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12 April 2013


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spring is here and sasha is accepted into film school. we'll remember this day, won't we?

Poppies for remembrance. I will remember this day for bitter sweet reasons. As ever Corey you read my mind.

Ice storm here. Looking forward to my own poppies sometime soon.

Yes, I do rejoice when spring shows it's pretty face. As I was driving today I wondered what color most exemplified spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Your flowers certainly tell me red in springtime, but what I saw was pink in many trees blossoming along the way.

Wow. Red seems to be the color of the day. I just saw a lovely red Kitchen Aid mixer on a post. It's been a red letter day, and I haven't "seen red" all day. :) I like poppies but they never last here. Our springs are usually hot-hot. Have a red letter day.

I love poppies. The Alpine (yellow) poppies opened yesterday. One cannot be grumpy when there is the bright shot of color right outside the window.

This is the first poppy I saw too. I also made a wish. May our wishes come true.

Thank you! Corey, you know what I wished for. That your friend feel better and that that awful depression go away or ease up for him.

Yes, thank goodness. I feel it too.

No poppies over here in the Lot yet, but many flowering trees and spring bulbs showing pretty faces. If only the sun would come and out stay out for awhile, spring would be easier to enjoy!

Poppies are beautiful and red is my favorite color - voila!

Same here, Corey. No flowers yet (only at the flower stalls), no leaves yet, but the snow is melting and there is spring fragrance in the air. Yay!

Corey...we had sleet this morning from Chicago...I need poppies...
Hope your friend is doing better.

Thinking of you love your simple words.

red is my most favorite color-spring has had a slow start here-welcoming today's sun san warmer temps-

Spring is trying to come here to the Missoula Valley...Johnny Jump-ups and other violas are blooming, a few dandelions bloomed yesterday...now in some organic honey to make my little daily tincture to ward off colds and strengthen the immune system.....lilac leave are ready to unfurl and the giant Dutch elm trees look ready to explode...so far willows only show their loveliness when cut and brought inside, forsythia as well...spring is slow to arrive and today the winds are fierce and snow is coming once again...leafy greens and peas are growing their roots under straw mulch...so looking forward to my poppies to bloom - the seeds come to me from France and bring such brightness to the gardens. Thank you for the spring poppy picture..I look at that and have hope.... that soon, very soon I will daily pull weeds, gather blossoms for the house and harvest fresh vegetables and fruit. Spring, new beginnings...the promise of all good things to come.

We had a snowstorm yesterday... it feels like spring will never come.

But, but... purple crocuses were poking their head through the front beds. Covered with snow and ice now.

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