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08 April 2013


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So glad Annie is fine and snoring! You are great friends!

A tear ran down my face as I began to read this and saw Annie's name. Though I do not know this BLESSED soul personally, I KNOW her through your love! Thank God and His graciousness for the snore. Thank God and His graciousness for Yann. Thank God and His graciousness for YOU dearest Corey. ZzZzZzZzZzZz

Thank GOD and HIS graciousness for DEAR Annie!

God bless you all three!

I made a little movie of this in my head while reading and it was really good. Did you have your slippers on at least?

what wonderful people you and yann are! it made me realize that life is good.. today's story helped to remind me that it's been decades since i received an early morning phone call.. bientot

Holding my breath! Thank God a happy ending!

I, as the others above me, am grateful to hear dear Annie is well, and snoring!

Since he was 6, my eldest son, was diagnosed with a disease that leaves him with zero immunities - think "The Bubble Boy". Although he is now grown, strapping, and with a family of his own, he still remains very vulnerable.

three months ago he was diagnosed with "non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, advanced." This was a scare. a 3-5yr "if..." kind of scare. But we believe in prayer, and prayers were said and thought and lived as we waited for the final staging and multiple tests to be finished.

And then, one phone call and the prayers were answered, he was "Unexplained, clear"! So yes, keep praying!

Everyone should have an Annie in their lives, and everyone should have someone as loving as you.

Oh Corey, I am so happy it was not Annie's time to go...I am not ready for that...though I have never met her, I want her to stay as long as possible because I love what she brings to your life. God bless you all -- you, Annie, and Yann. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. Sheila in Seattle

OMG, middle of the night phone calls are just horrid. So glad Annie was okay. Were you able to go back to sleep?

It is amazing what can be done when our brains go on autopilot. The adrenaline takes over and it is as though all your years of knowledge and experience are available to you instantly, no need to think or deliberate, no need to flick a switch or press a button, your brain registers what information is needed and then you simply act. Love pure and simple. You are both truly guardian angels.

She is blessed to have you so close.
Phone calls in the middle of the night are usually never good. Glad this one was a good laugh!!!

Oh, I am SO glad to hear Annie is OK. I am sure her family is very grateful that you live close by and can be in Annie's house in a matter of seconds.

Thank GOD. Annie is timeless and I can't image your blog without stories of Annie.


I got a call, a VERY scratchy cell phone call on a brand new phone touch phone I didn't know how to answer, to dial anything...finally, I heard "Gregg has had an accident" (All scratchy) I kept saying WHAT WHAT... Gregg? Accident? WHAT? I was near Chico helping a friend move, he was at a friend's ranch south/west of Willows - we were 45 minutes a part. Next was the longest 30 min of my life to meet them in Ord Bend to take him to the emergency room. Many bloody, painful and grizzly stitches later...

but he sure is proud of that scar on his leg. Asked me the other day if I still had pictures of open wound on my phone! (I erased them a long time ago!!)

early January...my Mom...crying and in shock. Medics had come for her husband at 2am. She was too emotionally distraught to accompany the unit to hospital. Dr. called her half an hour later, husband died at ER entrance, 45 minutes CPR didn't work. Imagine getting that news by phone! Awful. You know, Corey, there is absolutely nothing more heart wrenching than hearing our mothers cry and say they are scared. The cab couldn't get me to her home fast enough. I hate 3am phone calls!

I was scared when I saw the word Annie. Yikes. Stars in both your crowns, Corey and Yann. We need to hang onto these elders as long as they are willing and able.

You do NOT need any more scary moments!?

My kitty ate some of an Easter lily last week, which I now understand is usually fatal for them if not treated right away. After a rush to a nearby vet, and a moderate dose of activated charcoal, she came home. We had 72 hours to watch and see if what they gave her helped. It did. Cats don't compare to humans but it was a fright as she my closest companion.

No more lilies are coming in my house.

OH, wonderful news! and a silly story to tell AFTER the initial moment of horror.

Thankful Annie is OK. Whew!
My scares have been fairly regular recently with husbands dizzy spells. Hoping they can get them under control.

Glad Annie was sleeping safe and sound. Nothing like a drill at 3am. The last scare I had was last week, I went to bed early at 8:45pm and was almost asleep when DH turned on the light and said I had a phone call. Of course I thought it was family.... but no, it was a headhunter wanting to know if I was interested in a position she was recruiting for. Huh? Doesn't anyone sleep anymore?

They say the first person who will live to 150 is alive today. We all hope it is somebody we know.

God bless you, Corey! You have elevated the verse, love your neighbor toward heaven.

Thank you,God. My heart was in my throat. How blessed you are to have each other. (You, Yann, and Annie)

So happy to know that Annie is OK. My mom did the same thing many years ago. I was sitting with her in her bedroom when we heard a voice coming through the box that was part of the alert system. "Mrs. Waltzer? Mrs. Waltzer, are you ok?" She responded "yes, why"? The alarm went off. I asked her to stand up suspecting that she was sitting on the button. She was. Here's to happy endings!

Whew . . . three in the morning phone calls scar the willies out of me. Happy your Annie was just having a "Happy Snore!"

So thankful for a happy outcome to your scare!! Give Annie a huge hug from her fan in Missouri!! The precious gift of friendship is one of God's greatest gifts! I will be reliving this scenario in my mind's eye for days to come!!

Far too many middle-of-the-night calls -- either bad news re a family member, or else drunken dialers. I hate telephones.

Phew! You had my pulse racing all the way over here in New Zealand....so glad it was a false alarm and Annie is going well.

Hi to her from New Zealand!

Au Revoir....

What a relief for Annie that you live so near by. What a relief to us all that Annie is fine!

So glad she was ok! Love hearing about Annie!

Such power you have Annie, enticing me to scroll down to the end to see what happened before the détails. Thanks for the belly laugh.

Whew! I agree - 3:00 a.m. calls are never good; glad this one had a happy ending.

My heart sunk to my toes when I first started reading this. When I saw Annie, tears started to form. Now they are tears of relief. I do hope Annie knows that she has a legion of fans all over the world. Having elderly parents means anytime the phone rings at an odd time, my heart jumps. I also live in an agricultural area and the local processor of good things to eat is one digit off of mine. I get early morning calls letting me know that the trucks of potatoes, apples, grapes, etc., are leaving now and due in soon. At 4 am, it takes a while for my heart to stop racing, not be snarly, and gently tell them the correct number. :)

So pleased your story had a happy ending!!

My heart started racing when I read "Annie" - so happy it turned out to be a false alarms. Hugs for all three of you,

Last time I had a scare? Just now reading about Annie. Like a lot of people so pleased to hear that she is fine. Whew, can breath now!

Oh wow so scarey. So glad our hearts can handle such jolts. When I move to Provence I want to be your neighbor. You and Yann are such good and loving people! Several of those calls during the last years of our parents' lives. So happy for you and Annie. She has an international cheering section...
My latest was actually me. I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, Avelox, and went into anaphylactic shock. Luckily had sense enuf to call 911 as hubs was out of town. Very scarey but a happy ending.

Thank goodness that Annie was snoring! And thank goodness that you are there for her and for her family! My most recent scare, very benign by comparison, was on a plane ride back to Florida after having returned home for a few weeks to tend to my ailing dad.

I had packed a light carry-on so that I did not have to wait for baggage at the end of my trip. Being one of the last to board the pane on my first leg - there was no room in the overhead compartments, so my bag had to be checked underneath just as I was boarding. I quickly removed my camera, laptop and my medication from it (so as to avoid not having them if my luggage got lost, and to not have them be a temptation to someone handling the the bag), and took my seat. It was only after we were taxiing for takeoff that I remembered something still in the bag. My husband had requested that I go to the bank before returning to Florida and to bring back a significant amount of cash with me (we have no bank account there). Yes - that significant amount remained in my bag - now under the plane and awaiting transfer to another plane at my connection in D.C. - there was no way to get to it.

Now - I believe in the intrinsic honesty of most people, but I spent about six hours from beginning to end of my trip envisioning someone opening my bag and removing that wad of cash. How would I explain this to my husband? Yikes!

Fortunately, my faith in mankind was intact when I retrieved my bag in Florida with everything still there.

A life-threatening scare - no. A scare nonetheless - yes!

BIG OLE SMOOCHIES for Annie [and you and Yann give each other one, too] - still shake my head at the wonderful friendship with you all through the world-wide-wonderful-web! Closest we have geographically been is when you were at Round Top...if you come up to Fort Worth, give me a holler!

God Bless you all for the love you share.

oh my goodness...you scared me. So glad Annie is ok.

Thank you Jesus! I don't think I took a breath until I got to the end of your post Corey. I teared up immediately. Bless you and Yann, and Annie.

What a wonderful friend you are. Unfortunately I have a new scare almost every day. dealing with scary legal matters and having my family attack me. I will be so glad once this cycle of fear is over. So glad for you that your friend was ok and it was only a false alarm.

My heart beat slowed in good measure...I was holding my breath as I read, as you ran..no need for a coat - care and concern are much warmer than a coat.....and then the snore, I took a breath....and said "thank you Lord" for this dear lady is one who each day is in my prayers as I follow her stories through your writing....what a most delicious ending to a frightening phone call...You are an angel in your relationships with others....you model the true heart of a most deep faith...thank you Corey for sharing so much with us all....

My heart was in my mouth as I read your post. I am so glad to hear it was a false alarm... I can only imagine your panic. Please give Annie my best, and a pat on the shoulder for you too Corey - she is lucky to have you.
The last time I had a scare was a couple of years ago when my daughter was driving from Calgary... she was supposed to call from the half-way point but that time had long since passed with no call. Just then a police car pulled into the driveway and two policemen got out and walked toward the door - I thought I was going to be sick... Marc went to the door.... they were lost and asking for directions. Ten minutes later Laura called - her phone battery had died and she had had to wait for it re-charge and was now in the next town, only twenty minutes from home.
I will never forget the feeling of that police car pulling in to my drive way, nor my relief when they left!

The one time I got a call in the middle of the night it was the local trauma hospital, asking if I knew a Michele. I said yes, she's my daughter. They asked me to describe her. I panicked. They said, we think we have her here. How soon can I get there? She had been in a near fatal boating accident. Fortunately someone above was looking out for her. She not only survived a serious head injury, broken back, broken neck, internal abdominal bleeding and more. After a month at Harborview, she went home in a body cast. Today she is the mother of two and nearly as good as ever. For months afterward, I woke every night around the time of that phone call!

this was a cliff hanger. Love to annie, you + yann. How blessed you are to have each other. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Rose jam. This calls for petals in one's bra and Annie's rose jam.

God bless Annie and her guardian angels tenderly placed so near and dear!

Any call at that time of the night is a heart stopping moment. So glad it was a false alarm and that all is well on both sides of the Atlantic. Sleep well all night tonight!

thank goodness! I feel like I know Annie and heard myself utter "oh, no!" when I read the first "Annie".
An interesting, and rather sad, tale about your Annie. She looks exactly like my ex-MIL, right down to her skirts and sweaters. When I showed her picture to my daughter, her sad and telling comment about Annie's picture compared to her grandmother : "she does look like Gram, but I never saw Gram smile or look that happy". There's a lesson in there that I'm taking to heart.
Be safe and well, Annie, and blessings on you for being such a wonderful friend.

I thought "Oh non !!! " when I read Annie's name, I thought "Vite Corey , run !" and I thought " Yay false alarm ! " when I read she was snoring. So glad you live so close to her place and had a good laugh about the whole thing !

All I read was read the title and had a panic attack! Thank goodness she was snoring away:)

There were more than a few occasions when my husband has been deployed and I've been woken at all hours of the night to phone calls. All it takes it one ring to get me sitting up straight and wide awake!

Rosemary xxx

My heart was in my throat. So glad all is well.

Oh my word you scared me to death, whew, is right! Bless her heart, she is my hero!! You are my hero!! I could just imagine you flying in the air to Annie's house. An angel on wings you are. xoxoxoxoxo

Scary moment - glad to hear all turned out well!

a part of us will be gone the day Annie leaves us. Last scare: last week coughed up blood.

I wrote a post recently, Corey, about a late night call I received, also with a happy endng...


Such a relief to know that Annie and all of you are well.


I too got a roll in my tummy seeing the word Annie. I can see she is a very popular and loved part of your blog. I follow those entries closely also as my mother is 94 and is so much like Annie. On her own, cooking, cleaning and really doing well. I kind of see her & Annie as long distance sisters and hope that they can keep doing what they do for a long, long time. We are lucky to have such wonderful examples of growing old to emulate. And more than that, to share our life with.

There is nothing worse than hearing the phone ring during the middle of the night. I lost both of my parents during that time. My daughter will be in Paris for two months this summer working towards her French major. She is living my dream -- taking classes in French Design and Architecture and French Cinema! I know I will be getting phone calls from her, and some will surely be during the night(I doubt that she will do the math and remember that we are still asleep). My heart will stop!
I am happy to hear that Annie is o.k. and has a life-line button. I am planning on meeting Annie, you know ;)

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