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20 September 2011


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Rhonda P.

Beautiful post, thank you for sharing your Pinterest. Isn't it a great site?


beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Paula S In New Mexico

OMG, Corey, the hats for pets are just wonderful !!!!! I will be going back to that page again and again, what a delight! You really made my day.

Now, I'll go back and read the rest of your post.


Today's post is one of the many reasons I read your blog each day. You remind us to cherish our days.

I drove by Willows this weekend...thinking of you and snapped a picture of the exit sign! Put it on Facebook for my cousin Diane to see! Lol.


Lovely ideas here. I am off to make a hat for my cat now.


Bonjour and good morning, my poetess... (poetress?)
Thank you for your thoughts; they agree 100% with my daily findings....
I always thought that the multiple sens of wreath in the English language is very interesting... In every other language you have different words for the varied senses / meanings of this expression and I always feel a slight hesitation when using 'wreath' in any context.
I didn't know much about Pinterest either, had links from time to time; another 'subject' I have no time to dive into as I'd like....
Have a happy day, love


Corey where do you find the time? I delete many emails each day so I can spend more time with you.

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