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11 September 2012


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becky up a hill

Hope. Mine would say Hope. Its a beautiful word. Thanks for the fun history lesson!


I was born with a "beauty mark" on my upper lip. It's a big dark raised mark and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I am worried as I get older what it will look like (what if it turns (gasp!) ...hairy?! eek!!) Thanks for a post that helped me to realize that this mark would once have been a symbol of beauty. My mark is just a part of what makes me "me."

Darlene (Dee)

Love this blog! I think my beauty mark would symbolize "nurturing".

Sharon Penney-Morrison

My beauty mark would be for passion.
I love to love....


...likes to kiss...ahhhh, yes, indeed....


Well, my "beauty mark" would undoubtedly have to be made of a small circular piece of duct tape, symbolizing "versatile" (just like duct tape)! ;) I'm a "go with the flow" kind of gal (usually), so I guess I'm like duct tape! lol


Because I like to be silly and because I'm 54 and FUN is my new mantra, I would put it on the end of my nose!!


I learn something new each day. Mine would say Joy and be by my eye as in a twinkling eye.


My Beauty Spot would say gloriously attractive, wildly funny, amazingly clever,
wild and fun, still hot, you want to know me, you want to kiss me, I am unique,
talented and modest.


Can a beauty mark indicate happiness? I think that is what mine would say and I'd place it on my temple to indicate that it's really a state of mind... Thanks for all the info. I too thought they were just drawn on. So much wiser now!! xo marlis

Lana Kloch

fascinating history of mouches beauty spots... wendy addison of theatre of dreams created a small round box in her collection...appreciate your diagrams and photos illustrating the meanings of where these marks are placed... how titillating..

Laurie SF

A taste for high heels and twenty-five yards of material. My beauty mark would say provocative, helpless and made to love.


another educational moment....and the pill box climbs to inticing places in our imagingation....meanwhile...out with the eyebrow pencils and twirl one on just for fun....




My beauty mark would say Independence all the way but not too independent to include lots of flirting and coquettishnes. (Is that a word?)

Chris Wittmann

Mine would have to symbolize "cheekiness" and self reliance. I suppose it would go somewhere on my cheek, though I could think of another place not so visible that might be more appropriate!!
The English called these little boxes "patch boxes" and men wore them too, along with their powdered wigs :)


I wonder what they did if they had a natural beauty mark but it wasn't in the right place and gave the wrong impression? Maybe they covered it with flesh colored leather or fabric or just added another contradictory mark to keep the men guessing. Maybe if I had one large enough, I could use a beauty mark on the rapidly deepening line at the left corner of my mouth.


When I was a little girl, my best friend's mother, Idabelle, always wore a little beauty mark. It was a dot made with a dark eyebrow pencil and was usually worn just off to the side from her lips; however, she once told me a secret. If she had a little blemish that she wanted to camouflage, that's where her beauty mark would go that day! She always did have a sparkle in her eye! My beauty mark would symbolize living in the joy of the moment.

Nancy Ravise'-Noel

Wow, I always thought they were painted on; especially after seeing DuJardin paint one on the cheek of his costar in The Artist. Bonjour, Corey. I discovered your blog a couple of years ago and took the time to start at the beginning and read all of your posts. My life is alot like yours, only you've been at it longer than I have! My French husband and I live further south, and he is from Dinan.

I think if I had a beauty mark it would designate joy. That is how I feel when I head out to our local market, or rummage through piles at brocantes, or see yet another site that wows me. Of course I'd only wear it when I ventured out. I mean, what if it came off when I was vacumming?? Thanks for putting my name in the chapeau! Nance in France


I remember my Mom's friends doing the beauty marks thanks to Marilyn Monroe, but I didn't realize they had so much history and meaning. I always tell my husband I learn so much spending time reading your blog. LOL! I would put my beauty mark on the hollow in my neck for courage after having my thyroid removed.

Judith Humphrey

I LOVE this post, how very interesting! I am going to paint a beauty mark for the day now! Perhaps in the location to symbolize flirtatious!
What a delightful pick me up this morning, thank you!


Honey West, the old American TV show from the 60's immediately came to mind. I think I'd like a beauty mark like Honey's, in the lower right corner of my mouth.

Karen Hoida

I suppose at my age, I would have to go with dignified. Loved reading this post. It is amazing all that can be going on in a painting or picture that we are just unaware of. I don't remember where I read or heard this, that beauty marks originated out of the need to cover small-pox scars. Who knows? It would make sense though, Leave it to the French to take something dreadful and turn it into something beautiful and glamorous like only they can do!


According to the French dictionary on beauty marks ... my beauty mark (the real deal) means "discreet" ... gosh that could be good or that could be bad. But it's mine, all mine.


Very interesting! I always thought they were painted on. And, as someone else sugguested, intersting to think about those who have natural beauty marks in places of meaning. hmmmm. I might just start noticing people with beautiy marks and checking the meaning. Fun!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Love this blog post for two reasons...I also collect French limoges boxes (started with my first purchases from a little shop in Paris in the mid 80s after my mother gave me one from her collection);and,I found the history and photos about the beauty spots so interesting! Love the pink limoges box....oh, my, I would love to add it to my collection ;-)

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Forgot to disclose just where I would place one of these charming "dots"...a bit risque, but I would place a tiny beauty spot on the top of my left breast, just in from the cleavage ;-)


Married to my best friend for 19 years...definitely the heart-shaped mark on my right cheek! I am so glad it isn't the latest fashion craze to wear one though. I have a hard enough time putting on mascara!


If I were going to have a beauty mark, it would symbolize playfulness or flirtation. Thanks for the lesson in beauty marks. Who knew? Love your posts.


Wow - would never have guessed the history behind them! Mine would say "kiss me here"...

Kathie B

Sorry, but notwithstanding Cindy Crawford's modeling success despite her mole, if I had a mole I'd have it surgically removed ASAP, lest it ever turn precancerous.

Chris M

Hi Corey, Interesting post! I never knew this. After thinking about it for a while, I'd put one over my heart as my faith is very important to me.


My Noni had a beauty mark I always was curious about and I'm fortunate to now have one too. My children are intrigued by it and kids always notice it, touch it and ask what it's for. Now I can answer them with passion!


if i was allowed wearing one,it would have to be the married one. But, if you could have more than one,i'd like to put likes to kiss or pastionate-yummy! that pink box will tickle someone to pleasure. It is so very precious and sweet. how can you give it up? if any one is looking for a packet of these can order them from Bell'occhios in Ca. packet of 20 costs $12. comes in an assortment of hearts,clubs,diamonds,spades,circles. these are repos. besides it is a lovely teeny shop. Bestest,Denise


I knew that the beauty marks were made of fabric, but I didn't know that they had symbolic meaning. What I would like my beauty mark to say is 'Compassion', and would wear it over my heart.


I have two beauty marks; one in my left nasolabial fold and the other in the middle of my right cheek! I never knew there was a supposed meaning to where they were placed (although I didn't have a choice of where I would place mine)! Thank you for such an interesting history lesson! :)


I have a real beauty mark in the middle of my left cheek (on the cheek bone). I've always liked it.
Very interesting post.

annie vanderven

beauty marks ?...had them all my life ,my face being covered with freckles!!!! so many that my brother used to call me oeuf de dinde!!! turkey's egg


Becky F

Mine are compassion, hope and faith. I try to always wear it in my heart.

Melissa Paruzel

I guess mine would be middle of my forehead. No reason, other than to confuse people since I actually have a mole there. Would that meant I am Majestic? On the other hand, in Chinese that mole signify a dominant trait aka bossy. Culturally, I'd put between my eyebrows but that isn't a French beautymark. Funny, how different cultures have different perspective of beauty marks.


that is a wild article!! who knew??! i would say my beauty mark would mean "a strong woman, says what she is feeling and loves to love and be loved!!" you really do learn something new every day!!

Ana Maria

And to think that I was born with a real "coquette" mark - just where Cindy Crawford's is - and I had it removed! Oh well!


When I was young - many moons ago - I wished I had a beauty mark on the side of my lip. Who knew?

Marilyn in Chici, Ca

I would put them all over my face....keep them guessing !


Not on the face. I have one behind my left ear. It says I'm shy on the outside, but very interesting on the inside. My man kisses me there and I giggle and that turns my man on. Hee,hee.


Hmm...mine would symbolize that I am loved and "taken!"


Ooh la la! Je suis coquette. Until a few years ago I had a natural beauty mark near my mouth, just above the corner of my upper lip. Helas, now that je suis une femme d'un certain age, it began to sprout hair. Eh bien, comme on disait pendant la revolution... off with her head! Just the mole, you understand, not the entire head. Mais je crois que je suis toujours coquette!


I DO have one, and according to this I like to kiss -scandalous!? I DO like to kiss. This is sweet, Corey!

peggy aplSEEDS

such an interesting post! i too never realized they were actually made of fabric or leather!

i have a natural beauty mark near the spot on the illustration that says "je suis coquette". and i had one on my nose that i had taken out (meaning saucy!) ha ha, whaaat? no, that's not what my beauty mark would symbolize if i had the choice. it would symbolize "beloved"

i would be thrilled to win the lovely Limoges box!


I think a tiny "B" over my heart; for brocante

Nadine Wong

Mine would sit back on my left cheek bone to signify the love I have for my husband (my lover and my friend).


My beauty mark would symbolize wisdom. When I was younger, there was the most beautiful girl in our high school. She had this twinkle in her eye and a small beauty mark near her eye. I often wondered about it. As I was aging in my 30's or so, I noticed that I had a natural beauty mark of some sort near my lower lip that seemed to appear out of nowhere. At first I was like, "what is that and how did it just show up"? But I think as we age, we just show signs of wisdom :)



Suppose mine would be on my right cheek. Never knew there was such a thing.
Thanks again


My beauty mark would symbolize independence but intrigue!


If I had a beauty spot, I would put it beside the corner of my eye or lip
because I like that look. It would symbolize a steadfast nature or one who


my petite mouche would be on my neck behind my ear, as asort of sigh-HERE ARE WHERE THE WHISPERS OF SWEET NOTHINGS GO- kind of like a modern day bull's eye or neon arrow-but way way more understated-love learning something new...made my day thank you once again for creating and maintaining this loveliest of places/spaces.


Well in those days they often had parties with dancing. I should like to get the attention of the handsome man over by the staircase ....I would have placed my beauty mark near my lips for I shall want him to know that I love to kiss and hope that he notices me. I look over and gaze into his deep brown eyes, I give a wink and smile......oh my he is coming my way


ohhhh la la la

naughty and nice...

you, wee Corey are
truly naughty and nice...and a little hot spice

I've forgotton where the dots should go

I went to a victorian gathering in Omarau last year
I wore a little dot above my left lip

I must go back and read....
love, love, love this post

Lorretta from NH

I am probably too late for the give away but I just wanted to say how facinating this was. I have seen these little treasures and never knew like you what their real intended use was! Wow! Enter me if I am not tooooooooo late please.

Lorretta from NH

Oops I forgot....I guess if there were one for forgetful that would be for me!


I would like to place my beauty mark on my third eye, it would symbolize the eternal longing that I came to this earth for...


Between mouth and chin for silent. A lady has her secrets. I thought they were painted on as well. I never considered what all those little boxes were for.
I think I'd keep all my sweet secrets in mine.

Melissa Lee

Great post! I did not know the little Limoge boxes I have always loved were used for this!


I would place it by my eye-- passionate, another word maybe...for type A personality!

Nancy from Mass

I would place it on my right temple to signify perseverance. This year has been so difficult for me and my family...my husband was very ill, money is tight (large hospital bills) and still things always work out okay. (a little praying doesn't hurt!)


Love you boxes, all of them!!! and love this post. I you'd never have guessed the marks had their meaning.
With a lot of freckles, not sure I need a mark ;))

violet cadburry

I would put one on each eyelid so you couldn't see them unless I blinked -- as for the meaning, it means keep them guessing

Kristin McNamara Freeman

I would place a beauty spot near my eye to indicate that I am a passionate woman; passionate about life, and my family, passionate about my writing, my gardens, my bird watching and photography my art work and my work to preserve the beauty of this earth. Everyone would know that passion is the manner in which I express myself.

How beautiful the pink box is, Corey. How delightful and informative this post on your blog.

Teddee Grace

The corner of my eye, of course! So much more subtle than a wink, right? What did they use for glue, by the way?

peggy braswell

What an interesting blog post + I would have one near my eye. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Bonnie schulte

I would place the beauty mark on the lower right chin area, under my lips. I think it would look good there.


Beautiful story this morning, Corey. If I were to wear a beauty mark it would be in the married position but would symbolize HOPE. I hope that my husband recovers from his stroke and remembers how we communicated with each other silently and how special it was. Yes, my heart beauty mark would be full of Hope!

La Contessa

MY Beauty mark would be about PASSION!Passion for living!For being like the FRENCH!I wonder how did they keep them on?Horse glue!

French la Vie

My hope and prayers are with you and your husband Lorlei!


What a great post! Loved your caption on the little round engraving. You are a commediene Corey.
I have a small envelope of these "mouches" which I purchased in San Francisco many years ago. How fun to learn the significance of their placement. Thank You. Would I love that beautiful Limoge box to keep them in? Absolument!

Kathy in California

French la Vie

love it! lol!


What an eye opening story! Who would have guessed! Mine would mean "I'm happily married".


I would select the star shaped one and would wear it near my eye...
oh, and store it, of course, in the little pink box...

Franca Bollo

Now that your gentle readers have moved on to today's post, I can safely say on my butt! It symbolizes ... yes, that's right ... I'm a derrière intelligent.


This is a very interesting post! I also never knew the position of beauty marks meant something! I have one on my left cheek, but never think of it as my freckles overpower it. My daughters all have them,each in a different place. I will share this information with them.
I also send my prayers and good thoughts to Lorelei and hope her prayers are answered.


interesting to read

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