, posting .... and NOT BUYING, of course not !!!)
Frustrating indeed !!!

PS you don't mention which arm was hurt .... hope it's your left one !


A brocante belle with a broken arm - tragic! Speedy recovery!


I am so sorry Corey and wish I were there to do all of
those things you might have trouble with. I think that
the Universe has a way of telling us to slow down and
relax. I've had it happen, too!
May you have a speedy recovery and fast healing.
Sending hugs your way....


So very sorry to read this. Knowing how busy you are and all those things to tackle. First thing on the list should be:



C, read the title for this post, scrolled down and saw the dreaded words. I am so sorry. Don't you just hate it when something like your fall happens? I get so mad at myself and feel very old. (We're too young to fall, right?). Hate hearing you are in pain - please take care of yourself. Wish I could do something for you- XO



I am sorry about your fall, wish I could help in some way and hope you're feeling better soon!


Oh, my! I'd say hang in there, but, you can't really hang with an arm in a cast, so, I'll say, with a few prayers, heal well and take all the help that is offered.


Oh no.... sorry about your wrist. Lesson learned, NEVER climb a ladder unless someone is below holding it steady for you. So now you are forced to slow down....get your balance back. Do you think you are doing too much...hanging wallpaper at midnight? Sending you a {hug} and a glass of wine to take your pain away.


Oh dear, Oh dear! Heal quickly. My daughter fell on her bike last Friday and broke her wrist. The bad thing is she just started working as a massage therapist earlier that week and now can't work for 8 weeks. Not good. Good luck with all you have to do.


Oh Corey - how absolutely awful!
As you wrote it I could see it all happening in slow motion and I was sitting here with clenched teeth waiting for the impact...
The brocante can wait, after all, aren't things just going to get better as they get older? As for Sacha, you will just have to sit on the nearest chair and direct everyone - there's value in having a good director.
As for the wedding photos, no great idea there except perhaps drown your sorrow in a glass of lovely French wine.
Thinking of you and wishing you pain free soon!


Oh I am so sorry! Which wrist? Right or left? Sometimes I think the universe has a way of telling us to slow down. Bless you and I hope you heal fast. Casts are no fun at all.


Oh Corey, I'm so sorry to hear that!
Yours is the third nasty fall I've
heard about in 24 hours! I do hope you heal quickly. ::Jill


Oh no, so so sorry to hear this - how painful and how incredibly frustrating. You have had bad luck - first the ankle, now the wrist. I would want to scream with frustration, but perhaps you could hire some willing and able person for a few hours a day? Sending you many healing wishes ... Karen x


Oh no! So sorry to read this, I hope you are all better soon:(


Corey, so sorry you fell, but glad it was the wrist and not the hip or leg. Take care of yourself, but let others help you, too. Having a brocante intern sounds like just the solution! Take someone up on the suggestion. If that isn't possible, just postpone the reopening . We will all understand. First your foot, now your ankle. It sounds as though you need to stop and smell the roses for a while.


Mon Dieu! If I had a transporter as in Star Trek, I'd be there over the long weekend to help. You know I would.

Where were you wallpapering???

Take care my friend!



The two words I thought of upon reading your story.
So sorry for your accident and injury Corey. Your schedule sounds so full. Try to get two to three days of rest before you resume it. At least this didn't happen when you were away from home.


Dear Corey,
I am so sorry you got hurt! Your right pain is such a sweet short little word...but it is a nervey little word isn't it? Sometimes life just has a way to slow one down. I Thank Baby Jesus your still alive! One time I was on a ladder hanging a prism on my chandelier leaning over and I could just see the headlines.."Woman falls into chandelier and dies, cut all over with the crystals from all her travels"... Anyway, I can't wait for the Brocante to open! When did you sell those thread spools and to who? I must hunt them down!
Take good care of you~


I forgot to ask...Were you cutting roses or painting something frenchie blue or tomato red or grey or pink?

Susan young

Mon Dieu! Merde ! So so sorry to hear about this Corey!
Ok, so now I am officially terrified of ladders. 5 days ago a neighbor fell off his ladder onto his garage floor, landed on his head and died.
So: no more ladders!
I am sure that having FH around will ease your pain a bit anyway.


Go easy on it, and I hope it heals soon. Everything else can wait until you feel better.


Oh NOoooo. So sorry to hear about this! You will have to relax and have things (like glasses of wine, chocolate, cheese) brought to you to help ease your pain. Because this sounds very, very painful.


I too am so sad to hear that you have hurt yourself. Of course I am disappointed, having circled the date of the reopening of the brocante, but don't stress. Just heal and know that you have many, many kind healing thoughts coming your way.


Heal well and feel better soon.


Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear this. Please do what you need to do and take good care of yourself. Yesterday I was up on a ladder with a saw trying to prune a tree that hurricane Irene pretty much finished off. After a couple of minutes I thought this is not a good idea and climbed down. I hope your wrist heals well and the pain soon diminishes.

Tricia Cooper

~Oh my!!! Hope you get better soon...take care of yourself.


Corey, hope you heal fast! Keep you in my prayers.

Violet Cadburry

SH*T! What a drag. At least you didn't break your neck. Now you are a one-armed paper hanger -- plenty of jokes about that. "How do you get a one-armed paper hanger out of a tree? Wave at him." You will just have to go out and get some retail therapy and shop for cast appropriate clothes. Get Well! And, thanks for my medal, I love it.


corey - so sorry to hear about your fall...prayers for a complete and speedy healing!!


I'm so sorry to hear you were hurt in this accident! I am holding a sweet good thought for you and for a speedy recovery!


OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself, take time to heal.

Kathie B

Dear Corey,

I'm so-o-o sorry and sad to hear of your injury, pain, multiple inconveniences, pain, changes of plans, pain, etc. -- oh, and did I mention the pain? The only suggestion I can offer is to go into executive mode and instead of doing-it-yourself, DELEGATE tasks like a manager:

1. Opening online shop, taking photos of the upcoming wedding, completing wall papering.
Get family members to handle these tasks for a while, under your keen supervision, bien sûr ;-)

2. Help Sacha unpack.
Because of your and Yann's fine parenting, Sacha's no doubt more self-reliant than you'd even care to admit -- plus I imagine he can always get a few new buddies in Arles to lend a hand, in return for free beer and pizza (or is it baguette, Camembert and wine?) afterwards ;-)

3. Change of plans.
Oh yeah, sh!t happens, and being able to fashion a Plan B is part of life's challenge. I'm not saying the alternatives will be generally preferable, but I hope they at least won't be too unpalatable. And who knows what adventure (?) you'd not have had otherwise?

4. Change of clothes.
Can you give Chelsea (or whoever) the money to go buy you a few easy-on/off garments to get you through these 8 weeks?

5. Sleep impossible.
Despite my general aversion to prescription pain-killers, this sounds like a justifiable exception, especially since it will likely be feasible for you to wean yourself from them fairly soon.

6. Typing with one hand.
Turn a liability into an asset: Challenge your readers to a one-handed-only typing day, where we'd ALL have to choose our words carefully the first time around, instead of zipping along, then editing/rewriting/correcting errors so much. Perhaps a Haiku day?

Coincidentally (since I don't believe in "fate"), a friend on the East Coast broke her wrist last week, and had to undergo surgery the day before Hurricane Irene struck, so was at home in post-op pain, and having to rely on her husband to handle everything (including when the power went out and their basement flooded).

Abraços de amizade para ti e para toda a família, Kathie B.

Nancy W

So sorry to read about your fall. Just the thought of it is scary! I am thankful it was the wrist and not the head! I'm sure FH is too. Please do put your needs first for a while. Everyone will encourage you to do so, I am sure of it. Prayers sent heavenward for pain relief, and a speedy recovery. Nancy W.

Kathie B

P.S. During your recuperation could you have Yann, Chelsea and Sacha guest-blog occasionally on THEIR adventures? Or at least delegate stenographic duty to them on your behalf?


Thinking of you Corey and hoping you are not in too much pain. Let your loved ones take care of you and don't try to do too much. Sending healing vibes your way.. xo

penny willoughby

Dear Corey, Wishing you a
speedy recovery.
Love, Penny


So sorry to read of your fall. Wishing you speady healing.


Oh, Corey, how awful. Sending you healing thoughts and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

Linda H

Life certainly has a way of making itself difficult from time to time! Sorry to hear about your accident. I wish you a speedy recovery. Rest and take care of yourself as best you can. Look for the lemonade! Wish I could bring you a glass.


So sorry Corey. I have a feeling your not going to take this lying down, not this girl!
Wish I could help out.. fly like a little bird to France. I like the idea of FH helping with the posts.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Amy Kortuem

Oh Corey I'm so sorry to hear it! This past few months have been so topsy-turvy for everyone. I'm hoping you're in less pain.

You did mention in your last blog post that you haven't had the chance to sit still long enough to do what you needed to do. Sometimes I think the Universe forces the situation on us when we refuse to listen to the signs. Happened to me, too, with a bad treadmill fall and then a car crunch last week (you can read the sad, sad story on my blog: http://amykortuem.blogspot.com/2011/08/three-wedding-weekend-parts-1-and-2.html).

All will be well, lovely lady. Just be sure you put yourself at the center of your care right now. I'll be sending healing thoughts from here in Minnesota USA

Franca Bollo

As Beyoncé, the 5-foot metal chicken would say, "Knock, knocker, Mother F**ker". Opportunity is at the door. It's lemonade time. Open your blog up to guest writers. You can check in on occasion just to reassure your acolytes you haven't abandoned them. And that lay-about husband mari can be your hands for the on-line shop.

Brother Mathew

Ah Corey, hope your feeling better soon. Remember...Dad was accident prone. Take it easy for a few days.


You lead the most exciting of lives and it's hard to know what excitement is going to visit you next!! So how, I don't think this will keep you down for long.

Best thoughts for a quick recovery, an extra helping of humor, and a bunch of warm thoughts that you will find a blessing in this adventure as well!


Suppose to say "Some how" rather then "so how."

Stephanie M

Ouch!! I will take some meds in your honor or maybe a good margarita tonight. Speedy recovery and get used to the couch for a little while.


So sorry to hear of your accident. I broke my wrist last year playing with my grandson on his rope swing and still remember that "sound of wrist breaking". Take the pain medication and don't tough it out. Things do heal better when there is less pain and inflammation. My drug du jour for that wrist was Norco which is fairly new here in the US and it really worked well.
As others have said, take this opportunity to call upon your whole support system and acknowledge that we are not unbreakable. I don't think you are accident prone so much as invincible. I wish you a very quick recovery.


Oh, Corey,I am so sorry! I thought I was the only one who falls off of ladders! Hope your wrist heals quickly! Sending healing thoughts your way.

patty g

So much good advice has been given by others! Heartfelt wishes for a restful and full recovery!


Some more well wishes here to you.
Lemonade sounds like a good idea... just imagine if it was a leg, hip... you wouldn't be even able to enjoy walking thru the brocante... alas, now you can have the chance at all the friendly helpers out there to carry all sorts of neat treasures for you!
And it might just give you a little edge to "elbow" oops, pardon, I'm so sorry, I really did not mean to push you with my cast out of the way to get at (insert brocante treasure here)... :o)
I bet your husband is just dying to wait hand and foot on you... specially with the issue of clothing... one recovers as they say best at home with the love of family surrounding them :o)


Gosh Corey, sorry to hear of your accident - always thought wallpapering was dangerous! Well, you will need to relax a bit, and I am sure everyone will rally around to help you - all sorts of things are difficult to do one-handed. Most things can wait.
Take care.


Oh No Corey! This is NOT good! ....but I won't be at all surprised what you 'do' with this inconvenience - your passages are always sincere and full of thought provoking wisdom. Hope the pain eases quickly!


I'm looking at how many of the comments begin with the word "oh" or the word "so" . . . but it is oh so sad that you have fallen. I hope you are not in too much pain, and I pray you will be able to handle all the upheaval it will cause with much grace. What a wonderful opportunity for people to repay all the kindness I'm sure you have shown in your life.

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