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21 December 2011


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What a wonderful neighbor you are!

Faith McLellan

Annie is lucky to have you--and vice versa!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Cute story....Annie is fortunate to have you as a friend; I'm sure her family appreciates your relationship with her as well ;-)



Good thing you did not stumble over the bucket. ;-)


This is so funny :))) I imagined you in your pj with a bucket running to Annie's place, ha-ha. Laugh is good medicine too, hope Annie is feeling better.


I was afraid Annie was going to get sick in the bucket! Hope she feels better soon. So glad that you have each other in your lives. When did you finally get our of your PJ's? hha hha


I can just imagine that everyone who knows Annie is devoted to her...even those of us who only know her through your stories...


I thought she didn't feel well because there was a leak in the roof (the need for the bucket) that was worrying her.
You are a sweet neighbor and undoubtedly Annie's family is very grateful for your friendship and being so near if she needs help.

Kathie B

My initial reaction re the bucket, too, Tracy.

[I've often heard the expressions "to POP over" to see someone/something very nearby.]

Julie Ann

Thats funny Coco and makes me feel slightly better at some of my disastrous mistakes at my French class. Given you have a French husband and have lived in France forever this just underlines that if it not your mother tongue you will never get all the colloquialisms of a second language. Chelsea looked gorge yesterday and as I sit in bed feeling very sorry for myself with flu these have really cheered me up. Thoughts of your family at Willows at this very difficult time, luv Jx


So funny Corey, and relieved to hear Annie is OK. I hope she is feeling better. Reminds me of your story about trying to tell a waiter something regarding vegetables or being vegetarian and it took on a while different meaning. Would you mind sharing the specifics again? It made me laugh so hard the first time I read it. Thanks! :)


Meant to say "whole" different meaning, oops.


How wonderful to have Annie to teach you lessons and laugh with.


I would have grabbed a bucket too! Annie is very lucky to have you living nearby!
Merry Christmas!

Amy Kortuem

That is SO funny! Your relationship with Annie reminds me of my relationship with my 92-year-old neighbor Ethel. The other day I asked Ethel if she needed help going to the pharmacy to get her presciptions. She said, "No, it'll be good for me to get out of the house and get some of the stink blowed off me."

I died laughing.


I wish I were there somewhere up in a tree or behind a bin truck to see you !!!
A very good story to tell and tell again over the years...

I think you have a hint at "homophones" !!!
"sel" and "selles" was a pretty good one too !!! I will never forget !!!
MORE, please !!!


Trying to explain the expression "kick the bucket" could bring some giggles with a raised eyebrow

Linda P.

So funny!

Kathie B

Don't forget "Bucket List"!


I assumed the same. My mind thinks as yours. You didn't think twice, just ran. You are a wonderful friend. Also, please tell Chelsea Happy Birthday!

Lorretta from NH

You two are simply a riot!!!!


A bucket of laughter is the best medicine :-).

Nancy W

Hope Annie feels much better very quickly.


I love your stories! You remind me a little bit of one of my dear friends! Something funny is always happening to her!

Joan Thodas

Sure Annie is feeling better...laughter is the best medicine.


Annie sure must feel better knowing that she can call you any time and you come jumping with a bucket ! How funny ! I quite like that story, Corey

Tamara {Delish Mag}

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious!! My husband always reminds me, when we use our blue bucket, of the one time I threw up during my pregnancy with Finn. Hubby will tell you it was morning sickness but I KNOW it was a sausage and sauerkraut feast the night before. He brought me the blue bucket as it was close by, and I can never look at it now without feeling queasy!

Annie is lucky to have you and you her.


Natalie Thiele

So relieved to hear that Annie is in good health and great spirits!
Buckets are not usually associated with good times. Thankfully, no one is kicking them or using them in an emergency.

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