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05 June 2013


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The new friend is very smart and intuitive. What a nice surprise for your paths to have crossed. Serendipity?
Maybe, maybe not. But delicious none the less.

What a beautiful post. Sigh..blue skies and France, I'm swept off my feet again. I love hearing other's stories from the past. Sometimes that is all we have to hang onto.

I loved this post! Oh those clouds and blue skies and the joy felt in the unexpected. Enjoying your journey with you.

Wonderful post! What a magical feeling your vacation has! I think I'm enjoying it almost as much as you.


Road trips are fun for me too. It allows one to reflect, it could be adventurous and magical. Serendipity is always the best especially meeting people and learning about their stories. Thank you for sharing this story.

Oh, how lovely!

You write so well, Corey. I am enjoying this trip with you so very much, thankyou!

Sometimes deviations are a good thing. We found several when traveling the back roads in France. Your words and thoughts are so poetic and thoughtful. I really appreciate them.

Throw out those guidebooks, let your mood and sense of adveture guide you! PS. And resist those GPS!

Ahhh, the wisdom of Marcel! Next time I am in the presence of an unhappy person I'll think of that sack of potatoes on their head and try to keep from collecting one on my own head! Thanks for the reminder.

I'm certainly enjoying this trip with you. It always brings a smile. I can hardly wait for the next day.

Loving traveling with you! That Yann is so lucky to have you! Spend the night in a car the size of a peanut! Hmmm. Not this cowgirl. Love your sense of adventure.

I love France. Thank you for this.

I was in France last month with a girlfriend and we rented a car and took turns driving those big, empty country roads. We had such a good time. ***sigh***

Detours are meant to take up on new paths, literally and metaphorically - enjoy the rest of your trip!

Oh, so lovely! I am at work, in the office, and reading this just made my day :) Thank you

Detours can be surprising.
I would have loved to listen to that man and his stories...

Get lost is the reason why I don't like organized vacations and trips. I choose a country, a place and then a time to visit but that's it, I hardly program things to do and to see, I like to wandering around and see where my feet bring me...

I am liking these wandering posts so much, Corey. I hope you're as relaxed and in the moment as it appears. Lap up every moment!

Wish I were there. How relaxing and fun!

deviations, what a wonderful word! Especially since you met the divine man + his stories + what a delightful trip. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Love the arm chair. Woo Hoo! A bike race!!! Allez!

Do you and your new ami have mutual friends in your village? Annie, peut être?

love all your 'roaming France' posts.....plz. keep them coming. Sel

All of it beautiful...

I love your stories. They are so romantic and filled with whimsy. xo

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