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24 October 2012


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C, have a safe trip; I will be thinking of you. I just returned from my long awaited 1st trip to France. It was everything you said and I was completely mesmerized, now with a incredibly strong desire to some how get back.

She looks so chic...I never would have guessed she is selling fish. I hope you have a nice flight Corey.

I can see you being drawn to this fish monger. What a lovely photo. Safe and happy travels!

Too bad you are not coming to South Carolina!

Boa viagem! Have you finished preparing your presentation for Spellbound yet? You know we're all looking forward to hearing about it.

Safe travels

You are right Corey - a beautiful mermaid!

I am so excited to see you Aunt Coco!

Travel safe and love any Annie story, no matter what.

Jeez, even French fish peddlers look like they stepped out of a fashion shoot. Happy travels.

May the angels be sitting on the wings as it carries you safely from shore to shore,

You find pearls, because you are a pearl stringing ever so gently all those you encounter on your journey through life.


Excellent portrait !!!
Far from our traditional cliché photos of fishmongers !!!
Yes, all i can say is : EXCELLENT !!

Great photo + safe landings. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Such a lovely poem. You see the world through divine eyes, Corey.

Say hello to Annie.......I love to hear her stories.
Time to post a picture of her again......
Tell her I said hello

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