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14 May 2012


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Dear Annie,
Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a fabulous day!
I'm raising a glass of wine for health, happiness and many more years ahead!!
Hugs and kisses from Hong Kong,

Bon anniversaire Annie!
C'est aussi l'anniversaire de ma fille Emma aujourd'hui. Ella a 14 ans.

Bonne fête, Annie!
I am so happy we got to know you through Corey's blog. May your day be filled with everything you love and enjoy. Wishing you health, happiness and Joie de vivre for the whole year.

I will be celebrating your birthday in Atlanta Georgia. Happy happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Annie! When I visited Corey last year I hoped to meet you but did not have the chance. I hope my luck will be better next time I'm in town. In the meantime, if you come to the states, you have a nice room with a comfy bed waiting for you!

Please wish Ms. Annie a most lovely birthday. I have been missing her on your blog. Love to hear about her life, then and now.

Dear Annie - wishing you a wonderful and joyous birthday from Boston. May you enjoy this day and many many more in good health and happiness.

Chère Annie, je vous souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire! Vous nous apprendre à bien vivre - merci. Bisous, Karen

Happy Birthday Annie!
I am visiting my girlfriend Evi today to celebrate her birthday and we will think of you and celebrate together! My dear mother in law, Rachel...turned 90 in February and just like you...is vibrant and full of fun...living each day to the fullest. I love to read about your visits with Corey, your views on life and words of wisdom. Wishing you all good things today and in the year to come!
Lots of love and birthday wishes from New York!
Laura :)

Happy Birthday Annie! You are an inspiration to me here in California! Here's to your health and, happiness in the coming year.

Have a wonderful day dearest Annie.
I do hope you are spoiled by those who love you.
I wish I could meet you, as you are a joy and an inspiration to all women.
And with my humble apologies to Corey and her splendid blog...I always smile when Corey has written about you or mentioned your name, as you are more facinating than some of the Brocantes..Sorry Corey!!
Big kiss to you X

Dear Annie,
Happiest of birthday wishes being sent your way today.
May it be filled with laughter, joy and lots of wonderful food. Enjoy!

HAppy Birthday Annie! Thank you for being a great friend to Corey! I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday! I love it when Corey posts stories about your life... and you teach us how to cook something delicious!

Happy Birthday Annie!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! My wish for you is a fabulous year--full of happiness and fun!

Birthday wishes come to "young Annie" from the state of Maine. Enjoy your day and wishing you much health and happiness for many more. Bless you.

You deserve more than a French "'Appy Birtzdey te Yoo". Swedes start birthdays with a cake in bed a special song wishing you live to 100 years old, ending with a loud shouting of Hurra, hurrah!
Happy Birthday to Annie, 93 Years Young! Hurrah!

Happy Birthday Annie! You are an amazing role model and inspiration, I always enjoy hearing your stories and wonderful words of wisdom from you through Corey's blog. Wishing you a very special day today and thinking of you from the other side of the world in New Zealand.

Happy Birthday Annie. May God bless you this coming year with his presence and love and laughter in your heart.

Happy Birthday Annie!
My mother would be 93 too, were she still living....
I miss her so much, but I'm glad you're healthy, happy, lively, full of projects. I'll think of you as ... my mother!
Vive Annie! Lunga vita, Annie
from Rosa, Italy

Happy Birthday Annie! May you continue to enjoy many more healthy and happy years!

With best wishes for a happy, healthy and fun year! Happy Birthday Annie!

Bon Anniversaire Annie, I wish you many more birthdays and hope that each brings blessings galore! xo Marlis

Happy Birthday, Annie! You share your birthday with my dear grandmother who would have been 103 today. She passed away 3.5 years ago. I hope you have a beautiful day! From Oklahoma, USA, Eva

Here is wishing for you Annie, a very happy birthday with a year full of love and surprises!

Happy Birthday Annie from the Pacific Northwest in the United States!
I love it when Cory tells stories about you. Youare a brave and beautiful woman!

Annie, I feel close to you even though I don't know you. My mother would be the same age; she died 5 years ago. I can't help but think of you two grand ladies having lived, loved and laughed for so many wonderful years! Have a wonderful day (you are fortunate to have Corey as a friend)!!

Dear Annie, Happy Birthday! Best wishes for another grand year. I love reading stories about you. You are beautiful inside and out. Hugs from Milwaukee, WI

Happy Birthday Annie! May the year ahead be filled with blessings! Sending greetings from Williamsburg, VA.

Happy, Happy Birthday dear Annie. I love the stories that Corey writes about you on her blog. May you have a wonderful day and an even more wonderful year. Toasting you from Gas City, Indiana. Betty

Happy Birthday dear Annie! You are forever young! xo ::Jill

Happy Birthday Annie. It is a pleasure to get to know you through Corey's writings. I so love intergenerational friendships. There is so much to be learned on both sides. Continued good health! Best, Lisa

God puts someone in our lives when we NEED it..and I'm sure Corey needed YOU when she was young and in a new Country--what a help you must have been ! I'm sure she had many questions for you...and I'm sure there were times you needed her as well. Age has NO boundries when choosing a FRIEND !

Happy Birthdy, Annie. Enjoy your day and your year. It is such a gift to know you though Corey's blog. Happiness and health to you in the coming year.

Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays, Annie and many returns of the day!

Enjoy your special day!

To Annie,
For a wonderful day filled with love and happiness.
Happy Birthday.
Rogue River, Oregon USA

Happy Birthday, Annie!!! You are an inspiration to me with your joie de vivre!!! I enjoy Corey's posts when she writes about what you are up to. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Dear Annie,
For a day filled with love and happiness.
Happy Birthday.
Oregon USA

Happy birthday dear Annie. My favorite Aunty is 96---the 90s are the new 60s. I love reading Corey's stories about you and how you give her wise advise, keep her giggling and are so full of love. May your day be full of attention and special moments with those you love.

Happy Birthday, Annie!
I've enjoyed so much reading Corey's bloggings about your friendship, sometimes with laughter, sometimes with tears in my eyes.
Raising a glass for your good health and happiness,
with hugs and kisses,

Happy Birthday, Annie. I so enjoy reading the "Annie" posts on this blog. Best wishes, from Kim

Happy Birthday to Annie! Hope your day is grand and joyful! You look like my own mother and grandmother!
Thinking of you! Hugs, Peg

Happy Birthday Annie! Wishing you a wonderful day, along with health and much happiness throughout the year. Even though I am all the way in California, I feel your warmth and wisdom every time Corey writes about your adventures together. We are all so lucky that Corey has you in her life.

Dear Annie,

Happy Birthday to you! I am always inspired by Corey's stories of you. Your zest for life, your beautiful commonsense, your vigor and your humor.

May this next year be filled with love and joy.

from Placerville, CA (a few hours south of Corey's California family)

Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady who has given so much in her life! May this year be full of love and new memories to be found and more recipes for Corey to share with us!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear Annie!!! My grandmother's name was also Annie, so that makes you even more special to me! I love reading Corey's stories about you. You are inspiring, brave, beautiful and kind! Corey is very blessed to have you in her life, and her readers are blessed to get to know you through her. May the coming year be healthy, happy and fun! God bless you!
Ellen in North Carolina

Dear Annie, Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day! I wish you health and happiness!

Happy Birthday Annie!!!
May your day be filled with love, joy and happiness. Congratulations on 93 years of life, and Cheers to many more!
With Love,
Kate in California

Dear Annie, God has blessed you with many great and happy years. Hope you enjoy the rest of your life as much as you have the first 93! I know you and Corey have enriched each other's lives. Happy, happy birthday! xxoo Nancy

Oh, Annie, I would love to sit by the fire and listen to your stories about growing up in France----with a glass of wine, of course. Please tell those stories to Corey so that we all may hear them. Have a wonderful birthday----Celebrate!

Happy 93rd Birthday Annie! I hope your
day is filled with lots of love and happiness!

Northern CA

Oh Annie how I feel I've known you all these years.
Happy Happy Happy Birthday. What a treasure you are to so many of us. I hope you can feel this virtual hug that I'm sending across the world to you. You inspire me. I think you have the most beautiful hands.
I think I will bake an Annie Birthday cake today :)

Dear Annie,
Happy Birthday!! You are such an inspiration. The perfect role model for every step of life's journey.
You make me remember that a smile filled with love is
kindest regards,missy from the bayou

Happy 93rd Birthday Annie. Have always enjoyed the blog entries about you. You have been an inspiration to us all.

Love from St. Helena California!

Dear Annie,
I love to read the stories that Corey writes about you on this blog. I feel like I know a little bit about a beautiful, wonderful woman in France, which warms my heart. I hope your birthday is the kind of day you most enjoy. I will be thinking about you from the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States of America.

Like my Italian grandmother, "Noni", you radiate life! Corey's stories of you always remind me of my Noni's stories...your wisdom, talents and optimism are a present to all of us who get to know you just a little from Corey. Happy Birthday dear Annie!

Oh, Annie! It is an HONOR to wish you a very HAPPY 93rd BIRTHDAY!

I feel as if I've known you for many years! I know how much Corey loves you and I feel the same!

You are an old friend and I wish I could be there in person to say "much Happiness and MANY birthday wishes"!

Dear Annie, Sending Birthday Wishes to you with Love...you are my inspiration...May God send His Blessings to you for a wonderful year ahead.
Karen in Wisconsin...USA

Bon anniversaire Annie! Vous m'inspirez! Je jalouse un peu votre amitié avec Corey, voyez-vous, je n'ai plus de maman depuis au delà de six ans...

L'été, mon mari et moi habitons Cotignac. C'est mon plus grand souhait de vous rencontrer cet été.

Je vous souhaite bonne santé et bonne continuation.

L'amie canadienne de Corey

Happy Birthday Annie! You are a fixture here on Tongue and Cheek - I love the posts about you! Wish I could sit and chat with you for an afternoon. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Happy Birthday dear Annie. You lead an inspired life -- merci beaucoup for sharing it with us. Many you have many more celebrations in your life and among them, those celebrating your birth.
JS in SF

Bon Anniversaire, tres cher Annie. Vous m'inspirez beaucoup. Vous etes le meme age de ma mere, Eileen. Je vous visite souvent dans les lettres de Corey qui vous aime beaucoup.

Bon journee, Annie, et mille vouex cet'annee et toujours.

A bientot j'espere. J'espere voyager en France un jour bientot.

Je suis desole pour mon francais terrible mais j'aime beaucoup de practiquer.

Maggie in Oregon

Birthday greetings to you from Chicago, Illinois, USA! Go Annie...go Annie....go Annie...go Annie! (Picture someone dancing while saying that.)


Thank you for your lovely Mothers Day blog. It touch my heart as did the beautiful photos. I took pictures of the huge bouquet of peonies my children (32, 34) sent me and so, too, thought about my mother, my aunt who died yesterday, and the meaning of our lives. I was honored to take my mother out to brunch and help her as she is hobbling a bit. She will be 92 on Thursday next.

Love to you and thanks again,


Bonne Anniversaire, Annie! Avoir un jour merveilleux! (I hope that's right... I want to say Have a wonderful day)

Happy Birthday Annie from Wichita, Ks!!!
I feel like I know you through Corey and all the beautiful words she writes about you. You are a strong and beautiful woman. I always look forward to knowing what you are doing.
Love, Sharon

Happy Birthday Annie !!! This is the second year I have sent you greetings via Corey's blog. I hope you know that there are people all over the world who love you because Corey has written so beautifully about your friendship and we treasure the part you play in her life. You inspire me to be more of an Annie here in Thousand Oaks, California!!!

Annie, I see a life well-lived in your face. You are a beautiful woman. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and much loveliness to be enjoyed in the year ahead.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful soul. I have enjoyed getting to know you through Corey's words. You are a lovely woman with tons of wisdom. You have touched many of us in ways you will never know. Thanks for letting Corey into your world and for letting her share you with us. Laurie

A une trés belle femme... Joyeuse Anniversaire Annie!

I wish a very Happy Birthday to an amazing and inspiring woman. All my best from Seattle, WA.

Hello Annie, and Happy Birthday! I send you my heartfelt wishes from Minnesota on this beautiful spring day. If I could bring you a bouquet of lilacs and bridal wreath, I would. We'd have a cup of tea and share some croissants and jam, and all would be right with the world. Enjoy your day!

Mme Annie
Joyeux anniversaire et beaucoup de bonheur aujourd'hui et toujours.

Sue à Chicago.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful. I hope I can meet you this summer.

Bon anniversaire, chérie! Bom aniversário, querida! Happy Birthday, sweetie! Gateau aujourd'hui?

Dear Annie, It is my pleasure to wish you a happy birthday from America in wisconsin. everyone should be so lucky to have someone like you. i love hearing stories about you. never had any grandparents,but hearing all the stories about you makes me want to make you my substitue for my grandma. ask corey for a big healthy hug,that's from me.:)

p.s annie my mother is 93 and still lives alone at home. Bestest,Denis

Happy Birthday Annie! from the deep south of southwest Florida in the US. In this blog world i have become a member of Corey's audience of readers. i have become accustomed to her stories of family and friends and all have become dear to me. But there is no other friend that she writes about so much as you.
We have learned about your humor, your nimble fingers with sewing, your cooking lessons, your zest for the nature and health, but most of all your deep kindness, affection and friendliness. Love travels even in stories to the outermost parts of the earth.
So today i wish you bountiful bouquets of love to make your heart swell, as we all have come to have love and affection for you! Many blessings for a wonderful new loving, healthy and happy year. With love, xoxo jody

P.S. May God bless you Annie! xo jody

Happy Birthday, Annie!
I so enjoy reading Corey's posts with your stories, wisdom and cooking exploits. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, with love from Kit
outside Cape Town, South Africa

Ah! Extra, je peux laisser un commentaire en français, cette fois!
JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, chère Annie ! Je me permets de vous embrasser, car si vous ne me connaissez pas, moi je vous connais (un peu) grâce aux merveilleux et tendres billets de Corey vous concernant... Vous êtes formidable, et j'aime tout particulièrement les leçons de cuisine que vous donnez à Corey...Miam!
Bon anniversaire et mille pensées affectueuses de Géraldine.

Love you Annie with your stories and wisdom. May you have a wonderful 93rd birthday!
Love, Stephanie M

Happy Birthday Annie from Ann in England, I hope you enjoy your special day. I love to hear about you from Corey, I feel you are my friend too. xxx

Happy Birthday dear Annie from Texas. You enrich our lives with your stories and history and the love you share. I love your spirit. May this year be filled with blessings, joy and good health and fellowship. Love to hear more of your stories. Happy Birthday!

Happy (93rd!) Birthday, dear Annie! Seeing your wonderful face and reading a bit about your life here on Corey's blog is such an inspiration to all of us. Wishing you good health, much happiness, and all the best for the year ahead, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

Happy Birthday, Annie! I love reading your stories on Corey's blog. Please keep telling her more and more! Wishing you a beautiful year, from California!

Happy Birthday Annie,
Undoubtedly your parents knew from the moment you were born how much pleasure you would bring to all you met. But, who could imagine 93 years ago that people from around the world would come to know and care so much about you. But, we do Dear Annie, we do. We admire you and follow you through your dear neighbor's blog and how lucky we all are. Your appearances bring enough life force, wisdom and pleasure alone to make the blog a joy forever--though Tongue in Cheek offers even more.Thank you for allowing us to know you and visit your history and your life. It has enriched us so. May this, at age 93, be your best year so far!

Deb in IN

Happiest birthday to Annie - she shares a birthday with my neighbor, Ethel, who also turns 93 today! I'm heading over to Ethel's tonight with a bunch of birthday asparagus and a funny card with a cat on it (she thinks my cats are hilarious).


Happy Birthday Annie, Through Corey's blog we have gotten to know you and understand why she feels you are a treasure in her life. The stories she posts about bring insight and wisdom to all of us and your spirit of living fully shines through.

Happy Birthday to one Annie from another!!!! I wish I was so blessed to call you friend also, though through Corey's fabulous stories of you I feel as though I can. Hoping your day is as wonderful and special as you are.

Dearest Annie,
I've grown to love you so much from reading about you in Corey's blog. I can understand why you Corey considers you to be one of her most special friends. Happy Birthday and may you enjoy many more wonderful years full of happiness and joy and love.
With love, Anne (yes, another Anne)

Happy Birthday Annie from sunny Southern California. I've enjoyed reading Corey's stories about you so much and just wanted to say that you've shown us that no matter how old you are, it's never to late to change your life so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Best wishes for many more.

Also, I've made your rice and fennel stuffed cabbage rolls. :)

~Happy Birthday Annie from Sunny California~ It has been a pleasure to have a glimpse into your life, love hearing the stories. Makes me miss my granny so much. Hope you have a beautiful day~


Happy Birthday, Annie! Corey shares such delightful stories that I wish I had you living next door to me. Sending you joyful wishes from Michigan.


Annie - What a joy it is to know you through Corey. You remind me so much of my dear, sweet grandmothers! Best wishes for you on your birthday! Believe it or not, I think I remember meeting Corey many years ago, as my family is from Chico, CA. Peace and happiness to you! Jamie V in MT

Since we have had the addition of a new baby in our family (Connor Jacob Doerr this morning at 5:45 a.m.) I am only now getting on the site and see that there are already 93 messages for Annie - one for each of her years. So I shall add a 94th...one to grow on, as we say in the U.S. about the "spankings". Annie, what a dear lady you are, a good friend, a muse, a resource and all other things that a good and kind. We have had the joy of meeting you through the postings that Corey has shared with us and have come to love you nearly as much as she does. May the sun shine on your birthday - in one form or another - and may the coming year fill you with joy and continued good health.

Happy Birthday, Annie! I'm sending you a BIG Texas hug on this very special day. I love reading Corey's blog, but especially on the days she talks of you. Your Easter cookies were enjoyed by my family and friends again this year, and have a special place in my recipe collection. I enjoy telling the story of how I came upon the recipe. You are one special woman. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Annie!!! May your days be filled with joy and laughter, little pain, and heartache. I hope your rose bushes bloom with abandon and that you continue to share your wisdom with Corey and us readers. Sending you warm hugs and birthday wishes for many more to come. xoxoxo

Happy Birthday Annie!
It has been my pleasure to hear the stories of your life. You are wise, gracious and such a wonderful inspiration. God Bless and Keep You in the Palm of His Hand.

Best Wishes for a wonderful birthday. It is a treasure to read about you on Corey's sweet blog.
Linda from Alabama

Happy Birthday,Annie!! Thank you too for being such a wonderful friend to our dear Corey!

Much love and joy to you always!

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