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20 February 2014


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This looks like a place I could spend hours - a place to fill the senses.

Instead, I am at work and a blizzard rages outside. Hope my dear husband can make it to pick me up in an hour!


Love your pictures and word pictures. I can almost hear the river. When we lived on the east coast and also when traveling north on the west coast I've so enjoyed seeing rivers, lakes and streams, which are sadly lacking in southern California.

Those Romans were sure hard workers!

Linda R.

Montana author Norman MacLean's A River Runs Through It is one of my all-time favorite books. Hope you have occasion to read it. As always your photos are beautiful as are your thoughts/words.

Ardis in Oregon

The flowing creek runs down the small quiet valley. It merges with the roaring Rogue. Onward to the coast. Along the way there is civilization but mostly wilderness. The animals are various: cougars, raccoons, badgers, deer, elk, bear, eagles, hawks, salmon, steelhead, frogs. The Oregon environment is diversified and certainly different from my homeland of southern California!

French la Vie

Hi Linda R.
I have, and like you consider it a favorite.
The movie also;



It is beautiful. The road, river, bridge, your words and the view-all beautiful.

Shelley Noble

Gorgeous quote, Corey. Thank you. For pointing out the river.


It looks like heaven to me.




Beautiful indeed.
Much love and many blessings

I love all you share.
I love you
Tell Annie I send my love

Linda P.

My metaphorical river runs toward hopes of peace on this globe of ours, but it's certainly awash with turbulence right now. My physical river is the mighty Colorado which loops in a 270-degree arc around my neighborhood, about a half mile from my house. The Colorado is much diminished due to the prolonged drought here in Central Texas although our drought conditions have eased in recent months. I often hike beneath a rusty old bridge that a train thunders over each morning.


So beautiful! The bridge, the river...I'd have trouble tearing myself away from that gorgeous place!

Teddee Grace

How lucky you are to be surrounded by such historical beauty.

Laurie SF

To run alongside a Roman Road.
O Momma Mia!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

Excellent book. I have been on a Roman built bridge, and slid carefully on the bank to walk under the stone arches. Easier going down then coming up!! And yes, there was water winding through the rocks.
Thank you for the memory. hugs


The river where I live is the River Thames which runs through London, it has twists and turns and is murky and dark, but every now and again you come across parts of it that bend and flow and are beautiful and serene, places where time stands still and you can get lost in nature.
I don't know where my river runs, it is clouded in mist at the moment, I cannot see where I am heading, or what lies ahead, I hope that my faith is strong enough for me to wait patiently for the mist to lift and reveal the next bend of the river on my journey.
The ebb and flow of my life.


Beautiful river and Roman bridge.
I remember a Roman bridge that probably was not far from you. When I saw it, it took my breath away. We stopped for awhile. An artist was sitting nearby painting it. Oh so beautiful!

Kathie B

I was awe-struck when you took us walking along a bit of the Roman road nearby. All I could think of was high school Latin: "Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres..."

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