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12 September 2012


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Congratulations to the winner! Sheri's answer is just perfect. And your beautiful to us. Thanks for all the beauty you share.


I was reading a blog written by a Scotsman living in France (The Rickety Old Farmhouse). His roofer found an antique wooden ox yoke in the barn. My first thought? Sheesh,Corey could get some good money for that in her shop! Perhaps I've also caught the brocante bug...


Yay Sheri


Congrats Sherri! I loved reading all the comments. That toile fabric is beautiful, by the way. I am so excited because my husband let it slip that he did some birthday shopping for me in your brocante!!!!!!!! The excitement of something from France, from you, and that he took the hint. What a peach of a guy. I wonder what he chose? Thanks Corey!


Corey your sweetness is a gift to all and we all hunger for that, it's why we keep coming back.


I love that blog too! His previous blog was about their dogs. have you read that on? Such a sweet memory. When the dog died I cried couldn't stop ...


Ha, in Russian it's called 'mushka'.
Congratulation to the winner!

Peggy Braswell

Congratulations, kudos to the winner xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


Thank you

You make me smile...

great big in your face

i don't care who is looking

kind of smile


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