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04 April 2013


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Oh la la...you are so funny, Corey!

#9 You are younger than I, but I also was "natural" until about 30. Lived in a commune, toured with a guerrilla theater company, ate surplus cheese and lots of peanut butter.

#1 I detest anchovies.

#6 I wanted to be a nun and tried to enter the convent at 17. They would not have me until I had "lived" a little. I discovered boys in college and that was the end of that.

#7 You have fabulous hair; I would like to see it that long.

#5 Oh, yes. You really MUST fill in the details on that one!

I know for sure you've spoken about #6 and #10 here before (and I think part of #8). I'm so curious about #6! And I'd love to see photos of you during #4. :)

Something odd about me. Until I was in school (maybe 1st or 2nd grade) I thought everything about families came in twos: 2 parents, 2 children, 2 sets of grandparents, 2 aunts and uncles, because that is how my family was--sort of like Noah's ark.

A boyfriend once gave me anchovies for my birthday. I ate them straight from the tin. Mmm ...

Shoot, your birthday just passed.

Mew Mew

I lived in a commune at 16 while living in Germany.
I love anchovies...
I almost went to a convent courtesy of my dad.
I never dated guys whose hair was longer than mine. One guy cut his. ha ha
Oh I dream in German French or English..

And that is all I'm sharing today..

I had braces in my forties.
I started going grey when I was 24.
I never had long hair (the longest to my shoulders). I'd love to, but my hair is not full or strong enough.

Doesn't Yann like the nick name "French Husband"?

I love haunted house stories! I want to hear about it!

I do not like avocados, when I was two, that was all I would eat for 6 months. Hate them to this day.

I could eat chicken almost every day of the week but also love tacos...

I was born with my feet facing the wrong way

I asked a boy who was going in the Seminary to my prom...

Late birthday presents make me purrrr ...

Mardog was homecoming queen. I take every opportunity I can to remind her, especially if it's in front of a large group of people. She doesn't like it and hits me with her scepter.

it is funny,just the other day while speaking french to my animals/myself, i thought, i wonder if corey speaks french to yann when they are just 2-when i was with my french boyfriend he spoke english to me and i with him sometimes french-but 90% english it/he was so sweet- cute with the english i LOVED it-he was unkind in his correction of my then limited highschool french so i became apprehensive speaking french to him- me, my brothers and sister went to a grade school that was a mansion built in the 1700's by a british family that was haunted, a broken romance-my sister saw the one ghost(there are 2) early one morning when we had arrived super early-my mom did not tell me until i was in my 20's-i still ask her about it to this day- one thing about me....i cannot and do not watch scary movies-another boyfriend scared me in a dark parking lot after seeing a very scary movie-i do not even like thrillers-affects my energy levels too much-i lie about the number of animals in my house because i don't want people to judge me or make comments which they always do-people choke on the church incense-but i secretly dance for joy-i love it-i don't like mayonaise-

Odd? What is Odd? I want to jump out of an airplane so badly(with a Parachute of course), but I am scared of heights, but I am going to do it before I'm 50 (I'm 44 now). I see a big shot of courage will be in order!

"I was Portuguese and smelled" !!!
That's both awful and hilarious at the same time!
Was it BECAUSE you were Portuguese that you smelt?
Or was it just a coincidence and you would have smelled no matter what your background?

I do not have one single solitary odd thing about me!
I am perfectly normal.
Oh - okay - sometimes, I smell.

While I love banana bread and banana ice cream, I cannot eat a banana.

Loved your list! :-)

And I love puntarelle with anchovy dressing, aged Cabot cheddar, artichokes, persimmons, and grilled sardines.

probably on the more boring side of odd - it seems I ate odd food as a child but it's what my mother gave me and I liked it - still do -
ham sandwiches with butter or
cream cheese and grape jelly sandwiches
I got made fun of in summer camp for having a container of cottage cheese in my lunch box (what was my mother thinking?)

One of my biggest joys happens when I break an egg and get a double yolk.

Once, I got a triple yolk. It was amazing.

I love when you call your lovely partner in crime "French Husband." It's charming and allows me to live vicariously through you.

Sometimes I say something to my husband and he looks at me like I was speaking French to him...

Nothing odd about me, absolutely normal, except that I couldn't stand the feel of the fuzzy material that used to hold the car windows in place 40 years ago, but I would run my finger down it to feel the burn. It made my skin crawl, but I did it anyway. What is up with THAT?!

Anchovies are disgusting! I won't ever turn anti-clockwise when in the shower...don't know why?

People always say this is odd but I always wanted to be a nun. It's true. Think Sally Field and The Flying Nun. Yep.

I believe in spirits, so your haunted house mention made goose bumps...oh, would love to hear about that.

THAT is awesome!

I have a ting little dot of a hole on my ear close to my face. My dad had an identical tiny little hole on his ear. I always thought that wàs a bit strange but really cool too.

The other day I realized I was speaking in complete sentences in French. Unfortunately, I was talking to the puppy and elle n'a pas compris. I fell off a swing as a child and broke an arm. Since then I've been very uncomfortable if on unsteady ground and am scared of heights.

I love reading "Ten..." lists! This was a lovely end of the day treat for me, not only some of your personal things, but things from your readers as well. I feel like I know everyone a bit better now!

As for me:
I "sign" (american sign language) in my sleep.
Not sure what it's called, but strangers come up to me and confide in me all the time, *personal* confessions, in elevators, parking lots, wherever.
Animals. People will say their pet cat/dog/bird HATES people, but I walk in the room and I have an animal trying to snuggle up with me, crawling up in my lap, sitting on my shoulder, and generally following me until I leave the building.
And I, as many of you, have seen a "personage/ghost" twice. Once at the neighbor's house (CREEPY) and once on our front porch, just standing there looking in the window (we found out he had hung himself out there in the early 1900s). Crazy.

Love this! I also ran into something when I was 5 and had one black front tooth until it fell out and was replaced by my adult teeth.

I generally think everything about me is a bit odd, but here goes. I had my first kiss when I was seven years old from a boy named Kirby. My first real grown up kiss didn't happen until I was 19 (almost 20 - I was a late bloomer) from a man named Paul and a filling in his mouth proceeded to fall out! I have been a calligrapher since the age of 10, 30 years now!

I am Portuguese(father) and Irish(mother). My husband says that is a crazy combination especially when I am not happy with someone! I am the oldest and have three brothers. My mother sent me every school holiday and entire summers to stay with my Great Aunt and Uncle in San Francisco so that I could explore "life" and learn to be a "lady." She was very busy with my brothers. I believe in afterlife and have vivid dreams that come true.

I love your list.

I was never afraid of heights until I got on a ferris wheel with my husband when I was 8 months pregnant. I about had a heart attack every time we got to the top. I've been afraid of heights ever since and have a panic attack when I see my kids get near the edge of a high place.
I also spent time in a monastery! (About a year.) And several convents on a 6 week excursion across Europe. I still keep in contact with several of the nuns I met along the way.

I love reading your stories :)

Weird? Well I'm 63 and I still don't shave my legs. The fact that I'm a man doesn't count because I see a lot of the young gay guys shaving things besides their faces. Also my legs are weirdly hairless naturally.

My boyfriend for most of high school and the first year of university was French from Angers. He looked like a young Omar Sharif, and now still looks like Omar Sharif. He and my husband were friends in grad school, and were the only two French boys in the faculty.

Despite my husband being a francophone, I cannot imagine speaking French to him; it would just feel too weird. But -- I do speak French to my children. (Especially when I say "Je ne suis pas d'accord")

I am Czech, and as an immigrant, grew up without extended family. I was an only child and we moved frequently, and so I became a bit of a lonely bookworm. A child of Prague, I think it is the most beautiful city. Once, I brushed shoulders with Vaclav Havel when he was president. It was a vernissage in an art gallery, and I stood there making like a goldfish, wanting to say something but not finding the words. (I did the same thing to a former Prime Minister of Canada once)

I skipped two grades and started university at age 16. I did a degree in art just to be able to play with colours all day.

When I was in grade 8, our English teacher showed us Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet, and I've seen it at least a dozen times since, easily my most-viewed movie (well, if you don't count Finding Nemo or Madagascar, which I saw quite unintentionally). As a teenager, I almost lived in the local repertory cinema, watching all the indies and foreign films I could, and at first, wanted to be a film director.

Thanks for sharing your list. Something weird about me - I am 50 and still love roller coasters, especially sitting in the front. I also like going on ghost walks/tours - especially in England. My husband likes neither; however, I did get him to go on one ghost walk in the UK - he jumped every time we walked around a corner.

I love anchovies
I hate cooked cabbage.
In my next life I'd like to be a sheep farmer.
I used to speak Swahilhi.
I took French in college.
I hate roller coasters.

I have always wanted to spread my arms and be able to fly.

I love these lists. Oddities in my life:
My first haircut was when I was 3 years, 3 months and 3 days old. My mother saved the very long curly ponytail and I inherited it.
I gave birth at home twice. My son, whose birthday is today, weighed 9&1/2 pounds. My daughter weighed 10 pounds.
My granddaughter began calling me Mamie when she was a baby. It stuck.

I used to row dories down white water rivers with my now husband. We did the Colorado River 3 times. It is kind of the water version of a roller coaster. :)

I was covered with freckles ,my brother used to call me turkey's egg, !!!! Had hair to my waist,had not cut it for 40 years till chemo took care of that!!!! was told on an aptitude test I should be a priest!!!! always wondered if they had checked my name carefully!!!! also learned that life is far stranger than fiction....

Annie v.

I love anchovies, probably because of the salt.
My FH's name is Philippe and I just cannot call him Phil. He is such a Philippe.
My favorite French boy's name was Regis, which my husband vetoed right off, but then we had girls anyway :)

Forgot to say that my youngest son's name is Yan with only one n, which in the US has given him a few problems at University they thought he was chinese, as there used to be a program called "Yan can cook" and of course the cook was chinese, just imagine their surprise when he would show up all 6 feet3 and as caucasian as could be, all mockery would quickly disappear!!!

Love the Lists! Here are a few from mine..I love animals and converse easily with them. Walking a Labyrinth, keeping a journal and Yoga are essential to my well being. Antique items, especially serving dishes or hand tools are far cooler than new things. I believe the secrets to successful living are spelled out in the Book of Ecclesiastes. I love to be surrounded by items my friends and family have given or sold to me, as I feel their presence. Old mirrors enchant me.

Odd things about me: I can pack a mule, I've lived at a place farthest from a road in the lower 48 states. I wanted to be a nun once, also a Jewish freedom fighter during the 6-Days war..and I'm neither Catholic nor Jewish! If I could be a rock star, I'd be Janis Joplin. I have a dream to walk the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostelle. I'm kind of all over the place, eh?

I was so excited when our first grandchild was born. Little Simone forever changed how everything would be in life. I got to choose the name she, and subsequent grandchildren, would call me...Grandmere it would be. No one else had difficulty calling me Grandmere, but alas, little Simone had another idea. Out of the blue it came, "Momo". And so it is today.

When I was six months old I stopped breathing and my nana saved my life
I hate anchovies
I am allergic to garlic
I wanted to be a nun when I was young
Lived in a house where there was a poltergeist
I am an adrenaline junkie

I shall come back to this delightful collection - when I've had time to read all the comments. They are - same as your post - so interesting, funny, informative, special that I want to spend enough time to appreciate it all.....

And of course we all know your FH's name already... :) We're not sleeping when we read your posts, darling...

Love from your Swiss fan with a ton of oddities!

I know I saw a Angel in the sky when I was young.
When I was young I wanted to be a nun also
Now that I am 56 I can say that one of the most fasinating and beautiful things I have ever witnessed is seeing a demon being called out of a person and how calm they look afterwards.
I love lying in the woods.
That is.. woods that are close by
I have a fear of wearing shorts
I love Sferra sheets, cold air coming in the windows beside me and a Scandia pillows and comfortoer
I really enjoy Coerys blog and sometimes wonder the time and energy it takes to post everyday
Your the best Corey

I love disaster movies. Crazy because they scare me, and I really am a very calm . Go figure!

I love the lists find out fun facts about people!

Ok that was a test post.
1. Can sing the Libyan national anthem (with a TX accent) had to sing it every morning before school when I lived there.
2. Don't like anchovies
3. Love to fly especially take off and landing
4. Speak Spanish fairly fluently
5. Studied French in high school and college but have nobody to practice with, therefore have forgotten most..... Love language
6. Love my dogs
7. I am an only child

Fear of squared off butt cheeks....
fear of driving in an unfamiliar place and my exit is "gone".
Men who "comb" their hair with a "comb"
Especially in public...(airports)

Corey, please tell stories about the haunted house.

I wanted to be a pilot when I was a teen. I had a lot of pictures of airplanes and of Marina Popovich - a female test pilot, on the wall over my desk.
Now I'm nervous when flying :(

Also, I've seen an UFO. It was over 20 years ago and that image is still clear.

Loved reading all the posts..I had two great aunts who were nuns of the Immaculate Conception..we always wondered if they had hair. I had a niece who was older than me because my dad was much older than my Mom and had another family that was grown when I was born. My dad got lost in the woods all night when we went to pick wild blueberries once.(scary) I have two tattoos that I got after the age of 40. I love consulting with a psychic and "visiting" my family who has crossed over. While reading all these answers I was thinking there was nothing unusual about me, but now I take it back..!

I like premium plus crackers crumbled into my pudding - it makes it crunchy. We started doing it as children as there were four of us and there was never much to go around so adding crackers stretched it out a bit more and I found I really liked it. I hated eating pudding at friend's houses because they thought it was weird to put crackers in it and I didn't like it without!

I hate anchovies too.
I used to hate vinegar, until I was pregnant with #2 and craved it. Now we both like it.
I only ever had short hair as a child and thro' my teens (it was the Eighties after all). I grew it long in my mid-20s and have never gone back to short.
I lived in what was essentially Rome's red-light district for a year and hardly even noticed.

My Dad had a drinking problem and left me in a bar when I was six monthes old. When he went home, my Mother said "Where's the baby?" My Dad said, "What baby?" (She found me sitting on the bar.) At 12, I worked in cotton fields. Probably the last of my generation to pick cotton. At 5'10", I was a gymnnist in high school. I gave trampoline exibitions at basketball halftimes. I was a house model for Vanity Fair lingerie. I saw Elvis Presly 2 months before he died in 1977. I did not fly until I was 37. I took up surfing in Hawaii at age 54. Moved to Costa Rica at 54 and lived in the rain forest and surfed for two years. Raised a baby monkey and released him to the wild. Chased the blue morpho butterfly. Married three times. I'm basically a Free Spirit and not good marriage material. My alter ego name is Jude Butterfly :-)

I spent a many Friday night listening to you belt this out, head song-leader girl. No megaphone needed.

I said a Boom Chicka Boom
I said a Boom Chicka Boom
I said a Boom Chicka Rocka Chicka Rocka Chicka Boom
Uh huh
Oh yeah
One more time ________ style.

What's odd about me?
Wanting to know what the french translate is for the Chicka Boom Song.

J'ai dit un Chicka Boom Boom
J'ai dit un Chicka Boom Boom
J'ai dit Boom Chicka Chicka Rocka Rocka Chicka Boom
uh huh
Oh yeah
Un style plus..

This is a kinda funky blog today. Love It!

Started Catholic School at 4 years of age.
I wanted to be a nun, too. Was even called one in High School when running for Student Council. (Yes, I was elected.)
Got bit by a monkey! It had gotten lose from a neighbor's house - of course I wanted it - doesn't every kid want a monkey????
Graduated High School at 16.
Graduated College at 48!
Had long hair to my waist until my 30's.
Wore Bell Bottoms with Red Polka Dots as a kid - WAY COOL!
My name is written on a beam of the John Hancock Tower in Boston, Ma.
I was included in Corey's prayer on the Bells of Notre Dame. Great perk of being a follower of her blog! Thank You Corey.

OK here goes-
1. I was named after my father, Peggy(He was named peg-a-leg because of an accident)then the name stuck! He was Big Peggy & I was little peggy.
2. My mom made my daddy change clothes in the garage before he came into the house each night. Every piece of clothing!(he owned a fish house)She would put his clean clothes in the garage for him each day.
3. I slept with my grandmother until I was 13(she lived with us)
4. I hate anchovies!
Love reading all the comments. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

The monkey got loose not lose!

My children were born 11 years apart and share the same birthday, and weighed the same and were the same length. The time of their birth was only 12 minutes different (and 11 years, of course). I had 6 wisdom teeth. Pretty boring stuff compared to the rest of these fascinating bloggers, and the original blogger herself. I love anchovies as long as they are incorporated into the food and no longer look like what they were.

What is odd, is when you asked that question I went blank!
On Many Occasions, I can remember that God had His hand on me and saved me from dying. I must have more to do, bc my most recent thing He saved me from was from a little known disease in 1999 called " Guilliame Barre' Syndrome" They told me I wouldn't walk, but I walk just fine now. My knowledge of herbs paid off, and of course, prayer. There was a doctor from another city that showed up and taught all the other doctors about the disease, He was supposed to be a specialized neurologist I was a "Guinnie pig" recieving his techniques and this doctor smelled like cookie dough. I have tried to find him since then and he is no where! That hospital had my paper work and records but all the other doctors he was teaching had signed off on things. I wanted to find him so he could treat another woman in Louisiana as he had treated me, bc she was not healing well. I released my records so her doctor could observe. I remember this neurologist going off and coming back...he would say "I won't forget to come back, but I have another assignment" He was very tall and had blue blue eyes, and I think I encountered an angelic being sent by God. I still have some nerve damage, but I do everything I want to do, just with a little reminder of how God has spared me from being in a coma, or paralyzed or dead! All the docs could say was "what ever you are doing just keep doing it!" So I keep praying and thanking God ;o)

I lived in a war zone. I was attacked by a dog who bit my face, but I still love dogs, and have no fear. I hate fennel. I am obsessed with abandoned houses, locked doors in museums, and secret passages in old houses. When grocery shopping, I never get the first item on the shelf, but always the one from the second row.

"While in France, we lived in a haunted house. Hence I cannot sleep in a house alone."

Oh please!!!!!!!!! Do a post on this!!!!!!! Or if you did one, and I missed it, please leave a link.

Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!


Corey, do you know that the awful comment setting is on here? The one which makes us figure out awful words/numbers, in order to leave a comment, on a blog?

Please and thank you... Check your comment settings....


And then, when I put that 2nd comment, the awful words setting did not show.????????????????


To me anchovies are like manna from heaven when used correctly.
I would rather eat rice and vegetables and fish every day.
I used to think if I lay on the cool grass on a hot summer day in front of our house the neighbors would think I fainted or was injured. Tried it. No one noticed. Now I do it often. Never, ever liked the name "Dick".

My maiden name is French - LaMontagne. I wanted to be a nun, too, until I discovered boys! I am allergic to flouride. I once had a clairvoyant experience, my uncle died of a heart attact. I had not heard about it yet, but at the very time it happened, I was entering my house and as I touched the doorbell, I had a strange feeling that someone had called and something was wrong (I thought it was my dad). The next day, I heard that my uncle had died. Weird.
I like anchovies, but only on Caesar salad.

-- My father saved me from a charging bull when I was 5 and wearing a red sweater -- I once had a boyfriend that had a pet boa constrictor -- love roller coasters so much that I want to get back on for a 2nd ride when it's over, but the one on the Las Vegas strip nearly gave me a whiplash -- I have a fear of knives -- have a pencil lead spot on my right elbow but can't remember exactly how it got there -- road on the back of Yann's motorcycle from their village to Marseille in my 50's

When I was small I went through an 'orange' period. I would only eat orange foods including carrots, orange candy slices and bacon(why I concluded it was orange I'm not sure).
I also used to make pictures with the food on my plate, lining up the peas in directional vectors etc. No wonder I paint still lifes!
I once read Marilyn Monroe could not sleep if the closet door was open and immediately adopted that aberration. I'm over it now and don't give a damn about closet doors anymore.

I stir my coffee with a butter knife and like my coffee very strong even though I drink decaf. I love color but can't allow it in my wardrobe which is predominately black, white, grey, solid colors NO prints (I just can't wrap my eyes around clothes with patterns however I like mixing patterns in my decor). I love anchovies. My eyebrows are tattoos - my real eyebrows just kind of disappeared one day. I prefer music with no lyrics. I cannot sleep with the closet door open. I hate musicals (couldn't stand Chicago - could barely sit through les Miserables). This seems like a lot more than ten. I'm not overly weird, just annoyingly quirky.

Love your list, Corey. I'd love to hear more about life in a monastery and that gig at the haunted house.

Mom packed a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich on thin slices of whole wheat "Hollywood" bread in my school lunch everyday! Whole wheat wasn't all that normal in the 50's.

1. I practice Worm Mercy on rainy days, when worms are about to be stranded on concrete and run over. Have done this for probably 50 years so far.
2. Due to mystery allergies and funky sinuses, I have periods of time when I can't smell or taste. The food world becomes tediously black-grey-and-white instead of full color. Since sinus surgery two weeks ago, I've only been eating smooth savory foods that all seem to be brown (roast chicken), white (mashed potatoes), or tan (rice cooked in chicken stock; slightly overcooked cabbage). Someday I'll eat and enjoy colorful foods.
3. I was a saucy hippie chick architecture student in the early 70's. When it came time for the college of Engineering Beard Growing Contest, I signed up for "most valiant attempt" category. I tried HARD to squeeze out a beard (and made the secretaries who were the judges laugh) and actually made the finals (!) but opted to skip the Engr banquet where winners were announced -- my dad was an Engineering professor at that same school and would have been mortified. I went to a Frank Zappa contest instead.
4. I used to paint decorative dots on bowling balls for outdoor yard art. Now I paint dots on chairs and mirror frames and indoor stuff.
5. Yes, we readers know that French Husband's name is Yann, but it always amused me that you called him FH.

So fun to read these tidbits from the Tongue-in-cheek family!

I adore FRENCH HUSBAND!I think I copied you and refer to my husband as the ITALIAN husband on my site!IT definitely will not last just speaking FRENCH with YANN!Tried that with ITALIAN HUSBAND in the very beginning don't think I lasted an hour!He was always correcting me!Now, you know way more french then I do Italian so I give you one week!
Something strange about me.......well, I gained 53 pounds with each SON when I was pregnant!I just read DIANA,Princess of Wales gained 53 pounds with William!That makes me feel a whole lot better!

Fun to read!

Great story

What's squared off butt cheeks?

Thank you.

How do feet face the wrong way? I am so afraid of your answer.

Patricia - my mother was also named "Mamie" by her grands. Her children-in-law and her sons also began calling her that. :)

Dear Corrie, please, please, tell the story of the haunted house you and Yann lived in? Please.

Forgive me, I spell your name incorrectly! I will start over.Dear Corey, please please tell the story of your haunted house?

1. Loathe anchovies; cannot even stand the stench.

2. As a child I promised my maternal grandmother never to get my ears pierced (one of her big regrets in life), and I've kept my word.

3. I have perfect pitch, although it seems to have gone a tad flat in recent years (or else musicians are tuning their instruments slightly sharper nowadays, which is entirely possible, in pursuit of a "brighter" sound!).

4. I didn't find out I had (half) Portuguese ancestry till after my parents were both dead (discovered it on some old family documents in my dad's house, had to battle his sister's denials till I finally forced her to confess the truth against her will, and was she ever pissed!).

5. After I passed the Latin achievement test as an entering freshman at Cal, I swore NEVER to study another foreign language again so long as I lived (in tandem with #4, beyond ironic that I became a Portuguese-English translator!).

6. Never ate an artichoke till I was past 30 and living in the East -- we never had them at home in Northern California when I was growing up, and it takes some courage to do battle with a whole one the first time (canned artichoke hearts were my "gateway drug").

Thank you, Teresa Cesario !

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