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06 April 2013


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Oh my gosh! I have never seen anything so beautiful! No, I hadn't heard of them either. Wow! They look like glimmery spun silk. Thanks Corey!

I have never heard of or seen anything like this before!

They are truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing! They DO look like spun silk...

This is awesomely amazing. It makes me think that I have probably walked right past some of this gorgeous ice flowers, in my life time and never stopped long enough to truly see what was there. Next fall and early winter I will be on the look-out :) This was a incredible post, thank you for sharing:)
Your blogging sister, Connie :)


Corey I am absolutely SPEECHLESS- Oh My Gosh-so beautiful and boy or boy would I want to touch it..but sometimes beautiful, lovely, delicate, things are to be loved and admire with one's eyes only-I have never heard of these formations nor have I ever beheld one....needless to say come fall/winter i will be looking diligently, i maight add to locate just one of these beautiful creations!

When I lived on a farm I saw these every fall. There is also an hour-long PBS piece on these. If I can find a link, I will send it along.

Thank you for your blog, Corey. It's a daily must read for me.


So amazed by these! Thank you for that captured image! Don't see that here in southern USA!

une merveilleuse découverte ! un très grand merci...

WOW! I am absolutely astonished by this incredible phenomenon!!! I have lived many years witout ever having seen such beauty and I think I will be on the look out to find these little miracles. Thank you for introducing us to such marvels.

These are amazing! As much as I've walked and hiked, I've never seen one or even known they existed. I'll be on the look-out now. Thanks for sharing.

Wondrous, took my breath away, both the beauty and the science behind it!
Thank you so much for sharing this site, I am hooked.
Love Kuriositas' "Mission Statement" in the "about" section, the site being about "Art, science and all the interesting bits in-between".


Beautiful - looks like silk!

So intriguing!

so much we often don't know is there..but it is. That is the wondrous beauty of life. We need to keep our eye out for the magic and believe.

I have never heard of frost flowers. They are beautiful. Now I will be watching for them. Thanks for sharing with us.

I've never heard of these. What beauty Nature holds. Now I really want to live in a cold place for a while in hopes of seeing one of these. Thank you for sharing them.

These are beautiful. "Frost flowers last until the sun's rays touch them" brings to mind Andy Goldsworthy's ephemeral works. Does your information say what parts of the climate/world they mostly occur in?

Adding my thanks and raised hand with those who have never heard of or seen this amazing artwork of nature. Many thanks for opening my eyes, once more, this Sunday to the wonders of the Creator!

Oh, thanks so much for sharing this! I saw one in my yard last year and had no idea what it was, but it was stunning and my family marveled at it until it melted (more like disappeared before our eyes) Amazing! Now we know what to call it if we ever see it again! Beautiful photos!

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