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05 May 2012


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Exquisite. I love the way the color flows over the paper, the shapes emerging and mixing to create beautiful images.

Laura @ 52 FLEA



These are just wonderful!


LOVE Lisa's work! Especially the daffodils and iris.


They are very artistic works, full of spirits.



I'm blown away! As a watercolor artist myself, seeing her work in it's beautiful freshness and genius of simplicity is an inspiration!


Happy cinco de mayo! You find the best and I encourage the rest ... You are a dream lady and when I come to France next I want to see you to see if you are real cause you are so amazing that I'm wondering sometimes if your pretend.

Jill Flory

That artwork is really really inspiring. I love her style!

Kathie B

Are those irises in the next-to-last painting the ones that grow mainly in the Redwoods region of coastal Northern California? My maternal grandmother had a huge clump of them that she nurtured (would mulch them with spent coffee grounds, presumably to acidify the soil). They don't grow in other parts of the country, I'm told.

Kathie B

Did you just add that painting of the hollyhocks? My grandmother grew those too (le sigh).


Totally love Lisa's work! Thanks so much for sharing it. Love your Saturday Art Saves!!


The texture that Lisa brings to a flat surface with a brush and a touch of paint is amazing. I loved the vegetables and the one with the hat.


Truly WONDERFUL work!!!
very fresh and great marks and color
thanks Corey for sharing!!

Merisi in Vienna

Such gorgeous images, I am smitten! Thank you, Corey, for introducing us to Lisa's work!



Thank you for sharing the fabulous artist, her work is just amazing and I loved the interview!


Beautiful, love the insight of the soul! Her work is truly magical~ I love flowers and these are visual poetry~ Thank you for sharing; her art is lovely~

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