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24 November 2011


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It is the US holiday I miss most of all.
Happy Thanksgiving, Corey, to you and your family.


My dear Corey,
What an exquisite post! Thank you so much. You are truly fortunate; all of my family has gone before me and I'm not "that" old. Reading today's post made me feel part of a "bigger" family via bloggers! I am grateful that your wrist/hand is healing and your family is so loving. May Yann and the kids give you a really big hug. And Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thank you for sharing this with us, Corey !
Hope you and your mum were given and thanked a lot on this special day !
Have a very good day !!!


I too miss Thanksgiving living in the UK..more so than Christmas or Easter. As it is always about family..and I realise how much I miss them.though my English husband does try :).
Thank you for such a sweet and lovely note Corey.
I am so glad I have your blog and FB to read..


Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Karen from Wisconsin

Perfect! Happy Thanksgiving to you Corey and your family.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy this special holiday.

becky up a  hill

Happy Thanksgiving Corey..lovely tribute to your family. God Bless


You are indeed very fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Thank you for sharing your thoughts once again...they touch our hearts and express much of what many also feel and believe. Have a wonderful day!


Happy Thanksgiving Corey- wish we could have seen each other while you were here! Give my love to your Mom and family.


I don't think being thankful for one's family is a cliche. Many people don't have families or don't get along with their families. I think that the family is the corner stone, if you have a loving and accepting one, it gives you strength for anything that might come your way in life. A good family teaches you how to relate to other people throughout your life which in turn can make or break your relationships of all kinds (friendships, marriages, working relationships). Therefore, I think, it's important to acknowledge a gift of good family and express gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving! I am glad for you that you get to spend it in Willows. Enjoy the company, the atmosphere and all the glorious food.


And to you. Am here in Willows in my old bedroom listening to the rain outside and enjoying the calm before the day begins.

A great day to remind us of all we have.


Such a beautiful post. Am here with my children and we are about to get on the road to see my parents, and my sister and brother in law. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and to everyone who stops in at Tongue In Cheek.



missy from the bayou


Happy Thanksgiving, Corey :) Enjoy the day with your family and all the good food!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


How lovely! Each year we share what we are thankful for as we sit around the table. I often say I am thankful for those sitting around my table and it always feels so cliche, but your post makes it sound just perfect to be thankful for our families and our friends.


Beauty again...in your words as well as photos.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I am happy you are with your mom and brothers...at the home of your childhood ... enjoying the holiday with loved ones.


Have a wonderful day, Corey!


Thank you so much for your words and for touching my life and so many others! I so love reading your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue From Seattle

simply lovely...thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Amy the harpist

Yes, very thankful for family. For friends. For friends afar. And for friends of the blogging kind, too!

(Your first photo kinda describes how I feel right now after all those potatoes and stuffing and pie...heartburn!)


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you God for Corey as she makes this world a better place xox


Happy Thanksgiving Corey, have a wonderfully special time surrounded by your special family and friends.

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