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06 June 2013


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Plenty of blame to go around and loving it all. The fabric deer head is awesome.


Love the pictures of their shop. I see so many things I would love to have. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

The reflection of you in the window makes me want to see what you were wearing.
I too love the fabric deer head.
Glad you got to refuel.


corey it is the RED in those first few pictures= the window= and then the chairs through the shop window-I JUST LOVE IT-love making friends along the way...life's greatest pleasures-sharing stories, ideas, loves and anything that comes to mind....

Marsha Danosky

Oh, what a treat this was! Many treasures to recharge you!


I could live very happily in the shop with lemon cakes and baguettes for breakfast. :)

Jenny M

Beautiful photos.....just what I needed on a grey cloudy morning, here in Melbourne .

Chris Wittmann

I absolutely love those ornate iron bits over windows and doors...what a great way to keep intruders out and look great at the same time! A marvelous tour, so many beautiful antiques, I'm afraid I would feel overwhelmed by it all and not know which to take home with me!

Barbara in Sydney

This trip of ours is just getting better and better!!!!

24/7 in France

Looks like a wonderful pit stop full of lovely, conversational pieces.

Cheri Hansen

Corey, Did you or didn't you load -up? I saw those green pieces of pottery, fabrics, food and hotel. What a wonderful trip. Be safe and enjoy, Cheri H


Bliss - BLISS - bliss.....

We do not have to blame anything on anything/anybody - you just madly fell in love (again).... it happens - like that - and NOTHING can do anything to prevent it, to change it - just accept it!

WONDERFUL post.... wonderful people and delightful scenery - I could live here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really enjoying this journey you are taking us on. This looks like a beautiful place. I absolutely loved the movie Au Ckocklate and have always wanted to visit that village

Peggy Braswell

how I adore "our" trip + every single mile of it. Thank you for taking me along. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


Corey, a very fundamental question that I now ask myself on a daily basis when I read your blog is why the French pays so much to visual aesthetics while the rest of the world does not, but only in the well to to do or upper scale places. Almost every I go in the world, except for the Scandinavian countries , or selected places elsewhere, the average middle class and even middle upper class live in places, use things, dress w clothing, that are devoid of beauty or inspiration. I am thinking of something as as simple as a plastic shopping bag. But in France, even the most common things are wrapped in designs that inspire or bring a whimsical feeling, and I mean in little things even, a thread, a paper bag over the bread, fonts on street signs.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Love your photos and the shops. Now I want to visit this village :-)


sigh...so beautiful and I'm constantly checking Air France's rates.

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