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09 January 2013


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WOW!! What beautiful words and sweet congratulations to you both!! (tears on this end as I read)

I got all teary seeing your photos and reading your words too. Happy Anniversary Corey and Yann!

Happy Anniversary! :)

Happy joyous anniversary to you two.

I have one burning question: did he happen to shave his beard for the occasion, as a gift to his lovely wife?

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Corey and Yann! What a beautiful post. May you have many more blessed years together!!!

Lovely. God grant you many happy years!

Congratulations....my hubby and I celebrated 25yrs the past November. This struck a chord deep inside me as it rings so true. 25 years is a lifetime and just the beginning now.

i never tire of hearing how you met: how it had to be " john;: how you loved dancing, how yann just happened to be in san francisco that evening.

25 wonderful years together..growing, loving, bridging 2 continents, creating 2 incredible children,, and celebrating in the fashion you did. yes, i am crying with happiness..

you bring so much joy to each other and are good enough to share your life with us too.

here's a toast to next 25 years, then the next, and the next... forever

lovely post, Corey. wishing you continued happiness...

What a beautiful and personal way to celebrate. Happy Anniversary, Corey and Yann!

Heck no! Dang.

Congratulations Corey and Yann. Thank you once again for sharing the special moments in your life in a way that touches us in our hearts. Your loving, articulate words give expression to the way you live.

Congratulations and happy anniversary. I do not know of a more perfectly matched couple. Hope you have many more happy years together!

Shirley - Atlanta, GA USA

Happy Anniversary! :) Here's to the next 25!

Happy Anniversary! Dance the years!

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many blessings, deep love and joy for at least another 25!

Amazing love story, yours and Yann's. Congratulations, and may love continue to bind you together forever.

Happy Anniversary! The Lord bless and keep both of you!

Happy 25th!! I also love the story of how you met and have told many of my friends.
I still say there is a novel there:)

Beautiful Post as a testament to love. I've been married nearly 40 years, so to me, you two are still newlyweds! ~elaine in CA

You two were meant to be together. I love it when that happens. Happy Anniversary!! Woo Hoo - never stop dancing.

Happy Anniversary! Here is too many more years to come!

Nice. To 25 more.

Happy Anniversary dear Corey and Yann!

Congratulations & Happy Anniversary! As always, you said it so well.

Happy, happy anniversary.

You made my cry! What a beautiful, miraculous, example-setting love story you have. Thank you for sharing it.

Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, dear Corey and Yann. You are indeed a match made in heaven.

heartfelt congratulations! you have so much fun together that another 25 years are in order. you live a charmed life together, not to mention raising two beautiful and accomplished kids! much love from colorado, janet

Beautiful words . . . Happy, Happy, Happy many, many more . . .

so happy for you both-LONG LIVE LOVE!

Beautiful post. As are the two of you. Do you know how lucky you are?!?
Thank you for sharing the joy!
Félicitations !!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to a very good-looking and talented couple. May you have many more years of joy together.

Dear Corey,

Happy Anniversary and many more years of bliss.

Love that picture from your wedding in Willows.

Happy Anniversary..more love and all the best to both of you!

Happy Anniversary!

Jealous. I wish I could have met a handsome Frenchman, and got married. Instead I met a nice man from New Jersey sixteen years ago. I still can't marry him.

what a beautiful way to express your love and growth as one. Happy Anniversary with many blessings towards the sweet joys of cherishing one another in love.
xoxo jody

One could only imagine: Happy Anniversary, Cheri H.

A most heartfelt congratulations on your 25th Anniversary, Yann and Corey. One of the world's greatest True Love Stories.

Love is never easy but you make it look so. Congratulations!!

Best wishes!

Happy 25th to you may you enjoy at least 25 more! Teri

Beautiful words, beautiful sentiments, beautiful couple. Congratulations to you both, and may you have many more happy, rewarding years together!

I only know you just a little bit and for only a few weeks now . . but enough to want to wish you both all that is good. And many more years of happy togetherness.

Congrats to you! Long may it last!

Happy Silver Anniversary Corey and Yann...beautiful story, wonderful photos, words so sweet that my tears were added to yours....

Bon anniversaire de mariage!!!
California husband and I celebrated 41 years this summer. Very rare these days, indeed. HUGE congrats to the two of you!!!

Congratulations to you both!!! Love does conquer all, including a bearded chin. :)

Bonne Anniversaire!! May you share many more years of love!

Corey,Happy Anniversary what a tru;y wonderful uplifting post. Anniversarys are such special times together. A real "us" time. We loved our 25th, we went to Venice and renewed our vows in the English church with family and very close friends. Love is all around you two guys. Bask in the afterglow. XX

Love has never been "penned" so sweet. Congrats to you both :). My Mom and Dad just celebrated 62 years on Monday the 7th. May your love continue thru time. Sincerely, Vicki

Felicitations! Such a lovely post and wonderful to have a romantic, FH (mine dances with me in the kitchen just because..) All the best to you both & in celebrating your love!

Wait for the next 25 years, and maybe then? ;-)

Beautiful words, beautiful story, beautiful couple. Happy anniversary to you both.

Isn't love grand! Congratulations to you both.

Congratulations Corey and Yann!! Beautiful.

Oh - congratulations! How wonderful!

Marriage is such a sacred thing, congratulations on being married for 25 years!! Would French Husband ever come in a do a post for a day about his perspective on the French life, the brocante, or love?

And as some one who feels like they have no idea how to make relationships last- would you mind sharing some advice about what has helped you to make it 25 years??

As always, thank you for another beautiful post and CONGRATULATIONS again!!

Happy Anniversary! May you celebrate many more in love and happiness!

Happy, Happy Anniversary-It really does make me believe in fairy tale endings- God bless you~ xo Diana

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary dear heart... and many more to come.

Victoria Silva

Félicitations, chère Corey and dear Yann
25 years is a long time and yet it is a very short time when you're in unison on the important things in life. You obviously ARE in unison - not in details like flying, motor racing, skiing, but in caring, sharing, being good for each other.... and that's a precious gift to share and have.
God's blessing for the future. I shall be married (in 2nd marriage) 15 years in March and I'm as happy as can be with a very complex and not easy man - and he probably says the same about me; yet we're so good for each other.... Aaah, the greatest of all vertues is still AMOUR!
Gros bisous, Kiki

I never tire of a great love story. Many blessings to you both in the next 25 years.

Happy Anniversary, Corey and Yann!

Dang -- I teared up while reading this. Happy Anniversary! :)

I have to tell you that often you've given me words of wisdom about patience and tolerance towards those we love and I daresay, it's helped me cope with some challenges that I've faced in my family life.

Many congratulations to you and FH.

Happy 25th Anniversary to you both. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life and photographs with me! More years of bliss...

Hi Corey, Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed the photos and the story. You are just ahead of Paul and I. We celebrate our 25th on April 16th. Planning a trip to France, can hardly wait!

Any day now ... times they are a-changing, thank gods!

Bonne Anniversaire de noces, Corey and French Husband! You are beautiful together.

Happy Anniversary to you. What a wonderful words you spoke of the love the two of you share.

Félicitations on your anniversary , you two ! So beautiful to read your words and feel how alive your love is. Champagne !

Congratulations to both of you. You and your lovely offspring are an inspiration.

Corey, Corey, Corey,
I too never tire of your love story. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Many, many more blissful years together. It only gets better from here-we celebrated our 41 in July. May God continue your dance for many more years.

Happy Anniversary :)


You have one of the most beautiful proposal stories I have ever heard, have made two beautiful children, and have built a beautiful life together. I wish the two of you many more wonderful years of growing together!

Here is to the next twenty-five! Congratulations. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

wishing you all the best for 25 more years.

Annie v.

You two have a beautiful romance that has lasted the test of time. I wish you all the love you have now and more for the next 25 years.

Beautiful post. Congratulations on your first 25 years! We are on our way to 40 this year. It just gets better and better! (PS - from the pictures, I thought the beard was gone... but I see it's not. Maybe for your birthday!)


Congratulations Corey! the years go so quickly..for me and my hubby it's been about 33 years!! The fact we were both married before makes it seem like ancient times when I was first married. Life, and love, are both a journey. Time is racing by so quickly. Enjoy your special day!

Dear Corey,
What a beautiful post. Happy belated 25th Anniversary. I wish you many, many more years of wedded bliss!


Happy Anniversary to you both.
Much love and many blessings.
Love is all you need♥

I was guessing that would be the answer...

Corey and Yann Congratulations!!! How wonderful. A good marriage requires lots of work and you are doing a great job.

I just love your photographs - 25 years ago and today. You both look terrific. Frame this last shot.

My husband and I are right behind you - we are working on year number 24.

God bless you, your marriage and beautiful family.

Happy Anniversary...and many more years of happiness your way! Your Okie Friend, Teresa

So happy for you both, C!

I didn't get to wish you a Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary earlier, so I'm here to do so somewhat belatedly--"Happy Anniversary Corey & Yann!"

It's funny because Jean and I will celebrate our 25th WA on 8/8/13, having married on 8/8/88 in San Francisco so I always think about your marriage in the same FrancoAmerican bubble as ours!

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

I'm far too late ...
You and Yann are an exquisite couple !!!
I send you
25 parcels of kisses to share within you 2 !!!
(Silver kisses, of course !!!)

I'm so late with this....but happy Anniversary. You two are what marriage should be. Real.

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