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29 May 2012


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I like the Eiffel Tower, its a beautiful collection of ephemra.

I like the first one and the last one.

I prefer the first one. It's so vintage. You can feel France and at the same time the antiques you like so much.


I like the first and last also. Maybe one half of the year try one, and then switch it up. All are very well done.

i like the one with the blue chair!! i like how its subtle and makes me daydream about where it came from. i think your pictures and stories are more like that anyways. can't wait to see the new banner either way!

I love the one of you Corey - the glimpse of your blonde hair just makes me smile.....

I like the last one of you, although my favorite of all time is the one with the strawberry and the statue!

Corey, I vote for the one of you... so personal without being glaring. Just a glimpse into the person behind the blog.

I really like the armchair banner, the colours are beautiful and it invites you to come in, stay a while and listen as you weave your magical tales...

Armchair. It has a calming quality, and reminds me of how relaxed I feel when I read your blog that fills my head with dreams.

They are all terrific.

I vote for the one of you behind the camera.

I like them all but I like the one of you behind the camera the most :)

Eiffel and Armchair.....

Arm Chair. They are all beautiful, that one tho, it's captures many things. Restful, beautiful, depth with that sutle dreamy fading.

You and the camera

ok...I really LOVE the one you have now...with the dice! Maybe you can just "give" that one to me! :)
But...seriously...I adore armchair...because it has a hint of blue perhaps...or because that is where I am usually sitting when I curl up and read your posts. It is calming and restful and I love that old chair!

I like 'Catch' fun and the unexpected. The armchair is creepy....looks like a human arm with a flexed wrist and boney hand.

I am with you Charlotte the Strawberry is still my favorite.

I like Armchair...it's simple but beautiful...

Oh my...so hard to choose! Love the "Catch"...also love the "old worn armchair"...love the "boots"...oh my...save them all!

I love the one of you behind the camera. We are all seeing life through your eyes and I, for one, am enjoying every moment of it. Thank you for showing me a small segment of your life every day. T.O Joanne

The third one or the last one! :)

Love them all, but the armchair (can you shorten it in height or it will not let your "story" be seen without scrolling) and you behind the camera.. those are my favs... have a great week..

I agree with kadee. It's nice to see who is behind this beautiful blog. I also have another favorite.

Agree. This is also my favorite. Vintage Paris, 19th century bathing beauty,, black and white photos....so you Corey. It speaks of the person who is behind this blog. A collector, photographer, and story teller.

I would choose "Catch". But I would give the type below some more breathing room & maybe a less weighty script font, or if the one you chose is "bold" unbold it. :)

The armchair is perfect....that being said I also love you behind the camera.

I choose the last one of you. Yes, what we see is through your camera and your heart.

Love the ARMCHAIR banner but also the banner of YOU behind the camera :-) Isn't change fun!!!

Hi Corey...It's between the Arm Chair (classy looking)and the photo taken in Paris. I love the "antique" look of these photos.

The Eiffel Tower was my first choice, but then the one of you is so light and fresh too! Impossible to choose!

The are all worthy but I like the armchair and of course you!!!

Mmm it's gotta be the one of you. It's so YOU.

Armchair or you.

Kathleen in Oregon

They are all great, how about a combo of the chair with your camera shooting photo?

Armchair. If you compare to the others, that is the only one that has a balance of warmth because of the wood in the armchair. It personifies the same warmth that is shown in your words.

Hi Corey!
My favorite is the arm chair!

Armchair or Eiffel Tower, love them both.

A landscape of Provence would be nice, but I guess the armchair is you, Corey.

I like the Eiffel Tower, you, and the armchair. I'm guess I'm not much help, but they all say "this is a lovely, interesting blog, come stay awhile"! And I'm wishing I could take those little dice pieces out of the old banner photo - they'd be a nice addition to my own small collection of tiny vintage dice! ::Jill

I liked the armchair, Corey, until I saw the picture of you and your camera. Nothing says storytelling like Corey with a camera.

I like the armchair banner the best.

The one of you, hands-down. I agree with the person who said the armchair looks like an arm with a creepy hand. Surprised so many people picked it. But your blog is the world seen through your eyes (camera) and you should own it. Use the one of you and the camera -- please:)

definitely the armchair or other comfy brocante finds that say comfort and sitting down for a few minutes with you each day.

I like "Catch" and the one of you!

Though I like them all my favorite is Armchair.

~Armchair~ Bestest,Denise

Armchair says Corey to me...

That's tough, but I would say "armchair".

armchair for sure...subtle,simple,stunning......Xx

I like the picture of you best. It captures what you do here, collecting stories and photographs, all told through your eyes.

The one of you pretty.


You & the Camera is my vote but my real vote is for no change... I hate change.

I like the one with you and the camera. It says it all.

The Eiffel Tower. It goes more with what the banner states "Stories collected" as it looks like an interesting collection of memories.
You cant swing a dead cat without seeing somebody with a camera in front of their face as their blog picture so definitely don't do that one.

I think a photo of you would be wonderful. I like the one you have, but I can picture one with you in a field of lavender too. Maybe slightly looking down and catching the tops of the lavender with you finger tips? Or maybe walking off into the field? Or maybe you and French hubby together? I love the idea of something warm . . . with depth.

Another idea an amazing photo of Annie cooking or reading or with you?


i just discovered your website and i have to say it is pretty inspired.
If your interested in French- American culture and especially art, and great adresses in PARIS- FRANCE , here an awesome website that i think you would love :http://www.frenchcultureguide.com/
enjoy !
And for the banner , Id say the Armchair ! :)

Armchair for sure. Represents everything you are: photographer, lover of the brocante, elegance and sophistication. Lovely!

Eiffel Tower

The armchair is lovely and fits the mood of your blog. Love it!

I like the one from Tuileries Garden.

Eiffel Tower :)

YOU!!! The one of you...I love that picture!

My vote is for either armchair or you. Blessings, Kimberly

This blog is mostly about your thoughts, so I'd vote for the photo of you, every time! Thank you for your blog, I so enjoy it.

The self-portrait, because it tells the most complete, accurate story of the blog.

I loved them all too and loved reading all the comments. I love best the Eiffel Tower (I agreed with the person that it fit with the collecting stories) and the arm chair (it feels very French to me and very inviting).

I prefer the original to all of these, but I understand your wanting to change. I feel very strongly that I don't like any except the Armchair. It's important to say I don't like because my choice is beyond a preference. Your original one is simple and that is why the Armchair is both very much you and very much your style. The others are cluttered.

You behind the camera, definitely

P.S. The camera one is simple, but not unusual.

I have been watching (and enjoying) you grow and change over the years. I think the one of you with the camera, although good, is to narrow a vision to represent who you are and what the blog is about. I would go with the armchair as it shows an elegant side as well as appearing vintage.

I am still at the point where I am trying to decide on a logo for La Dolce Villa. Branding who you are in one breath is not easy. Buona fortuna. Lisa

How fun Corey,
They are all terrific. My favorite is the top one with the photos and the eiffel tower. You with the camera is a good one too. Since your blog is about your life and view of life in France through collected photos, it seems like it should reflect that aspect. Have fun reading and choosing. Laurie

Eiffel Tower.....vintage post cards, small locket...

Catch is my favorite!

Hi, Marcia!
You already wrote what I was thinking.

by far the one with you and your camera...i suppose it is the new one-change is good-

Fascinating sort of Rorschach test, Corey! :-)

I like Eiffel Tower but nothing speaks to the brocante lover like that damn armchair.

The first or the last. Very fresh and modern while capturing your beautiful locale.

I really like the clean lines of the last one of you behind the camera, but I'm going to vote for the Armchair - a fabulous image that also captures the spirit, essence and beauty of both your blog and you.

Love your blog and enjoyed looking at all the new banner possibilities, but like Eiffel Tower the best

It had to be you...I wandered around and finally found..somebody who..

The last banner of course.

i like the one of you!! :)

i will miss your current banner...it sings to me about france and my love of your blog..if i had to pick one, it would be the one of you and your camera.

since i've met you..i think that picture speaks volumes.

the armchair one looks odd. like a human arm covered with a tapestry jacket.. think the color is wrong on the first one..it is kind of muddled..

it has to be the one of you...absolutely.. you are fabulous!

The armchair best reflects the blog I know and love so well. My second choice would be the camera--with a glimpse of you behind it. This blog is so much more than any other banner implies..And the faded, inviting armchair that holds so many stories says that the best in my opinion.

Armchair is my fav...

The armchair would be my choice because it represents the patina of France and the
excitement of the brocante....and the spirit of Corey.

Hi Corey!

I agree with Deb in IN that it has to be the Armchair! Its faded elegance just seems to reflect the essence of you and your blog...your love for all things brocante and their timeless stories which you tell so beautifully through your words and photographs! That being said...I'm sure we will all love whichever you choose because we all love YOU!

Wishing you blessings today and every day!!
Evelyn in MO

Corey - they are ALL beautiful and you are so artistic! I love them all, but have narrowed it down to two - either YOU or the armchair! Now I'm going to see how everyone else has voted! This was fun!... Donna

LOL to Brother Matthew's response!! haha... Donna

The Eiffel Tower. Do not like the armchair AT ALL. I don't think it says anything about France or your life.
That armchair could be anywhere and does tend to look like a claw with upholstery. But I see my taste is not the norm judging by how many like it.

I vote for the one with you behind the camera. The appeal of your blog is you special way of seeing and expressing the things you see and experience. So that photo represents this best.
I am in the process of creating my first real online presence and have so much to learn. I have been following your blog for a few years and like the way you have linked information with an option to shop on your online store. It is a lovely combination that combines the expressions of your heart with your interest with visual impression.

Interesting how people either love or hate the arm chair. It would be my least favorite. It's boring and you are not. It's typical and you are not. I love "Catch" - it's fun and shows your sense of humor. I will miss the current one. The brocante items in it are different and interesting. But my vote is for the one of you with the camera. It's fresh, it's fun, and it's you.

I like Eiffel tower but I think you should replace the bathing beauty in boots with the pic of you in the bathtub (remember that sexy little number?:) Whichever one you pick, I like the idea of your picture in the banner, one of the ones of you peaking out from behind the camera, or one of the ones with you turning in a circle...

My favorite is still one that you used to have of the statue with Yann's profile being fed a strawberry. It made me swoon every time I looked at it.

last one!

My fav's are you and the armchair... they seem like the most polished, professional looking. The others might seem a little cliche, just a thought.

one more thought " you are anything but cliche"

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