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22 November 2011


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Hello ! I love your pictures of the kids. And the autumn leaves in the water. And the flowered tiny house in the garden. Everything gives a feeling of warmth of the heart. Enjoy your time in Willows ! And no, I am not preparing for Thanksgiving (rather for my Miss France Election party !) , but in movies, whenever scenes take place at this time of the year, I always feel it must be very nice to be part of such a moment, such a meal, such a gathering !! Have a great time !

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Plans are underway. This is our first year with another hole in our table.

You are so blessed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

: )

Julie M.


That picture of the leaf floating on the water is beautiful. I also love the boys running, the way they kick their feet back. I just learned that's the proper way to run, landing on the balls of your feet. Kids get it right.


How beautiful is the land of your Mom!




Love the land of mom, love your writing...


I'm on my way to the supermarkets now.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

My favorite pic of the portfolio of pics is the two cousins {girls} sitting on the bench, enjoying one another, teasing, laughing. Life is good ;-)

Amy Kortuem

Those images and thoughts are beautiful, Corey. Autumn is wonderful, isn't it?

I'm not preparing for Thanksgiving so much as I'm going wild preparing for my holiday concert the Saturday after Thanksgiving. So many details - I need a manager (but have been told I'm unmanageable...)

Laurie in SF

My most treasured childhood moments, came the Amaro house. I was one lucky, little, girl.

Preparing to leave for New Mexico, it's going to be a green chile Thanksgiving.

Chris Wittmann

Lovely lovely photos Corey..so heartwarming. We are finally having the sharp cold here, the ground is only just starting to get crunchy hard, it's been so unusually mild until now. This year, for the first time in many, my husband and I are going out for Thanksgiving dinner. There is a wonderful restaurant at Canterbury Shaker Village, not far from us, and we will be enjoying a fabulous meal there. Oh yes, I bought a farm raised turkey, it's in the freezer, and we will enjoy it another day and share it with friends and of course, our spoiled cats. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, make lots of wonderful memories together.


A one word definition of your Mom's home? LOVE!

Brenda L. from TN.

The leaves in the pond is stunning! Your pictures of the country bring back many memories of my Grandmother and me going to south Georgia every summer to see her sister and old friends. Gathering eggs and feeding the chickens MY job...plus taking a bath in the horse trough I was 5-6 yrs old, after that I was INSIDE)! Lots of great times!

I did my shopping yesterday...Hope everyone on here has a truly lovely Thanksgiving...especially you, Corey. You've given us so many stories and great pictures. THANK YOU! Have a safe trip home!


Thank you for sharing your family's love with all of us!

Paula S In New Mexico

Yeah, I thought I'd be so smart and do some baking ahead....made my favorite harvest loaf bread (pumpkin, nuts, chocolate chips, spices) and dang if I didn't forget the sugar........note to self....get head out of butt!!!

My family is off to Denver for the holiday so it is just Greg and I this year. We are going to head to Santa Fe for a few days of "down low".


What a beautiful post... so full of warmth. I can tell you're happy to be with your mom again. Yes, I've started my preparations for my American Thanksgiving here in England. I've invited four British friends and I intend to absolutely THROW DOWN in the kitchen. I will be skyping with my family just before we sit down to eat.


yes! Happy thanksgiving to everyone. rack up some memories. Bestest,Denise

Linda H

How perfect to be with your family for Thanksgiving. Enjoy every moment!

cynthia wolff

I love your tales of your beautiful family. It’s great knowing that such tender
hearted and kind people exsist. cheers to you all.


This time of year is so precious! I am so happy you are having these moments shared with family. What a treasure! Yes, I am preparing - picking up that bird today at the market, making gifts for the holiday to come, picking the last blooms from the garden, and enjoying those leaves raining down from the trees. The lawn outside my window is golden with leaves and yet I have twinkling light surrounding the trellis at the back of my yard lighting the way for those dark days to come.


Possibly Sacha's duck has not seen just the right Drake mallard yet? One day she may be gone but apparently she is enjoying being a chicken for a while.
Sounds like you are having a lovely time.
Happy Thanksgiving!


So glad you are with your mother at Thanksgiving - lots to be thankful for. This is the first year that we will not cook a big meal - we are having it catered. DH and I normally LOVE to cook but not this year. I'm listenting to my heart and it says - try this. I'll still make a few things like my "to die for" cheesecake and my yam souffle. Oh, can't forget the special dressing made from croissants (new recipe). {{Hugs}}

Just Plain Jane

Just as Garrison Keillor makes us all feel that we've lived in a small town a la Lake Woebegon, your blog makes us feel that we're bi-residential, enjoying the best of France and the chance to return to our roots occasionally. So, so enjoyable. You and your writings and photos are something I'm thankful for.

Tamara Komuniecki

Being in Canada, our Thanksgiving has come and gone. We hosted a dinner at our house, and I'd love to again this weekend. However, we are hosting Christmas, so I shall spend this weekend preparing for that. I've not yet gone all out in terms of decorations for such a holiday, but with Finn now two and showing more interest and understanding, I want to really do it up. Luckily I am almost done our Winter issue and can dust off old Betsy, my sewing machine!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Corey!


So glad you're home with family and enjoying their company. Love those boots and stockings and gorgeus pictures. Thank you for sharing your visit home.
The turkey is in the fridge and plans to cook it being made.

Kathie B

Presumably Sacha's duck is just thankful not to be the turkey this year ;-)

Kathie B

P.S. Our holiday meals are meatless, but no less festive. Always homemade pies -- pecan and apple are our favorites :-)


I will have to send this to my daughter...she is loves her ducks and she will be thrilled to see Sasha's happy duck.

We are hosting a small gathering here and enjoying favorite foods: stuffing with cornbread and apples and sausage, roasted root vegies, my husband's famous punk-man pie. My mother died in January, so this will be our first holiday season without her. It is not easy, but I am counting on her heavenly presence over my shoulder as I make gravy without her.

Lovely post, Corey. Happy Thanksgiving.



So beautiful!


Happy Thanksgiving! Loved the duck who thinks he/she?'s a chicken.

Sue J.

autumn floating is a stunner, Corey. loved this post and all that it engenders.

ellen cassilly

Lovely post. So glad that you can spend this time with your family. The girls are getting soooo tall. happy Thanksgiving. E


You take the most wonderfully creative photo's Corey...You have an artists eye. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Brenda, Walker, LA, USA

You are blessed to soak in all that you see this Thanksgiving. More and More I appreciate those moments when I can do the same. This year I am staying home with a small dinner planned for just a few, but it is precious just the same. Old school turkey, drenched and injected in seasonings, wrapped in foil, baked in oven, can't get it any better. Cornbread dressing like my Mom's. Hand ground cranberry and orange relish, Potato salad, greenbeans, Sweet potato pie and mustard greens! My son threatened to go elsewhere if I did not have the traditional dinner, Smiles...Happy TG! God Bless.

Jenny N

"Good in the land of plenty"...I like that.

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