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10 December 2013


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Truly, Madly, Deeply...one of my favorite movies.

Oh, chocolate covered cherries. YUM.


nancy w

Vintage linens, dogs, dark chocolate and old friends.

Stephanie M (Texas)

Please don't forget to post us about Thierry before you leave. Am hoping he is much stronger and able to get back to his normal activities. So fond of you, your family and mountain of interesting friends.
Safe travels for you and Chelsea on Thursday and enjoy your visit with all in Willows!

Merisi in Vienna

I have a thing for you, your blog, too!
If I may say so ;-)

All the other things will have to wait, this tired girl now goes to bed!
Good tidings to you and everyone out there,
M. xxx


I have a thing for cookbooks, French porcelain and my family. And chocolate.


Dark, dark chocolate with salt & caramel, painting, sailing in Annapolis, everything French, family & good friends, this awesome blog and you! Travel safe. xo


Like Stephanie, I have been wondering about Thierry. I hope he has found happiness. I love all things old. Old people hunt me down to ask for help in the grocery store, old linens find their way to me, old songs haunt me. I am an old soul. :)

Dawn Fleming

Playing the piano, caramel, white chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce, brocantes, Chicago, France....and your blog. Merci & safe travels! Joyeuses Fetes!

Bev S.

I have a thing for:
Food :) and cooking for others
Knitting and yarn and sheep and wool
Studying God's word (truly it never gets old)
Giving gifts


Dark chocolate, champagne, Paris, flowers in gardens, walks


thank you Merisi and to you and all whom you love!(Good tidings-great joy)


Chocolate, marshmallows (especially in s'mores), peace and quiet, laughter, romantic comedies, going for a drive (or more honestly, being the passenger who can drink in the scenery while my husband drives), hugs, and oh so much more


I have a thing for summer and the beach-paris-aix-nice-well almost all things French-the language especially, coffee, the color white and all it'S shades, paper--new paper old paper, books, vintage Christmas ornaments, happy movies, perfume, soap, dish(tea) towels, talking, a made bed, the boardwalk on the southern jersey shore, laughing, animals, the color red, anything that sparkles, music(almost all types) and I HAVE A THING ABOUT LOVE-family, friends, my cats, neighbors, strangers, this blog, you, the readers at large, and FINALLY A THING ABOUT ROMANTIC LOVE-THE HAPPY EVER AFTER!


I have a thing for: Mahler, all things ginger, books, dogs, travel, Gaudi, auctions, and family/ friends.


Love your blog and blogging too~
A good fruitcake at Christmas
Chocolate covered cherries
and yes, flowers!


Crispy snuggly sheets, my wonderful down comforters, my boyfriend cashmere baggy sweater & scarf, cowboy boots, pecans, homemade butter from the Omish slathered heavily on a great flax bagel ~ honey ~ and to never leave out
high cocoa dark chocolate with raw milk drink & a KISS !!! XO

paula s in new mexico


Debbie Z.

Dark chocolate, antique transferware china, the scent and sight of beautiful roses, a really good novel to get lost in, a hug full of emotion, Chinese food, and music...always music.


Mahler! I could melt just thinking about his music. My favorites are his 4th Symphony and the Songs of a Wayfarer, sung by the great Frederica von Stade. What are yours?


A few of my favorite things: Raindrop on Roses ....

24/7 in France

Baroque style: Versailles & Louis XIV, and of course, Mediterranean sunsets.


Corey try this gingerbread version I concocted. 1 box GB mix, 2 peeled fugi apples grated, 1 handful of dried currents. Serve on chunky applesauce and top with whip cream. At christmas I make it in little bunts and top the cream with a fresh green and red berries ..... Looks like a Christmas pudding.


Thank you for your beautiful blog about Annie. It was both insightful and poetic.

Old books, old friends, a real fireplace, fresh snow (right now) fresh greens for Christmas everywhere in the house, candlelight.

Happy Christmas, Corey, to you and your beautiful family. Hug Annie for me.

La Contessa

THANK YOU for what you do………writing, snapping pics,making us THINK!


me too!


Believe it or not, I have a thing for chocolate covered cherries too! Also good coffee, onion soup, handmade tortillas. :-)

Peggy Braswell

real fireplaces, antlers with earrings, lots of weird things. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Kathie B

When you're in California, be sure to try See's chocolate-covered marzipan candies. If you've never had them before, I can assure you they're pure bliss!


I do have the same thing for chocolate covered cherries too. One restriction : ONLY those "Mon Chéri" by Ferrero.

More ?
- orangettes

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