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13 September 2013


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Wonderful! I feel the same ... and your photos are simply amazing! x Eve www.082010.com

Barbara Snow

You will never lose that sense of awe because you live your life from your heart, not your head. And we are all so happy that you do, and that you share it with us.
Barb in Minnesota

Kathie B

I feel the same way about the Azores! (I also loved our visit to Paris and Provence, as well as visiting my native San Francisco Bay Area).


i love your ooh la la.....
and i too pray you never loose the starstruck love of life and the beauty it offers ! xo jody/fl


This post amazes me! Love the depth of your passion for France and life!


Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air because of the lack blase-ness. I love your enthusiasm and your sense of wonder. (And would love to know how to add an accent to that "e" up there at the end of blase (-:)


Becky F

You've made my heart sing! I was in awe the entire time we were there last year. Thanks for taking me back there today.


Beautiful pics & post!
Though I have only been to Paris once, I loved every minute of my stay, except for the extreme lack of public toilets! LOL!
One that I did find, charged me, that was OK, but,
The attendant(a woman) wanted me to leave the door open while I used it. I am afraid I lost my cool, shouted 'NON' at her & slammed the door shut!
Hugs Lucy from Oz


I pray that for you too, as you delight our days with your stories and your photos. Thank you so much for living in a dream.

Ed in Willows

You are living the perfect life..........for you.

Cheri Hansen

Corey, You are so beloved by extended family..Your smile is like a ray of sunlight. Cheri H.


I can understand how you feel, but just on the smallest level. Last fall, my first visit . . . I remember walking down the middle of a great boulevard . . . on my way to the Opera House . . . I was in Pigallle near Moulin Rouge. Every sense was filled. My hears heard French all around me & loud sirens, my eyes, omg, my eyes were so filled up - my total visual was enough to make me gidde. I kept blinking and each frame was magnificent. The air I breathed, well, indescribable. Now, that trip fills my head with dreams of coming back, coming back for much longer. Oh, and my heart, it has a deep longing. Nothing compares.


LOVE all your photos today. So glad you have family visiting...enjoy every moment!

Teresa Young

You make us fall in love with France and you as well. We can never get enough of either. Thank you for sharing your stories.

Martha chabinsky

Can't wait to see it myself in about two weeks! Thank you so much for painting this lovely picture and steering me towards Rick Steves!!!

Gladys Cramer

Totally agree with Barbara. Have you begun writing your book, Corey? That must include all the fantastic photos! In the meantime, are any of them available for purchase? Like your "map of Paris" collection I'd like to mount a vignette of the special scenery you have presented through the years :=) Once again, many thanks

Chico Sue


24/7 in France

Boring & blaze?? Jamais! I too have an eternal love for France and living here is a dream come true (as I wrote about in Solitary Desire-One Woman's Journey to France) - your photos are stunning!


Due to your joie de vivre if you had met a man from Spain and therefore had a SH We'd be loving your pics from Spain and living vicariously through you! All that to say NON you'll never tire of your love of life or France. Thank you for sharing!


I have not been to France . . . Paris . . . this made me hunger . . .

Memories flooded me of a tiny village in Italy though . . . Asciano . . . where we walked the cobblestone streets with the old stone and brick facades, shutters, window boxes . . . up the hill to the bakery and waited often for the reopening at three . . . to savor the pastries . . . ahhhhh, the memories.

Such a delight it is to hear you mention family! Such love . . .

Camy Cooney


You will never get bored with France as it is the most special place in the world. Every time we come we stay a little longer, then a little longer yet. The nuances continue to amaze me. Usually by day four of our trip, John and I look at each other and say at the same time "I feel like I'm in a French dream." One must come to France on a regular basis. Again and again.


Gina @ Oaxacaborn

Oh, this is beautiful. Thank you for this encouragement -- what a great perspective!


You are so very special! Thank you always for seeing beauty and sharing it. You lift my soul. I promise for today I will try to do the same. No dog poop for me today!!! Hugs

Kathy Hansen

Every day I look forward to reading your blog! I love every word you write, you make me feel like I'm there" on Monday my dream trip to France is becoming a reality, and you were kind enough to respond to my email some months ago. I cannot wait to see your france, through my eyes,if only for 10 days. Thank you for brightening my days. Kathy

La Contessa

NOT YOU!You will never find it ordinary!BECAUSE we love it soooo.........

Beverly Elaine

So glad to hear you say this. I often fear the same thing will happen to me. Glad to know there's a chance it will not.


You will never tire of France, you love it too much and see it thru different eyes every day there is something special.

Christine LeFever

type in this far, the b l a s, and finally push your alt option button, (provided your computer keyboard has one), and then the e, and voila, you will have blasé.

Christine LeFever

Your France is like a fairy tale. I am enjoying it very much!


no no no no no no, ha ha ha, the LoVe Affair with France will never end, :-)))))))))))))))
my dream to come one day ~ never out of my mind & souL,
wonderful pics Corey......XO


My daughter and I have a theory that some of us are born with a French gene, no matter what roots we've grown from. I was born in Brooklyn but happy to know that I had passed the French gene on to my daughter when we traveled there together for the first time, putting 2500 miles on a rented Renault. So the car was broken into while we were staying on the top floor of a 15th century B&B? Dommage, but we got to have an interesting encounter at the Gendarmerie in Blois. Magic, magic, magic. Always, every time.


Thank you for carrying your camera along and writing your words, enabling us to follow these siren songs as you do.

kitty n' kitsch

I really enjoyed this post. As and English lass living in the National Park in Australia I really related to everything you said. Funny because I actually miss France more than I do England and being able to 'pop' there whenever I wanted. When I was working in London we all went to Paris for lunch. Because we could!

Lana Kloch

todays writings and photos are so moving. reading your thoughts is so transformative. your gift for seeing the world is unique and yet so familiar at the same time.

your spirit lifts so many of us...your readers and fans..



Corey this post is amazing. thank you for sharing your French life!!!!


Always love seeing your photos of France...I've only been in the Paris airport for a connecting flight so have never seen it proper (& couldn't even see much from the plane window). I don't think I'd ever tire of the blue shutters & geraniums at the windows & all the bits of visual history...your blog is magical.

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