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24 December 2011


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Even as far away from my friends and my wonderful family, I still sit here with a dawning sense of Christmas. The castle we sleep in are beautifully decorated, the food is fantastic, the staff is warm and friendly. Some gifts are included, as well as seasonal goodies. Yep, I'm really ready for Christmas!

I wish you an absolutely wonderful Christmas celebration Corey. Laugh, eat well, receive lot of hugs, enjoy the beautiful moments. And have fun !

Warm Christmas greetings from your Norwegian reader, friendly hug from Aina

What a lovely post. So inspiring. My Christmas is extremely quiet and simple this year, with no decorations at all. I just enjoy the fact that I can stretch it out for the next week. No stuffing my face...simply a treat or nosh a day and somewhere in there is my Christmas dinner which involves smoked ham shanks with lots of veggies!

Hope you, your whole family (including Annie) and other friends, have a happy and peaceful holiday!

A longtime blog reader :)

Merry Christmas Corey from Massachusetts!

Yes,I ready to celebrate christmas.I also decorate my home and make some sweet for celebrate this beautiful festival.I so exited to celebrate it.

Merry Christmas my lovely friend.
God's most richest blessings to you and yours during this holy holiday season and in 2012.

Be well.
Love you

Thank you so much for your blog, Corey. And no I'm not ready. I could be if I didn't have to lead Christmas Eve Services & a Christmas Day service. But there is so much to be grateful for, especially Jesus!

I am ready for Christmas! I like seeing your Christmas decor! And I have read before about the tradition of putting out shoes instead of stockings. I like the idea!

As ready as I am going to be. I hope you and your family have a most wonderful Christmas. I wish you enough. Enough love, enough laughter, enough happiness. Joyeux Noel Corey.and family

Merry Christmas

Hi Corey, no, not ready, but not in bad shape. I still have the wrapping to do, and some cleaning. Also, we are going to friends for dinner on Christmas and she had decided to cook Italian. I am to bring an appitizer and dessert? I'm puzzled since we don't eat Italian very much (gluten allergies). Any boady have an idea??
I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year!

Merry Christmas Corey!

I am ready.

At least I will be after tonight's Christmas Eve 11:00 service with Holy Communion. I sing in my church choir and we are singing "Away In A Manger".

A Magical Night....

Merry Christmas to ALL from Tennessee!

I am ready, let the festivities begin! Merry, merry Christmas to you and family!

I'm as ready as can be! Merry Christmas to you Corey! ::Jill

Merry Christmas, dear Corey!
Enjoy your new tradition...and post photos when you return!

Have a blessed Christmas wherever you are with family and friends!! We are ready for a peaceful 2012~

Have fun on your cruise! Merry Christmas!

Vegan, wheatless dessert: A fresh fruit tray is always welcome, along with a small cup containing toothpicks for picking up the sliced fruit. Individual green and red grapes (seedless, please!) are highly decorative, scattered over the apple and pear slices, and peeled orange grapefruit sections.

Ovo-lacto wheatless dessert -- not Italian, but certainly a tribute to our rice-farmgirl Corey and her family:

"Portuguese Sweet Rice" (a/k/a "Portuguese Rice Pudding"). Just Google on the keywords Recipe, Portuguese and "Rice Pudding" for a bunch of recipes from which to choose:

I don't much care for American-style rice pudding, but the ones I've had in the Azores is super-delish. Make sure to include grated fresh lemon zest, and to dust the top lightly afterwards with cinnamon! Bonus: it can be presented in a large serving bowl so individuals can help themselves, so less work for the cook!

Oooh Corey, how I look forward to you taking us virtually along on your cruise!

Merry Christmas Corey, Its Christmas day here in Sydney sunny and warm. I am of to my son's home to celebrate with all the family and my first and very precious grandson Anthony. He is the joy of my life, named for my late husband. A wonderful time for all!

It'sChristmas morning here in Perth Australia. gentel music playing, champagne bubbling and the weather heating up.

Happy Christmas dear Corey to you and yours.

A peaceful new year too.

God bless you all, now at Christmas, and always.

It is 12:15 here..so Christmas has come to us..ready or not..and we will enjoy it and not care if everything is perfect..as long as we are together..everything will be..bless you Corey and Yann on your journey together..what a wonderful gift to each other..time together..be safe and tell us all about it when you return..Christmas Hugs!!!

Merry Christmas

Santa has been here. I have to go to work but my children will be home this afternoon so when I get home in the evening we will celebrate then. I have made a rappie pie which is my daughters favorite...I usually make it Chritmas Eve then have turkey Christmas day but since I'm working we decided to go with the rappie pie. This is an old Acadian recipe that the Acadians love.
Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day :)

Great pictures! ready or not, Christmas came! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from HeARTworks

Thank you for including me in this post, Corey! A wonderful reader of this post ordered THREE CDs from me!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'll get back to commenting regularly once the holidays wind down for me - I'm playing at a lodge in the north woods of Minnesota on New Year's Eve!

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