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10 April 2013


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Why is your husband in this video with Fanny Ardant?


ooh I miss my mother in law. She passed away this past June. And I miss her dearly. I always say I married my husband for his mother and sisters! Have too much fun!!! xo marlis

My MIL and I did not gel, nor did she gel with her other DIL's, we have all been happily divorced from her sons for many years and she is now annoying them. ; )

Corey, I thought of a story I heard when you mentioned having old marble for your bathroom...
A warning to everyone when purchasing used marble for kitchen benches/counters. I was told years ago of a NZ couple who purchased a beautiful slab of old used marble from an auction and had it fashioned into a kitchen island counter top. After a few weeks of using the counter to cut food, roll pastry etc they started to notice a foul odour in their kitchen. As you will know marble does leech and on further investigation they got learned the unhappy news that their lovely marble slab had enjoyed a previous life as the back splash of a communal men's urinal. YUK

Wow, your Belle Mere really does have the bug! I'm so glad the two of you are enjoying this time together. The apartment can only benefit if both of you are working your magic.

I don't see my mother-in-law often because of distance but we do Facetime on our iPads. We enjoy one another's company, laugh together, but really don't have too much in common except my husband. She is generous with her love, and that's the most important quality to have :)

I have the BEST mother-in-law in the whole world!!! Doris Martin - I'm sure she has a ticket straight to the pearly gates!! xoxxoo

Leigh!!! lol! OMG!

Ohaha, that video is just to funny!!!!
My first mother in law and my sister in law did not like me and called me names. I was sweet young thing, who would not hurt anyone, could not stand up for herself, I did not understand why.. After 5 years my marriage ended. She was probably so happy. I was alone with two babies in a strange country. She never wanted to see those babies again and she never did. But the best thing is that I survived and forgave her. Her heart was very broken at that time , i guess. Not long ago I found out that she is gone for some time, so I tried to look for her around me, so I can tell her that she is forgiven. ( I know weird)
BTW, I LOVE French Brocantes!!!!

Dear Meow,

You let the mouse out of the bag! Yes that is Yann. He is famous you know.
You naughty kitten!

For 22.5 years it was prickly -- she told Pierre she disapproved of me, of the way my voice became higher pitched when I spoke French, of being too materialistic (I'm not materialistic, but appreciate good design and architecture), and of being fat.

But, for some strange reason, things have mellowed in the past 18 months. I actually look forward to her company (I even invite her to come and stay with me and the kids when Pierre is off on a business trip), and even find myself chatting to her on the phone because I want to. We still don't have much in common, but there seems to be an appreciation and respect there which was missing before. She now asks me for recipes and consults me on cooking questions...

And as Pierre's brother is currently splitting from his partner of 15 years, I guess I at least get brownie points for longevity...

I think the reason things may have mellowed is that my MIL came to realize that I truly loved Pierre's grandmother, who died this past June at the age of (exactly) 105.5 years. Whenever we were in town, we took our children to visit, and when Pierre's grandma was in hospice care, we made several trips to visit -- our 8 year old even interviewed her, and played violin for her. We miss her terribly, and I think that my MIL realized that if her own mother liked me, perhaps I wasn't all bad :-)

How delightful!
I've been wondering where you're staying in Paris, during the construction of the apartment.

Me too!! I want to know about that video too!!! Give us an entire blog post telling us (a) the background on this and (b) what the lyrics are. If you please.

so sweet the two of you enjoying the Paris Apartment...I look forward to a wonderful mother in law as yours....maybe a husband will show up! lol, XO.....so exciting working on your apartment, right up my alley ~

and here is the translation of the lyrics into English!http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1498435 When I played the video the cat went ballistic. Either she hates the music or is frustrated that she didnt understand French.

I am sorry to say that she has passed away, and that we didn't gel very well. Always hoped and definitely tried for improvement.

I am very fortunate that my mil is 95% cool and we get along. There is that 5% that drives us both nuts, but hey, what's a lousy 5%?

About the video... when I watched it the first time I said to myself, "Jimminy! ALL FRENCH MEN LOOK LIKE YANN!...lucky lucky French women." Seriously, I think your husband is very pleasant on the eyes...you two are a perfect match.

How fun! I never knew my mil.

my MIL was a feisty, stylish, blonde with a sweet little voice that wasn't afraid to use profanity if some guy drove in front of her at the shopping mall parking lot.
She traveled the world and loved all her grand and great grandchildren dearly. I have many great times remembered with her, and I do a lot of things the same way she did..guess that's why we got along so well. I had to watch her slip away with Alzheimers, but will treasure all the best memories.

She is loved by all who know her.

My mother in law was a tiny sprite with a bright twinkle in her dark eyes. In her younger days she rode a huge white stallion, took her city by storm, was always in the Society pages. She knew how to garden, cook and entertain, was excellent with children, but most of all, she knew how to love. She died several years ago at the age of 99 and oh, I miss her so.

Corey, your mother in law is a DIAMOND!
Those round frames ... I'm looking for an oval frame for my new finished embroidery - a delicate lily-of-the0valley ... no luck so far ((
Oh, to be in France ... I would have no such problem :)

Even those who doesn't know her personally :) I would LOVE to meet her.

I have a French belle mere who is sweet and kind, but I only see her occasionally and rarely just one on one.

Your MIL sounds like a real jewel. It's so nice to have a good relationship. My MIL was a real jewel for the first 20 or so years of our marriage and we had a lot of fun together. It was if a switch went off and she changed into someone who thought it was okay to say anything that came to her mind. Right after my mother died, she told me she had never liked me. Count your blessings and enjoy the moment.

Oh my MIL was a piece of work. She liked/loved me as much as she could with her diminished capacity to love. She has 3 sons no daughters. Very rude, very crude. I was always sweet and tolerant for my husband's sake. She taught me how to grow roses, wrap beautiful packages, can homegrown tomatoes and collect antiques. We had many happy times and many hurtful times. So glad your relationship with your MIL has blossomed!

My ex-MIL once told me that I would make a good prostitute. Enough said.

Wonderful changes, over 20 years. :-)


My inlaws are both deceased so I hesitate to say anything negative about the dead....let's just say they fit the descriptioin of the "inlaws from hell" or "your inlaws are your outlaws" description pretty well! My ex-husband's parents on the other hand (my English inlaws) were fabulous. The best inlaws anyone could have. So I have at least in my lifetime experienced pleasant relationships with inlaws.....

My MIL is wonderful, very caring and generous and supporting. She is a blessing. :)

My Mother-in-Law epitomized Southern hospitality. She was a cultivation of beauty, with a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor. A true southern belle. She wore her hair in a stylish bob, with one or two finger wave curls. A graduate of Vassar with the bluest of blue eyes. She married an army general, and traveled the world with open eyes. When my soon to be husband introduced me to his Mother. I leaned in and whispered "Oh my, you have Grace Kelly for a Mother? She's beautiful."

Sadly, my loving Mother-in-Law, Elizabeth passed away last November.

I am dancing the happy dance that you and Belle Mere have found a project which you both love and bring mutual respect. My MIL was in the earlys stages of dementia when I met here. I would see glimmers of the person she once was. I think I would have liked her in her heyday. She was feisty and a true feminist. She had to quit teaching elementary school when she married and that really was a thorn in her side. I also married her "baby", so maybe we wouldn't have gotten along since I don't think anyone would measure up as "good enough" for her precious angel. She has been gone 15 years now, but I like to think my Gram is setting her straight on me being good enough. Have fun!

I love my Irish MIL. She is 93 and bore and raised 9 children. My Daniel is the youngest and we are the only ones who live near her. My children, and granddaughter certainly have benefited from that. She still swims for exercise daily and loves to cook vegetarian fare. She has told me that she has no daughters-in-law. Only Daughters. When she was a child, her father told her and her five sisters, that they are people first and women second. Wonderfully loving and progressive.

Alena, not weird, just loving. Your children are so fortunate to have such a mother as you.

My mother in law is very kind and generous. She often tells me how she wishes we lived closer so she could spend more time with her grandchildren. I keep threatening to send them her way when we hit the teenage years!

Oh my, you don't really want to know how it is with my mother-in-law. It is scary. I am so happy for you.

Happily, she loved me more than her son. Sadly, she has left us. Thank you for your happy stories!!

i have been reading your blog every since i fount blogs and i just love yours. i live in n. ga.

What a extra wonderful blessing to have a mother-in-law with whom you can share a passion. She sounds quite talented and eager to help.

I have a mother-in-law, but in 25 years, we have never spent a single moment alone or shared an interest. We live in the same town yet she has been inside my home three times only. You see, she has twin daughters who provide all of her "daughter time".

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