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04 November 2011


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If I may say so, what a sexy photo!!! I love your oatmeal colored top and your hair is great!


You look lovely!


Funny. I was just looking for a picture of myself to put on my Nanowrimo profile and I realized that all I have are self portraits. No one is taking pictures of me either. Of course, I don't like most pictures of me. That leads me to a quote about peace and self acceptance that I received in an email today. I'm supposed to pass it on to eight women.
"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."


Hi Corey, you look fabulous ! love your sweater, very elegant !! xx

Amy Kortuem

Beautiful lady.


You look lovely, it is good to see a picture of you. The sweater is awesome. I also see you changed the "about me" photo and you are wearing glasses. All very good.

Kathie B

Corey, didn't you mention that you were having a hair-growing-out contest with your nieces in Willows? Looks as though you could win, at the rate yours is growing! I'm delighted for you, but a bit wistful that mine grows so much more slowly any more.

Chris Wittmann

You're too pretty to hide yourself Corey! Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves, always wanting perfection. As I work on my new website I try to find recent photos of myself that don't show the pounds I've packed on but it's useless...even photoshop doesn't help much! Long hair looks good on you, and I'll bet elegantly swept up on your head would be very sexy too.

Sharon Penney-Morrison

The beauty of maturity. Stunning.


C, love the new about pic - you look 30! - I have been going through all our kids/family photos, & because I am to picture taker here there are few of me. I'm going to turn the camera around & change that - adjusting the focus too!!


You look maaahvelous! Your hair is same length as mine-though mine is not a beautiful blonde shade like yours.


You look beautiful in all your photos, I love the new "about me" photo best.



And in each one you look beautiful, Corey. I love your style.



Great photo. Like I said in my email you look so youthful. I agree, your top is fabulous. Is this one of your creations from China?

Nancy W

You are Way too hard on yourself. You have Style (with a capital S). Really like your new photos.


Nice photos, I had noticed you put a new photo recently on the sidebar and enjoyed seeing you. Love the top too.


how can you take photos without your glasses on?! i am quite useless for taking my own photos.... and i too have hardly any of myself because - see above! seems to be the same story for all photographers, they have mio of pixies except of themselves. all the better; that way we can hope that everybody imagines us SO good looking, lol.... except, you DO look very well!!!
lovely golden girl
kisses, k


I love your self portait! And BTW -- also love the new photo in your sidebar. I think you look amazing!


Nice to see you, lovely lady!


What a glamorous photo!


Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Paulita! Happy writing!


BEAUTIFUL!! Like others, I have very few pics of me as I'm the family photographer ( not an expert at all ) and the ones I do have are not very flattering !

I 'm going to try your self- portrait technique- I try the full frontal (!) approach and yours is much better!!

You look lovely!


Thanks fornis lovely quote! I'm going tom print it up and frame it.


Really, meant " for this". dang you, autocorrect!


I think you look great. Hopefully, we will see more photo's of you as you go about your day.


You look so pretty, Corey!

Tamara Komuniecki

More, more, more! I say that because in any photo in which I can catch a glimpse of you, I so enjoy seeing your French fille style!! You're one fine French filly!


I can only imagine the damage I could do to my bank account with access to the clothes in France, so I really have to ask for more fashion, clothing, hairstyle and self portrait posts!

Shelley Noble

What a sensuous woman! I can see why FH in madly in love with you all your lives. You and I look as though we could come from the same tribe of people. Although after knowing your beauty inside, I think you are far more fair.

Susan from Vancouver B.C

Lovely lady inside and out....and what a wonderful,warm style you have....how I would love to dress as well as you do!


Lovely self-portrait. The drapes of your sweater make you look like a Greek godess. A godess of brocante, of course :-).


You looking good, kiddo! You need to do this on a regularly basis, each and every Friday, indeed! :-)


Lovely Corey - beautifully expressive photos. You're holding the camera with your left wrist. I hope it's coming along well.

French la Vie

Hi Patty

Thank you!
i am holding the camera with my right hand, the photo is reverse because of the reflection in the mirror.


French la Vie

Hi Susan

Thank you. If you come to France i will introduce you to my mentor, and favorite shops!


French la Vie

Hi KiKi

Focus first.
Remove glasses second.


French la Vie

Hi Cousin Nicol!
You should talk!! You are divine!
I made some things in China, and thought about offering them on my online shop.... still thinking about it.
You would love the sweater, it folds in many ways.


French la Vie

Hi P

"Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love."



Karen C

Corey, how wonderful to see images of you. It's like seeing the face of a long lost friend!
To those of us who say we don't like having our photos taken, think about this -
When people take our photo, they are not doing it for us but for themselves. They think enough about us to want an image regardless of whether it would be acceptable to put on the cover of Vogue.
I no longer cringe or turn away when someone asks to take my photo as I know that one day it maybe seen by my grandchildren or great grandchildren, or perhaps used to evoke a memory from a shared time.
So rather than a blurred or scowly face, wrinkles or flaws I now just 'let it be'.
Then they will be able to see the face of someone who loved them and that someone before them had the same flaws or good looks.


Lucky man that FH of yours!
Beautiful pictures!


Fab! That wench at the broncante that asked if you if you were FH's Mum are obviously blind bats... As we say in NYC, wtf ... Thanks for sharing another view of beauty. Yours.

Violet Cadburry

You are gorgeous! Look at your coloring and how perky your boobs are! Being over 50 doesn't mean we are out to pasture. So nice to put a face to the words.


Hi Corey, you are so beautiful and glamorous with your lovely blonde hair and chic sweater. I hope you will keep up the Friday self photo and that you'll let us she what you are wearing. I love your style and I want to know what French women are wearing. I'm in my mid 50's and I so need to find a style that is simple yet chic for middle-age me.

Paula S In New Mexico

Oh my! So sensual. Lucky man, that FH.

Jane Ann

What a beauty! You show such grace and confidence in these photos. You do inspire me to embrace my middle aged self. Who wouldn't want to go shopping with you? I think we would all join you!

cynthia wolff

you look luscious and sexy. love your long hair corey.


Hello Gorgeous Corey!! I like you without your glasses! It shows off your pretty face more! Try sweeping your hair back also above and let some of your hair hang down in the front ... you have beautiful hair so show it off!! We hope to see more photos of you in the future!!

French la Vie


LOL, Perky boobs! Ever time I think of that I giggle!
A good bra is the answer.



You are a beautiful lady Corey! Are you holding the camera with your injured hand? I hope so..and hope its feeling better with each passing day.


Thank you, Paulita. I needed to read this today.


I can't say it better than all the other commenters here, but want to add my voice. There is strength and beauty in these photos.
And yes, I want to come on that shopping trip too! (your Spanx post made me lol. I too succumbed to spanx some time ago, but only for special occasions - all that squeezing of the tummy rolls is quite exhausting!).


Got it, flaunt it!
From a mysterious family photographer, left behind the lens (for her kids to wonder where she was!)

Emily Franz

You look stunning and sophisticated. It's awesome to see you. I love your drapey top. It looks beautiful on you.I agree with everyone else...let's see more self portraits of the lady behind the blog.


here, here!! The only beauty tips we need to know:

"For beautiful eyes - look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."
Audrey Hepburn


Dearest Corey!
You look as lovely as I remember you!!!
Those 10 out of 7000 photos are the truest!
Love and kisses

Natalie Thiele

You look gorgeous! I can't tell if your hair is blonde or silver, but it is very, very becoming.

dancing kitchen

Gorgeous...simply that.


Hey that is such a good idea ! Please do post more pictures of you, you look absolutely great here, your hair has grown quite a lot and I looove your sweater (please do share your secret shopping adresses ! Maybe we can go together some day now that I have some free time!Just let me know !).

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