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22 October 2012


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Barbara Stevens

Hi Corey, Are you going to be visiting Durham when you come to the states next month?
I've got some brocanting/antiquing suggestions.
Barbara Stevens.




I love your information about corsets. Here is an image of corsets made today by Krista Larson. They don't require hooks or strings and are very wearable. oops, I can't find a way to attach a photo. Check out Krista Larson.com

Amy Kortuem

OW! That silhouette looks painful (and you're right, you can squish all you want, but the "extra" has to come out somewhere, even with modern-day Spanx!)


Dah! I did know that, but still guessed wrong. Congratulations to the winners.


Thank you Corey, I can't believe my guess was right!! Fun guessing game :) Judy

Kathie B

Are you SURE it's not for lacing up ice-skate boots? My dad had a modern (unfeminine) version that he used for that purpose.


Man I'm glad I don't have to live way back then. Getting dressed was seriously a lot of work. You had so many layers. It was way worse for the women then the men.

Wilde Hunt Corsetry

HI there! I don't know who told you that this was for lacing corsets, but I'm a professional corsetiere and I can tell you that this tool was not used for corsets. Anyone who's ever worn a genuine corset will quickly realize that a tool like that would be useless in putting on a corset.

That tool is actually a button hook and it was used to help the wearer close buttons on Victorian boots, gloves, and garments. Corsets do not have buttons but have metal busk closures that you could not use this tool on. It would be equally ineffectual on corset laces which you have to put a great deal of force on in order to lace someone into the corset.

You can see an image of someone using a button hook on a pair of gloves here: http://www.morninggloryantiques.com/JewelChatHooks.html

Wilde Hunt Corsetry

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