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30 December 2013


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oh, wow, what a scary thing indeed for Sacha, for "all", for me….oh my…so happy to hear this wonderful news and now a breather and a cognac…….almost New Years here in Florida !!! Happy New Year Indeed, 2014…..Xo.

I volunteer to give them both knitting lessons next fall...

Oh Corey, this is way too close for comfort. Very glad to hear Sacha is OK but what a scare! I once lost a ski and had to search for an hour before I found it. But never an avalanche! Those naughty, naughty boys! Maybe they will learn they are not invincible. Peace and Happy New Year.

I'm so happy that Sacha is ok - it must have been such a frightening experience for him! Sending my love to you all with wishes of a happy and healthy New Year! This has been one difficult year and I'm glad to be saying goodbye to it! xxoo

Knitting needles have points and yarn, you could tangle in, nothing is safe,

I had a friend telling a joke after a dinner with friends and fell over dead from an aneurysm,. I am a firm believer than when it's your time to go, it's then. I prefer living on the edge than living a life wrapped in bubble wrap.

I can teach them to knit, but something tells me they would turn that into a dangerous activity, too. From jumping off cliffs, to riding motorcycles, to flying planes, to riding an avalanche, these men of yours LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Maybe you should learn to knit Corey while you wait and pray every time they leave the house. xo

So glad your son is well after the adventure! Happy New Year!

What if I told you my THREE MEN are leaving on the first to go to JACKSON HOLE,WYOMING and I bet they do the same as your two did!!!!!!!!!My reaction is the same as yours……..first HIT them HARD then HUG them for so long they cannot breath!WHY they have to do this I do not know………………But they do it!

A guardian angel, indeed. I'm so glad Sacha lived to tell the tale!

I have a grown son whose pursuits worry me too, but then all mother's worry about their children for one reason, or another.

Thank goodness he knew what to do in the situation. This incident and the skiing one with the motor racing driver Michael Schumacher could send you into a worry spin, but thank goodness with your dear son all was well.

Happy New Year to you and all your readers from the other side of the world in New Zealand!

May angels always protect you
May troubles always neglect you
Stay safe Sacha and much love Corey and all the family.

Love Jeanne

I'd go for it !
I need wool long sleeve shirt to worm up my elbows ! ;-)

this is why Mother's get grey hair…..Our second son lost the use of his legs due to an accident , falling off a 45 foot cliff while in Scotland… We can only thank God that he is still here…. But life has to be lived to the fullest..

May 2014 bring you and your family the best it has to offer…

Annie v.

Fear, one of the pieces of reality for mothers, well for everyone. How we handle that fear, that is a different story. When those we love make choices that put them in harms way it is always a time when fear can be in charge or we can be in charge of how we respond. Your choice to wrap your husband and son in much love, and pray keeps you from being lost in an avalanche of fear...a good choice. There is all around us that possibility of an accident, choosing to live with as little fear as is possible is, I believe, what gives us more life.
Nonetheless, this was a time of real, deep appreciation for the guardian angels who watch over Sacha..
Happy New Year.

Sounds as if it was an exciting day and glad that all turned out ok


He should get an avalanche airbag if he's gonna ski side or backcountry! Glad he's okay!


"I prefer living on the edge than living a life wrapped in bubble wrap."

Sorry, but the fallacy in that argument is its failure to take into consideration loved ones, who have no choice in the matter if someone kills or maims him- or herself due to avoidable incidents.

I speak from family experience, as Farmboy Husband's father was killed (and FH's mother horrible injured) in a reckless auto accident when FH was a little kid (he's been barely to remember his father any more for decades).

And a cousin of Farmboy Husband's believed in his "freedom" not to wear a helmet while motorcycling, so after surviving one bad accident, later wound up splattering his brains all over the road; his 7-year-old daughter surely didn't believe his freedom to risk his life needlessly trumped her right to have a father to help raise her, poor little kid.

I am so happy to hear Sasha is safe. Yes, that angel was certainly looking out for him. May he continue to look after him.
Happy 2014!

Oh...maybe playing the flute, but not knitting. Glad he was ok...those guys are thrill seekers.

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