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15 January 2014


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Your title prepared me for conjugasion of French verbs & voila a sort of conjugasion in a spiritual way!

Hi Corey

I live in Australia - wheredoes your friend Cheryl live? What areas did you visit when you came to Australia.


Hi Kathy

My friend lives in Adelaide. I stayed with my friend when there.

Alice looks like a breath of fresh air. Fresh & lovely. Ah youth.

Happy to see the return of Dartagnan's pony tail! Tell him WR said so.

She's lovely. I always get the sense that you enjoy playing travel guide and imagine that means a lot to your guests too. Win win all around.

Adelaide? I saw on the news tonight that the temperature there is forecast to be 46° -- but that's in Celsius, so = 115°F. I realize it's summer there, but... Zut alors!!!

catching up on past posts...it's been awhile..I have been in blog limbo....wow...you have been through some stuff...but your life is full of so many adventures, ups and downs...makes for some interesting stories for us to read that's for sure...

all the very best in 2014

catching up with old posts...it's been awhile...I have been in blog limbo...

all the very best in the new year Corey...

Dear friendships so precious and to be treasured as you do. Now caring for your friends daughter and a new friendship there. She is very pretty and looks like she belongs right where she is in your photos.

Beautiful as always.
Enjoy your visit.
Love Jeanne

When I was a student in France on a summer program, I attended a cocarde at the Arles Arena. One of the young men was injured by the bull and had to be rushed to the hospital an
Llater there was an announcement asking for a certain blood type.

You photograph magic, Corey.

I adore the last line…………YOU will keep her!

I love the Austrailian accent ~ I love other accents period, something about the charm of them ~ pretty pictures, look at those red shutters, never seen that in the US much, love it and Provencial blue is another fav of mine ~ amazing, summer in Austriala & winter here, the glory of the universe ~ I'm keeping my dream of France ~ ;-))) xo

she is beautiful + glad you got to take her around + aren't old friends the best? xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

They re wonderful photos -- and she is so lovely! I can see why you might like to keep her! Good private investigator-sneakiness on that reflection photo!

Three years in a monastery. So many adventures, so many tales. Lovely pictures and I LIKE the picture of your shoes. :)

How absolutely marvelous in every way.

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