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04 June 2013


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Thank You, private tour guide!!!! Loved this and love the 'workers' menu'.... We are super lucky with at least one quite good 'café' in our place where we can get a 3 course menu for €11.70 or €13.50 with a quart of wine.... :) Go and beat that!
I honestly can't wait until I shall be able once more to travel in that leisurly way - no fixed RVs - just enjoy the moment.... we did that for years but now, with HH working abroad and me looking after our house here, we can't afford to travel (more than necessary) - but as I said before, there SURELY is light at the end of the tunnel.
I shall now prepare my lunch, a Greek salad with Feta (sheep cheese) morsels, small tasty tomatoes, cucumber, and I think I'm gonna make myself some polenta with fried onions and ham stripes. There is also some sparkly Saumur left (we usually drink red wine, hence a leftover...) which I will serve myself in a lovely flute! Life IS beautiful - and the sun is shining!!!!


If I could I would only do that, travel with no plan all around France (and Italy) and eat in a chateau ;) Love your summer, Corey!


J' habite tout à côté ! on aurait pu se voir...
Une autre fois peut-être ?
Bonne suite de voyage.


That photo of the mustard field was gorgeous (as were the other photos). I love your road trips!


Oh I would love to travel through France like this. So quaint and beautiful and Frenchy!!


I cannot imagine one would ever tire of the various stories, histories, intrigues, liaisons, feuds and complexities of chateau society-I am in love with it all-thanks for sharing the history and details....never enough!


Bellegarde is wonderful. My favorite chateau in France (of the ones I have seen) is Vaux-le-Vicompte, southeast of Paris. We went during the wintertime (February I think) and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. It was a very foggy day and you couldn't see the chateau from the parking lot. It emerged from the mist as we walked closer; it was like going back in time.

I am enjoying your travel photos, Corey.

Chris Wittmann

Thanks for the awesome tour Corey...how I wish I could join you!

Brother Mathew

Yeah? Chateaux Brother Mathieu has a dungeon for salamanders like you.


Loved seeing the castles of France when we traveled there. So many to see and wishing for more trips to see more. Your castle photos, just gorgeous. Yes, I am sure you were the favored child.

Teri Salvo

Love the menu of the day.....and love traveling through France with you. Thank you so much for sharing!

24/7 in France

I am a chateaux-phile (if there is such a word?) and am always looking at websites of chateaux for sale, etc. - thanks for this lovely and timely post.


What a delightful, romantic adventure with your husband. Your photos bring back my several trips through various parts of France especially the last with my daughter two years ago. We set out to see all the le plus belles villages en France in the geographic area we were touring. What an experience!

Continue to enjoy this meaningful journey.

A bientot


Thanks for bringing me along for the ride! I like following your FB updates, too.

Peggy Braswell

how beautiful...love the chateaux's/castles. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

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