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03 March 2013


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There will be that 'aha' moment and it will fit into place. You will make it yours. We are all many faceted and there is always a side that we do not often share, a daring side, a side that even we have forgotten. I will not be surprised at what becomes your plan as I know that it will eventually be truly you, even if you do not know it yet. I cannot wait to see it. Love Ana

Corey stick with what represents you and what you love about France. Love your palette, throw in that punch of Aubergine or Tangerine. Those can be switched out if you add them in pillows , vases, flowers etc. Your love will be well represented as you create and the end result of your love will be felt by all who visit.

I have the exact same problem deciding on how to do my 17th century kitchen in Charente. But our budget is almost non-existent, which complicates it. I'm leaning toward a combo of sleek and old. Help!

No matter your choice, it will be gorgeous! Are you seriously trying to have this ready by April? You are adventurous!! Keep us posted, please. Photos are always nice...hint hint!

All of these decisions and deadlines is why, when my husband and I found a French apartment that had just been completely remodeled that we bought it before dinner that night. The building is old, but the style of the remodel is very modern (yes, sigh, think IKEA). The downside is this is not my style. I love what is old and worn. However, everything is beautiful and works great. And who am I to turn my back on American-sized refrigerators or salles de bain/douche in France? So over the years now I will have the fun of finding old furniture that mixes with the sleek stainless steel kitchen.

This reminds me of an old poem we used to say, "Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver the other gold." There is room for both new and old. You are embarking on a business venture. This involves many different tastes both modern and historic. Perhaps kitchens and baths are good places for more modern themes. Best Wishes!

Something old + something new = something uniquely Corey.

Speaking from a rental maintenance background, I suggest you stick with practical and functional when choosing hardware and appliances. Once the apartment is livable, decorate it with your flare. The finished product will function well and look amazing.

I'd never heard of glass countertops, so of course I had to Google images. Love the ones that do not have the green-blue cast that glass can have in certain light. It will be fun watching this project come together.

beige, pavement, slices of aubergine with touches of you and a few clean lines. Something easy to manage, but with the touches you love.

Hi Laura,

The carpenters are starting April 3rd. The apartment won't be ready until July or August.


Hi Katherine
Oh budget it helps me make most decisions.

Thank you for including us.

Fun project!

Corey, I love the idea of modern juxtaposed with antique. I love the good tension that can exist between the two. LOVE aubergine and new leaf green...

Sounds like fun!

yes, it is different from brocanting! i bet that when the paris apartment is done, you'll appreciate the hunting and measuring and decisions you have made. you have so many talents and putting together an apartment is right up your alley.

too bad you weren't doing several apartments, so that the knowledge you have amassed can be put to further use.. xoxo

You must be over the moon . . . dreaming, visualizing . . . it all sounds very exciting!

Corey--as you remodel, please do not lose yourself! Mix the best of old and new! Efficient, modern space planning and appliances can live in harmony with brocante finds. Use your space wisely and pick what you love that is new and add what you love that is old. You have excellent taste and it will work out.

Corey, whatever colors and styles you choose for your apartment, I encourage you to start wearing RED today! Red is the new black.

yes, it is different from brocanting! i bet that when the paris apartment is done, you'll appreciate the hunting and measuring and decisions you have made. you have so many talents and putting together an apartment is right up your alley.

Sand, pavement, and slices sounds magnificent!!! I can't wait to see the process as you move forward. This is exciting!!!

I meant to say "slices of silver". I think I need some sleep. Good night!

Antiques with modern, if pulled off correctly, makes each more “valuable” to the eye. It is like setting off white next to black. WHEN I get to remodel my kitchen, I think I would love slick stainless steel (inox) setting against the old stone walls. When I imagine it, it takes my breath away...

brut contre lisse...

Oh to be in your shoes!!!! Or to be your assistant. I see your apt coming together in your Pinterest boards. Let the creative juices flow!

I like the sleek and clean looking kitchen. I also like it hidden in the back of the apartment away from sight. I live with a guy who makes a holy mess when he cooks (The food that comes from that mess is worth it though).

I am so eager to follow along!

How exciting Corey! Cant wait to watch the progress and follow you on this new journey. You know when Mrs Blanding built her dream house she had a stick of butter. I can just see you with your props!

C, I am sure that you have thought about the building and it's age and if that will be influencing your design. I had many, many of the same feelings as you have had as we built our home. I can remember my husband's plea, " Please, pick the stone as the stone masons are coming next week!". Then strapping my 3 young children in the car with my mom for a ride to the quarry. Or, me calling him and saying that I had picked the roof material with roofers on the house, and the sheer terror that I had forgotten to show him my choice. Yes, I was the project manager, and even submitted the window/door order for 54 peices.
I know with your eye this apartment will turn out incredibly chic. Relax, have faith in your choices, and watch it happen!

Mmmmm, why not something, very different, for you? Perhaps in only one room? A possible idea?

Hugs... "Auntie"

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax. Dream. Enjoy.
It will all come together.

Your neutrals with a splash of aubergine sounds rich and luscious - have fun, Corey!

Once stayed in a hotel whith Toile de Jouey buccolic scenes on wallpaper, bedspreads ad accessoiries in Paris. My husband cringed but for a night it was fun. ¨Page 110 of French "Architectural Digest" features a room in such a style, which would get tiresome. Though it was fun to spot at the waiting room of the orthodinist. PS. He even has a chateau for sale!

White kitchens, Yes...xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Whatever you do, I know it will be awesome! My suggestion would be to keep in mind the function. The apartment will be part of the whole experience of the visit to Paris.

Second Ed in Willows' advice. Plus, once you've renovated the apartment with all the basic functional stuff so you can start renting it out, there's nothing to stop you from accenting the place with subsequent brocante finds from time to time, as you find them. And be honest, you just KNOW you want to do that, right?

I discovered my very first brocante in Nice during my one day to explore yesterday. Oh my God, what a sweet surprise! I found a rusty key and lock, some francs, some buttons to take back to my sewing group friends. I wanted a pair of french blue chairs with gold accents on the spindle backs, round seats with a mans face on one, a woman on the other, faded fringe around the seat. I had to settle for a photo and be thankful they would not fit in my baggage, as they would not go at all with my ivory, blanc, sand and slices of pale aqua at home. But, ooooooohh, they were so french, so old, so charming! Practicality first, Corey..then let yourself go and do something totally new in the apartment..because you can!!

Do you know how many of us dream to renovate an apartment in Paris? Oh... the dream of a lifetime!
My daughter and her husband are in the process of buying an incredible house about a 10 minute drive from where I live. I need to practice restraint. I have images and plans of what I want to do to this amazing house. But it is not my house, and I need to remind myself of that. I was cursed with the redecorating gene.

Your neutrals will allow a more spacious feeling to the space and also allow you to use pops of any unexpected color you come up with! (Like Maps? lol) Have fun! I envy you!

sounds exciting, and i am confident you will know what to do!

What fun for you! May I suggest on thing "pull out drawers" vs. shelves. See this example: http://www.durasupreme.com/storage-solutions/convenient-roll-outs
My last kitchen had them and it was wonderful! No more down on my hands and knees to get something way in the back of a cupboard.

Paris is known for its iconic structures and artistic architectures. Living in a artistic home feels like you are from the past. Its like living in a heritage site.

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