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23 March 2014


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Good for you!

Exactly, I feel the same way! Good for you and enjoy your down time. I'm thinking of the film "Hanging Up". Unplug and take time off from these electronics.


Enjoy your deep freedom in moments, hours, days, etc...


fabulous, I do get tired of the digital world too…..conversation, looking into another's eyes, real connection off a computer, in real life, breaking bread together, building history and memories, falling in lavender, daises, and laying on a blanket smelling spring ~ together…..XO

That sounds like the perfect holiday! xxoo

Wherever you are looks absolutely gorgeous (if that's where you are now). I would welcome some unplugged time, some time away from many things. enjoy!

I wonder what's behind the door with the sign which reads "Milagros" ("Miracles"...bottom photo)?

When we're in the Azores we go for days without checking even email. We take photographs with, ya know, actual cameras! We also had to do without Internet for several days this winter when our phone service went out; amazing how restful life is that way. Farmboy Husband did need to go to campus one day to check email, however, since he's still involved in faculty matters despite being emeritus now.

Touching the pages of a book. Turning it's pages. The texture. It's feel. Engaging in conversation. Eye contact. Touch.

I too have made the effort to disconnect (except for your blog) and by doing so, I've never felt more connected to life around me.

Sounds like the formula for a perfect holiday with your French Hunk! It is good to know you have enjoyed being "internetless", you must promise yourself to do it again! Cheers

Good for you! We all must do this more....T

Good for you, Corey! Every one of us deserves and needs a break every now and then. I'm glad you had the insight to disconnect, step back and just enjoy your time with French Husband.

Great to disconnect and unwind from time to time to re-energize our batteries - bravo!

I disconnect for weeks at a time.
I possess no discipline - I could not possibly blog every day as much as I would love to.
Cast off the shackles!

More power to you - and freedom.

"non internet mind." "Disconnect to connect"

-happy sigh- You did it. If you can do it, anyone can. Thank you, Dear Corey.




Gentle hugs,
(Upper NYS of the US)

Thank you. I used this post of yours (with link to it of course), as a kicking-off-point, for a ramble of my own thoughts on this topic.

On my blog, for "More Words"...

Thank you!



I long for the days of the pre-digital age. Even though it has brought me daily conveniences and connected me with wonderful people, such as yourself, it can, if allowed, chip away at one's essence. Traveling down ancient paths seems the perfect remedy.

Hurray for you! I frequently take breaks from electronic media, and it feels great! Glad you are enjoying just BEING! Hugs to you!

How very lovely for you. Glad you had the time off.

I just went back to see what sort of shoes you were wearing with your nice black dress, but the photos were too small to see. Would you do a post about (stylish but comfortable) shoes to walk in sometime?

Sounds wonderful. You deserve it. Enjoy!

Enjoy plugging into your vacation. Your post seems to resonate with all of us. But I do always enjoy your pictures from your vacations. Like a mini vacation for me. As a kid we use to gave nights of watching slide shows of our vacations or friends vacations. I loved it.

Maybe it's time to let go of daily blogging. Just too much of a time drain. Post when you feel moved to do so and skip the daily grind.

H Corey, I take breaks from technology all the time. That's why I'm always behind in emails, news etc. and it's okay. My friends all know me. I am going to Venice in June and want to take lovely pictures. What kind of camera do you use. Your pictures are so lovely and I want to buy a new digital camera. When you get time in then next month could you email and tell me?

Thank you
Aloha from Hawaii.

I love this. Though I don't comment often on your blog I read it religiously. I picture myself in your photos, living small bits of time in the luxury of the "old world." When I'm tired of the nonstop chaos of the U.S. I turn to your blog for a bit of relaxation and day dreaming. Some day I'll visit those places you show me. And I'll be disconnected.

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