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03 November 2011


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Corey; I wouldn't bet on it but it just might be that just when we left England to return to Switzerland, we visited friends in the South of France and passed Vox Populi with a most glorious and unforgettable hand made 'lustre' on display. We nearly wrecked the shop window because I just wanted this chandelier SO MUCH. Helas, we didn't have the space it needed, we had (and still have) other hanging (and standing, and wall fixed and lying about)lights and it was too expensive for us - but boy, what a tremendous joy to 're-find' this shop.... I would love to visit again but it seems that since we live now in France we don't get to holiday in France any longer... we tend to go visiting our families in Switzerland or we go singing somewhere interesting!
Thank you - I also devoured the two French interviews on the site of VP.... what a delightful couple!
Gros bisous


My heart would definitely go pitter-patter to stand in the midst of this studio. Amazing, beautiful, and so much talent. I could dream here.

Sharon Penney-Morrison

A sure visit the next time I am in France. So many things to see and so little time. She is amazing and beautiful. I was lost in your pictures of her talent.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest.

This is the most glorious place; your photos are wonderful and tantalizing to me, making me want to see and experience the entire space you actually get to stand in the middle of! (I'm being driven to ecstatic excess of prepositions here.) Haven't been to Avignon yet, but I think it's going on the list for next trip there, especially to get to see Vox Populi.

Pascale is indeed beautiful, and I love all her hair tumbling down her shoulder. You draw the most unique, lovely people to yourself. Or you are drawn to them. thanks for sharing them with us.

Chris Wittmann

What a lovely talented lady and you are so fortunate to be able to visit her wonderful shop!


What lovely work, she reminds me of someone I met once named Claudia, she had a knack for restoring things as well. It is a gift.


amazing! the world is filled with such creative people. so much so that we do not realize until we are exposed to them. thank you corey for exposing us..Bestest,Denise


Magnifique (in all caps, with 15 exclamation points)

Ed in Willows

Maybe you should take all those broken crystals from your candelabra to Pascale's and have her make something beautiful out of them with her iron work.....or maybe she could put it back together for you.


Oh Corey, I feel like the angels smiled on me with this post! What a studio, a real French studio. Thank you ever so much for a glimpse inside what must be pure heaven.

You are so right and I have chills saying this but these antiques do speak to us.

You make me want to pull out my finds from France and create with them....I just love them so much! Especially, the finds from your shop.


It's moments like this when I think I was born in the wrong country or switched at birth, lol! What incredible photos, what fabulous inspiration! Thank you so much!!!!


on my list
beautiful friend
creativity is such a gift


The spirit of Touissaint is timely with your visit with this magician. Her emphemeral renewal creates with beautiful flair!

Julie in Provence

Corey thanks for sharing this lovely place with us. I can't wait to visit!

Shelley Noble

What wonderful things!


oh mais pourquoi, je ne gagne jamais au loto !!! grrrrr !!


Amy Kortuem

What a magical place! Thanks for the tour and the inspiration.


I might have to remind myself to breath if I went to this studio.


C, as an artist, love this - want to be there, the desire to get creating again is burning inside. When will my path lead me to France? that's the question


you do know, my dear, that 'worshiping the porcelain goddess' is a euphemism for 'throwing up in the bathroom. one of the good reasons for keeping church and state apart! m


She sometimes worked in jade, a resilient and unique stone.

Rebecca from the pacific nw

You wrote about her many "chandeliers, sconces, birdhouses, typewriters, cages, etc from twisting, curling, looping thin iron into lace and lattice." Could you sometime show us more of these, please?

French la Vie

Hi R

I will.
Pascale will be in a major publication, and wasn't allowed to let others take overall photos just yet.
Her site shows her work, I linked to it.

Thank you for asking,


French la Vie


I know.

Tongue in Cheek is my name.



This studio is amazing! Thank you for sharing with us. I do understand what you are saying about creative energy ... Hoping to find that creative outlet in my own life. Thanks again for the inspiration!


Comme une plume emporté par le vent, tu t'es posé délicatement dans mon univers,
heureuse de t'avoir vue ainsi que tes deux amies...
les coussins sont arrivés!!!!!!!!!!!

merci pour ton écriture, malgrés qu'elle soit en anglais, beaucoup de délicatesse...
teleph moi ...
A bientôt.

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