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01 January 2014


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And it is a beauty. Thanks for sharing Corey. Tout nos voeux!

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
¤ ؛° ¤ .`•.¸.•´ ¤
Happy New Year

H appiness depends upon your outlook on life. - Find the good in all situations
A ttitude is just as important as ability.- Keep your attitude positive
P assion find yours this year! - Do what you love and you will never work
P ositive thoughts make everything easier.- Stay focused and stay positive
Y ou are unique, with special gifts, use them. - Never forget you have talent

N ew beginnings with a new year.
E nthusiasm a true secret of success.
W ishes may they turn into goals.

Y ears go by to quickly, enjoy them.- Wisdom from your elders, listen
E nergy may you have lots of it. - Take care of yourself
A ppreciation of life, don't take it for granted. - Live each day
R elax take the time to relax in this coming year.- Keep a balance in your life

~Catherine Pulsifer~

the end is always the start of the new...HEALTH WEALTH and HAPPINESS TO ALL!!

Happy New Year, Corey. Thanks for posting your mom's cream puff recipe again. I remember reading it once and then kicking myself for not saving it because I'd really like to give it a try. Maybe that will be my resolution: make those cream puffs.

Happy New Year Corey!!!

Great photo. Happy New Year to you!

aahhh makes me yearn for an Oregon sunset in Newport...just me and my Dad. So many years ago.


So true, you being in California and all. Beautiful sunset, as I watched the sun head past Arizona to California to set.

Happy New Year Corey!! Here is to another great year of brocantes and treasure hunting!

Feliz Ano Novo para vocês!

Happy New Year!
Hope you are enjoy the seaside.

Corey, would you tell us about the picture above? Where were you?

Jeanne . . what a nice comment! Beautifully done . . .

Happy New Year to Corey & all my fellow bloggers - maybe, this year we shall meet & brocante with Corey!!! YES!

Beautiful sunset with the promise of a sunrise for a new year's beginning!


Such a gorgeous sunset

Happy New Year Corey! I hope your year is wondeful!

Dear Corey,

As I shoveled my driveway from the foot of snow that has fallen since 9AM, the mailman told me he had a package for me. Not thinking much of it I told him to leave it at the front door. He was kind enough to place it between the snowstorm and main doors. I was shocked it was from you...and simultaneously not surprised (does it make any sense?)...I knew immediately what was inside...your gesture took my breath away...you are one of a kind. I will treasure your act of kindness forever...you are the beam of light that gives people like me hope and assurance that the world is good....merci, merci, merci.. bisous.


Must be great to be there ! Happy New Year, Corey and Chelsea !

Happiest and most blessed New Year for you also!

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