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27 April 2012


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Merisi in V

Gorgeous images, Corey!

Language confusion - brain delay due to jet lag or too many languages in one's head.
Suddenly talking to people in a tongue different from the one they speak or understand or mixing languages all in once sentence. Not even getting it when people look at you, confused. Trying to remedy or correct oneself, only to make it worse, language-wise. Welcome to GK, Global Kauderwelsch!

French la Vie

Hi Merisi,

Oh so right! To make matters worse later in the day I said, "Prego."
for what I don't even know... it just blurted out. Crazy. Maybe we need to go back to Venice?



Glad you liked it, I thought laughing would help your jet lagged, insomniac state of mind. :) I loved all the beautiful photos of Mexico. Welcome back!!


Dziękuję (pronaunced close to gen-coo-ye) :-)


Oh yes quite funny indeed ! Mr Bean is very touching, he is so proud of speaking "French" so beautifully hee hee !You know, I find that language mix up very pleasant, it lets you float in another dimension, a little bit in both places, it's like when you step out of a boat , it takes time before you stop feeling the movement of the sea in your body and reajust to being back on the ground . Welcome back and soon you'll say thank you in provençal , who knows !

Kathie B

Obrigada! Danke schön!

When I began learning Portuguese, I'd tend to slip into my rudimentary French, because I knew it better. After a year or so I'd forgotten a fair amount of French, so when I'd try to speak it I'd slip into Portuguese -- LOL! Guess I'm just perpetually confused ;-)

Brother Mathew

Loved all those brocanteless blogs! THANK YOU!


Oh those fish tacos...love them. Was great to read about your travels in Mexico...lots to see and experience. Did you bring back a green pinapple or some other antiquity?

The language of love...is the same in any country...and a big smile with a big helpless look gets one around. There are other gestures like the universal shrug of the shoulders...everyone knows that means "no comprendo." Enjoy your day!

John Powell

Corey you bring a lot of beauty into the world wherever you go. Start looking for an good location for my Ki Xocolatil/Coqui Coqui/El Cangrejito taco stand in Provence. You know exactly what I like! And start looking for someone with an ounce of left brain skills to keep the books and run the place because it's not going to be one of us ... and we'll need 3 or 4 visa's for the guys who are coming from Mexico to build the palapa!

Amy Kortuem

Funny! One time I called my Mom at home and she answered the phone like this:
"Partners in Care, this is Karen..."
"I mean, this is Karen..."
"I mean, hello!"

Funny. Merci for the laugh.


Welcome home and enjoy spending time with your lovely boy.
I'm so happy you were able to visit my blog and that the commenting finally worked! Maybe Cape Town could be your next destination - did you know it's on the same time zone as France, so no jet lag and no language confusion!

DeeDee Clark

Love, love, love fish tacos! I had fun "touring" Mexico with you.

French la Vie

Hi Karen
lol! That is a big plus!


French la Vie

Hi John!!!

Thank you for the compliment!
And you know I love a dare!
Yann can keep the books, and we can find someone to run the place, finding visas could be tricky... and you forgot to mention someone to make the tortillas!

WHen are you coming?


French la Vie

Hi Mat!

OMG would you love Mexico Mat!!!! The buildings, the style the color! I thought of you alot. I wanted your take on the architecture, the thatch roofs... you would have had much to talk about with John!
I knew you must have been in brocanteless heaven!
love youxxx
Your Sister!


Arigato Gozaimasu!

My daughter and I were laughing at ourselves for bowing at cars that let us cross in front of them in the parking lots on our last visit to the US. The body language gets confused, too!


No..thank you, merci, gracia, Corey...you sift beauty on our beingness and merge magic into our souls...as you traverse the Cosmos and share it with us...huge hugs of gratitude... Judy


Lovely, as always, Corey!


Funny the mad swirl of languages floating round the brain like a penumbra.
This has happened too many times to me but it seems to be an ice-breaker.
Maybe one should do it purposely?
If only a US policemen would come up to me, I'd love to respond in French.
But so far no luck...


I often read that learning a new language is a good tool in the fight against Alzheimers. Corey, my dear, I believe you've got it made. FRANCO

Merisi in V

Back to Venice? Emphatically YES!!!! In fact, I am outright homesick for La Serenissima. Question is, how and when. I have a birthday wish open. So, how about you? ;-)

Regarding languages, people often ask what is my mother tongue. As if I knew! I always say I have none, I speak in tongues.

French la Vie


Well then I having taken a big dose!


French la Vie

Hi S

lol! Okay now that is taking "talking" to another level. I remember when we came back from Thailand, I bowed folding my hands in a prayer form... I miss doing it in fact.



Welcome Home! My kids and I LOVE Mr. Bean!


Welcome home Corey. When I traveled I always attempted to learn how to greet people, express gratitude and ask basic questions in the native language. Upon returning from my journeys, I found myself continuing to express thanks in whatever language I had used last. Since France was my last sojourn, I still (10 years later) say Merci automatically. People find this tres amusant!

Mary Marsell

Oh oui, sí, I mean YES! Fish Tacos and Tortilla Soup!
Besos de Astorga.

Mary Marsell

Oh oui, sí, I mean YES!!! Love Fish Tacos and Tortilla Soup!!
Love from Astorga, Spain


a situation i know so well.... :)
writing in English all day long and then answering the phone i forget completely whether i should speak in french, swiss german, english, german or what.... and my little shouts of 'whatever' come usually in the 'wrong' language, like: oh my goodness when somebody tells me in french what has happened to them or c'est pas vrai when talking to a family member in switzerland. fun too!!!
obrigado, danke, märssi vielmals, grazie di tutto cuore... some of my favourites

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