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21 February 2014


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The first journey I ever undertook on my own was to Paris, I stayed for 6 months as part of my university year abroad. A great deal of 'firsts' happened there and I have always wished that I had returned to live in France.
To this day I miss that time more than any other, the sights, sounds and the embarrassment of grinning from ear to ear when I was informed that the women in fur coats that I was seeing were not going to the Opera!!!
Unfortunately when I am embarrassed I grin.

What a special memory and stage for proposal.
Mine was the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

You are so darned cute and enthusiastic about life and love. It's infectious! Thank you. When I finally made it to Paris fall 2012, I felt such extreme joy. Didn't want to leave. I remember gathering the paperwork for a student exchange while I was in college (actually found hard copies info a few months ago), but fear ruled. I backed up. Too bad.

Beautiful picture Corey.

Literally a stage.. On stage left of the Metropolitan opera. My life changed in one glance.

Moving to San Francisco, and marrying my next door neighbor..
He lived in 3A
I was in 3B

My French husband proposed at an outdoor cafe while visiting Moustiers-St. Marie - a beautiful village and romantic setting.

My husband proposed in his old truck on the way to a concert, haha! He had other qualities to make up for his lack of romantic ways!

How very romantic, Laurie SF. It sounds like a movie plot!

I love memories like this Corey! Our biggest stage is the house we live in that we have been turning into our home for the past 16+ years! My husband bought it a few months before he was my husband and we spent many evening hours and weekends working on it before the wedding. And we continue to renovate and fix it up into what we want it to be along with raising three girls here and growing older together!

There was no proposal. We just discussed wanting to be married to one another so we could spend our future together -- and apparently it was the wise course for us!

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