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03 May 2012


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Thanks, Corey. I love your France, and it looks like six more years before I can visit again (That's when all the kids will be finished with college. I still have one in high school.) So I'll be living vicariously for the next six years. Oh, but I can make a wish on a strawberry. The strawberry patch we have in our backyard already has some turning red. Maybe I'll wish to come to France.

I have enjoyed your blog for a few years now and am especially enjoying your little series on your wonderful slice of France! Thank you Corey for sharing it with us...it is my dream to sometime visit Europe and France is a big part of it so I am eating up everything you write about! Hugs! karen....

So beautiful, Corey!

Hi Paulita,

Wish on France! You won't regret it!


Hi Karen

From your blog I can see you have the Brocante Bug too?! So when you come to France I will race you to it!


Hello Corey,
I absolutely adore your photography and the poppies are lovely. I have only been to Provence in the summer when it's all about the lavender. Thanks for sharing this little slice of spring to get my day started right in Chico.
Merci, Heather


I have a lovely and generous persimmon tree... My wish as I tak emu first bite of one in September? To be added to that list of people who have visited you in your glorious world in France.


When you come to France we are going to celebrate!


Hi Heather!

I met Heather when I was back home while giving a talk at Nantucket's.
Heather has started a blog, take a peek!


Beautiful photos of the fields of poppies!Delighted to read that your Mom and your late Dad came to visit you in France ,I have wondered if they made the long journey over to see where your home in France is,what did they think of your little piece of paradise?

You've defined why Encore is a French word...people cannot get enough!

I want to see it all so I've decided I must come for an entire year - perhaps I'll travel in August to avoid those pesky tourists.
I can't come for year, I know I will probably never come for a year, but I will dream of it and visiting here kind of makes me feel like I am there anyway.
I don't think I could stand on the cliff, 10 years ago maybe, but I've suddenly developed an aversion to heights in my otherwise very happy middle years :)

Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. JEALOUS. Do you know what England is like right now? Very wet. Very cold (well, for spring) and very wet. And it's been raining almost daily for the past two weeks. I'm still going to bed with the hot water bottle to warm my feet. Spring -- when are you coming across the channel? When?

OK - got that off my chest. I love to see your beautiful photos of springtime in France. Love the lambs crossing the road -- very atmospheric.

Perhaps I will see you at the Brocante in Avignon on May 19th. Rodger and I will be in Provence May 16-20. I met you and your Godmother, Mary, a few years ago at Lauren Mumford's home in Vacaville, CA. I'm the one that owns the store in Pleasanton, CA called American Harvest. Can you suggest a great place for shopping on Sunday, May 20th? We love France and are looking forward to our short stay in Provence.


Franca Bolla and I have to return again to stand on the cliff together.

I better stand behind her.

Can we just go brocanting in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue instead and tell everyone that I boldly stood at the edge of the cliff?

That's what Photoshop is for, right?

I am no fan of heights...I might have to crawl out there on my hands and knees. After a glass of liquid courage.

Hi Sharon!

Of course I remember you! I hope you can come see me! I am over an hour away from Avignon. Here is a link of all the fairs in Provence on May 19th - 20th--

Hope this helps,
See you soon!!


Oui oui oui!!!

Hi K

My parents came seven times to France. They saw every place we ever lived in. Which makes me happy.


Hi Diogenes

Oh if you come to France I will photoshop you on the cliff! Is it a deal?
For years I have wanted to meet you.


So glad to see you home again, Corey, and sharing the beauty that is France. I very much enjoyed the little slice of life film clip, especially when it focus on madam's hands.

I loved this welcome to spring blog. I wish I had been reading your Tongue in Cheek in years past when I traveled to France quite often. I would have loved to share my sense of wonder with you. Now our European adventures seem to center on Munich where our son and his family live. They will be here during the month of August and next Feb. we will visit them first and then spend some time in Portugal. When we visit them next August we will be heading doing a river cruise through Russia then the Balkins. I do miss Provence, but your blog keeps me in touch. T.O.Joanne

I so look forward to what you write each day and I live in France…in the Basque Country.
We have PLENTY of sheep and lambs crossing the country roads from fields to fields between March and July, EVERYDAY, grazing on great pasture to produce milk for great cheese. We sell to Roquefort and many around here also sell to make Brebis or make their own…
In July they are no longer milked and go up into the high mountains to get pregnant again! We start “walking" them back between the end of September and middle of October, depending on due dates. We then literally live in the lambing sheds November and December. Then the milking starts all over again in January…
You must come visit sometime :)

Hi Corey, glad to see you are safe from travels and back home! Someday??? I will visit Italy and squeeze in France (just because of you)!

Hi Toni,

Thank you! I'll have the pillows fluffed and the bottle of wine ready when you do come and visit!


We love Cassis too, maybe we can find a time to see you. Rodger and I read your blog everyday and that makes us homesick for France. We think of France as our home away from home.

"France unexpected" is a beautiful and familiar phrase.
Your poppy photos make me miss the south, but here in Normandy there are vast fields of yellow mustard in bloom, so I still feel surrounded by beautiful, spring color. :)

Thank you for including me in your list.

If I ever make it to France would you hold my hand on the cliff in Cassis?
Those poppies are divine!
Would be fascinated to hear more about sheparding sheep!

What I loved about France was the idea that everyone was busy appreciating the little things that make the big picture: the glass of wine, the porcelain cup of espresso, a snack presented like a painting. Here we rush, rush, rush and lament the lack of wonder. Sad

Those are spectacular photos, especially the poppies and the blue doorway.

Farmboy Husband and I were in Provence for the first time just a year ago next week (where has all the time gone?). Wish we were there again, seeing you guys, enjoying baguettes with Camembert, lovely pastries, the scenery, the small villages, the Roman road, the TGV, and... and... (le sigh).

I found your blog about a month ago, and have been so uplifted by your images and words, it's a wonderful anitdote to our very consumerist driven society! I'm Australian and planning a trip with hubby and 2 teenagers (boy 15 girl 12) to France in June.
What things would you recommend for us to see and do in Provence? We will be travelling down from Loire Valley, then along the coast, eventually making our way back up to Annecy. We have 2 weeks to travel from Loire Valley to Annecy.
Would love to hear your suggestions
With Thanks.

I love wild flowers and poppies are stunning. Irina just posted a photo of her Mom in a field of poppies in Ukraine on FB. We have poppies in Poland too, but they rarely are seen in abundance, rather spring like dots of red among the crops in the country.
Why did the sheep cross the road? To give Laurie an unforgettable memory of France :-).

Hi Petra

You might want to look here

I'll add a few more places in the days to come.

if you pass through Aix or Marseille give me a shout out by email! I would enjoy meeting you.

Hi R.

"appreciating the little things that make the big picture: the glass of wine, the porcelain cup of espresso, a snack presented like a painting."
Well said! And so true!


Hi P

I'll hold your hand!

This is such a wonderful post, Corey!! I shared it with my family over coffee this morning, and I shared that delightful video on my Facebook page, too. Thanks for a breath of Mediterranean air to brighten our day!

I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me

SPAM, it's not just for breakfast any more!

Corey, generic messages similar to this one have shown up lately in the "comments" sections of several friends' blogs. They're a plague :-(

"France unexpected" I love it! I want to experience it! I love this blog, the pictures, the stories. I would love to someday live in France, if only for a year, just for the unexpected adventures of every day life there. Alas, I probably never will but what I do have is this blog. It makes me smiles, it brings me joy, it gives my imagination wings. It also makes my heart ache a little, I want to be there again so bad. Thank you for all of this! Someday I will visit again and I hope I get to meet you.

Thank you Corey-you are always a delight! Have a lovely weekend!

I want to come and see France WITH YOU COREY!!!!!!!!

Love the wish.

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