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11 December 2013


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Have a wonderful visit "home" for Christmas. Safe travels to you and I look forward to following along - here! God bless.

And God bless your family who are remaining in France.


Praying for a sweet safe flight with Chelsea.
And a wonderful time with family and friends.
Merry and Blessed Christmas Corey! xxoo jody/fl


Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Corey! Safe travels to you. xxoo


It won't be long zoooooooom stateside ~ I loved to play dress up as a child, my mom bought real glass champagne glasses, (I think she got them from a restaurant supply house) we all wore high heels that didn't fit, glamous dresses, hair up, lipstick, etc. etc., and we were 10 years old, as I recall we had 30 girls there! It was a memory still deep within my soul of pure love ~ have a wonderful trip, we are getting record snow over here ~ not me, I'm in Florida ~ XO

Merisi in Vienna

Bon voyage, safe travels, Corey!

nancy w.



Safe flight and enjoy every single second!! I will be thinking of you spending precious time with your family.


So happy for you! Praying for safe uneventful fights for the two of you.


Safe travels to you and Chelsea. Enjoy your time with your Mother and family. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Safe travels! Wishing you, Chelsea, and all of the angels in your life a wonderful time together.

Becky F

Safe travels for you and Chelsea. I'm so looking forward to seeing how your beautiful nieces and nephews have grown.


SAFE TRAVELS DEAR FRIEND .....looking forward to stateside posts!

Diane Belforte Lewis

Yay.........see you soon!

Kathie B

Boa viagem, Corey e Chelsea!

christine in sacramento

It is realllly cold here! Brrrring your long underwear!!


Nothin like home for the holidays! Making memories!!! Safe journey. Xoxo

sarah webb


La Contessa

SAFE TRAVELS………….WILLOWS IS waiting!!!!!


Here's to safe travels for you and Chelsea and to JOY at Christmas with your California family! Have a wonderful, fun-filled visit!

Patti Lloyd

California is waiting for you!

Rebecca from the pacific northwest

I know you'll post photos of all the nieces and nephews so we can see how they've grown and how charming they are --- would totally love a repeat pose of Maci in the position as shown above. Am guessing however that she'd be less than enthused to recreate that especially without the angel clothes.

Bon voyage. Enjoy all the things you miss when you're in France. (even while you're missing the French part of your life, especially FH and Sacha.)


Have a safe trip home! Snow angels and snow geese await you and Chelsea!


Hello Corey, our parallel lives are amazing....after reading your recent post about Annie I was reminded of my dear Father and his passing from our lives much too soon for me... This crazy multi-culti life we live is a double edge sword, enriching and yet stealing other little bits of our past lives at the same time.
I too will be in California visiting family over then Christmas holiday, and My sister, daughter and I thought we might pop in to the store celebration to meet you and you dear ones in person. Bon journee and hope to meet you soon. Marlena

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