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21 July 2012


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Corey, I almost fell off my chair!!! "That is my picture, but I'm sure I've clicked on Corey's blog. Too much wine?" - that was my first thought. Thank you for showing some of my work on your blog today!!! Lots of love from Hong Kong.

WOW!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
You rock Irina.


You are blessed with an amazing talent...so beautiful words cannot say...thank you Corey.

Absolutely beautiful and talented work! Thanks for sharing Irina's art!

Irina is a master craftswoman and artist, her work is simply stunning!

Managing to create such a detailed needle stitch work of Albrecht Dürer's delicate water color and gouache painting is amazing. I also love the round pillow and its burnt orange backing.

When I moved to Vienna, one of my first museum visits was to the Albertina, to admire Dürer's "Praying Hands" and the "Young Hare".

Irina, these pictures truly took my breath away! Beautiful does not seem an able enough word to describe your work...wow!

i am speechless and breathless- such intricate patient beauty-i would have minimal success-no success-such virtures/talents elude me OH THE BEAUTY....

That is just wonderful! What a gift you have Irina.

Thank you, Tracy!

Thank you for your kind words!! I'm too hoping one day to see Durer's works. I might spend a couple of hours in front his AMAZING paintings :)

I've attempted in the past to do enough needlework to realize what an exceptionally gifted artist Irina is. The patience, eye for pattern and color and excellent skills she has are stunning. Thank you Irina and Corey.

Thank you VERY VERY much to all who took their time to write such kind comments! I feel so humbled by seeing my work on Corey's blog. Thank you! Wished I could give you all a hug.

amazing! wonderful, impossible, how can she do it?

That is simply incredible !!

Irina's work is just gorgeous! My fingers no longer would be able to do such fine work, but I can certainly appreciate and enjoy the work of other's. That rabbit with all the shades is truly amazing.

Her work is amazing; she is a true artist. Imari is a pattern I have always liked, and it makes a great pillow. Durer's rabbit is remarkable...

Holy Sh@$, her work just blows me away. She must have the patience of a saint to do that. It is so incredibly beautiful.

Geezsh......give me an aspirin and up my perscription on my glasses.

Amazingly Beautiful!!!!

Dear Irina
How I would love to give you a hug!
Humbled, I am the one who is humbled I cannot even sew on a button!
I miss you x

I admire her work and I love her taste . Thank you for making me meeting Irina .

Irina, I almost fell off my chair, too, but for different reasons. Your reproduction of Dürer's hare is a trompe-l'oeil. It IS sitting on your table. Exquisite. I have to go lie down now.

Came back on website a second time to look. I am loving that rug and chartreuse chair too. Very special indeed.

Your pieces are gorgeous Irina, a true work of art.

Amazingly beautiful!

Irina, you have created such an ecletic paradise from bustling Hong Kong. Your family and friends surely appreciate your patience and creativity as much as us.

thanks corey for this post...i have been keen on needlepoint for such a long time and such talent as this is rarely given a platform.absolutely stunning work

A while ago, I wandered onto Irina's blog through Tongue in Cheek and I saw a MASTERPIECE - an embroidery of flowers that was so detailed and with some many shades of colour that I knew the person who made it was an artist. I left an admiring comment on the blog and since then I visit Irina's blog whenever she posts. She is also close to my heart as she is from Ukraine which is a neighbouring country to Poland and the histories, cultures and cuisines of both countries have intertwined throughout the ages.

Zosia, I've been to Poland several times and I love the country and the people!!! I hope I will have a chance to visit Poland some day again :)


Can't stop myself from rescrolling down this post. Looking over and over at the photos, especially of Durer's hare. Amazing results from an amazing process. Love that Durer was one of the first to recognize animals as worthy subjects. My kind of guy.

Thank you and thank you Coco!

i am absolutely wowed by her work. the rabbit is phenomenal. xo jody

Astonishing. Thank you to Irina for her work and to Corey for sharing.

I especially loved the angle of the photo to the hare needlework, as it's perfect perspective for making it appear that it's sitting right there. (Has everyone else commented on this too? I haven't read the other comments this time.)

As I was first typing this, instead of saying "needlework" I wrote "piece". (Har har, "hare piece", I accidentally cracked myself up. Okay, I'll settle down now.)

Lovely work, Irina!

And, having worked in such detail on that hare needlework, Irina, you would appreciate the original SO much more than most other viewers!

Years ago, I copied a rather simple cross-stitch linen sampler that my great-great grandmother did as a young woman, crossing over 2 threads where she did and over 3 threads where she did that. Thread-for-thread, I felt I came a little closer to her during that project.

I can only imagine how close you felt during the hare project.

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